OroMedia book No. 52, no ISBN, 1985 Cho Chi Hun.

One Move Tsumego by Cho Chi Hun

Instruction material plus 82 problems. Format for each is 1 problem diagram, followed overleaf by 1 solution and 1 failure diagram. All are one move for Black problems, with the majority being Black to live. Each is well chosen to show a particular technique within 1 or 2 problems and then move on to a different technique. Pithy and to the point.

Despite being written in Korean, this book is readable just from the diagrams for an english speaking go player.

Elementary material, suitable for about 20 kyu. Similar level to Graded Go Problems Vol 2.

Some of the solutions are seki or ko, not just unconditionally alive .

p143, Chap. 2, problem 15, Black to play  

Chapter 1

Introduction - 27 diagrams on various ways of living in the corner.
40 Life & death problems.

Chapter 2

Introduction - 33 diagrams on various ways of killing. Mainly the standard nakade shapes plus various throw-ins.
42 Life & death problems.

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