Weiqi Small Book Collection

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Weiqi Small Book Collection
By: Wang Zhipeng
Publisher: Beijing Sport University, 2005
60 pages each volume pp.

Weiqi Small Book Collection (围棋休闲小丛), by 王志鹏 (Wang Zhipeng), consists of twelve slim volumes each containing about 240 problems in 60 pages. The publisher is 北京体育大学 (Beijing Sports University).

These volumes were often available on [ext] eBay from Zhen Zhu (goplayer2006) under the title Go Board Game Pocket Go Books.



The twelve volumes that make up the set are listed in the order shown in the image by row from left to right, then top to bottom. Additional information on each volume available via its link in the list below:

  • 做活 Making Life, ISBN: 7-81100-477-1
  • 破眼 Stealing Eyes, ISBN: 7-81100-478-X
  • 古谱与趣题 Ancient Manuals and Interesting Problems, ISBN: 978-7-81100-715-2
  • 征、枷、扑、断 Ladders, Nets, Throw-Ins, and Cuts, ISBN: 978-7-81100-716-9
  • 边角常型 Common Side and Corner Situations, ISBN: 7-81100-479-8
  • 对杀 Capturing Races, ISBN: 7-81100-480-1
  • 特殊劫与倒脱靴 Special Kos and Under the Stones, ISBN: 978-7-81100-717-6
  • 挖、夹、扳、尖 Wedges, Clamps, Hane, and Kosumi, ISBN: 978-7-81100-718-3
  • 实战死活 Actual Game Life and Death Situations, ISBN: 7-81100-481-X
  • 双活与打劫 Seki and Ko, ISBN: 7-81100-482-8
  • 拔钉子与金鸡独立 Pulling Nails and Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg, ISBN: 978-7-81100-719-0
  • 点、立、跳、渡 Placement, Descent, Jump, and Bridging Under, ISBN: 978-7-81100-720-6


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