Cho Hun-hyeon Weiqi Sucheng

Cho Hun-hyeon Weiqi Sucheng 曹薰铉围棋速成 (Cao2 Xun2 xuan4 Wei2 qi2 Su4 cheng2) (Cho Hun-hyeon's Go Crash Course) is a set of three Chinese language go books published by People's Sports Publishing Company (人民体育出版社) in October 2001. These are part of a series of books entitled: (韩国围棋畅销书系列)(Han2 guo2 Wei2 qi2 Chang4 xiao1 Shu1 Xi4 lie4) (Korean Go Best Seller Books Series)

The books contain only Chinese, no other language whatsoever. However, learning only three Chinese ideograms (?) allows one to read the first part of the heading for each problem: Black first, or White first. Each book contains 115 problems. The problems appear on the right hand page with three answer diagrams on the overleaf.

  • Volume 1: ISBN: 7-5009-2175-6
  • Volume 2: ISBN: 7-5009-2176-4
  • Volume 3: ISBN: 7-5009-2177-2

These three books find the next move joseki problems. In the first volume, the reader must choose among three possible answers. The answer diagrams, on the next page, show continuations based upon each of the three choices and why only one of the three is a the proper choice in the local situation. On a whole board basis, one of the other choices may be better. By providing three choices, and why two are wrong for the local situation, the books facilitates learning joseki rather than simply memorizing the sequences.

Many of the problems concern deviations from joseki some of which are overplays. In those cases, it is a punishing overplays problem. Given the deviation from joseki, how does one punish the deviation. While this is hard, requiring an advanced level of skill, the rewards can be quite large. Jiang Mingjiu has devoted two books to this subject: Punishing and Correcting Joseki Mistakes and All about Joseki.

Volume 1, problem 2  
Volume 1, problem 61  
Volume 1, problem 115  
Volume 2, problem 1  
Volume 2, problem 61  
Volume 2, problem 115  
Volume 3, Problem 1  
Volume 3, Problem 61  
Volume 3, Problem 115  

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