Go Proverbs Illustrated

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Go Proverbs Illustrated
By: Segoe Kensaku
Translator: John Bauer?
Publisher: Nihon Ki-in, 1960
262 pp.

Book by Segoe Kensaku, published 1960 by the Nihon Ki-in; translation by John Bauer. Volume one of an envisioned, but unrealized Go Library in English.

This is long out of print. It covers 43 basic proverbs, in life and death, strategy and shape. Though the English is somewhat stilted, the content matches up well to later books on go proverbs.


David Carlton's [ext] review

Table of Contents

  1. A note on technical terms and some Japanese words (by J. Bauer)
  2. Six die eight live and four die six live
  3. On the third line four will die but six will live
  4. In the corner five stones in a row on the third line are alive
  5. Six points in a rectangle are alive
  6. For rectangular six in the corner dame is necessary
  7. The comb formation is alive.
  8. For the comb formation in the corner dame is necessary
  9. The carpenter's square becomes ko
  10. If there is no stone on the handicap point the carpenter's square is dead
  11. There is death in the hane
  12. Strange things happen at the one-two point
  13. If the formation is symmetrical play at the center
  14. Against three in a row play right in the center
  15. The enemy's key play is my own key play
  16. The semeai where only one player has an eye is a fight over nothing
  17. There are times when even a fight over nothing means something
  18. In a semeai attended with ko take it last?
  19. Learn the eye-stealing tesuji
  20. Don't make empty triangles
  21. Don't over-concentrate your stones
  22. At the head of two stones in a row play hane
  23. At the head of three stones in a row play hane
  24. Play cross-cut against the small-knight
  25. Tight connections diagonal connections and knight's-move connections
  26. If your stone is capped play the knight's move
  27. Beware of the clumsy double contact
  28. Don't play in direct contact with the opponent's stone caught in your pincer-attack
  29. Don't make a play adjacent to a cutting-point
  30. Capture what is cut off
  31. Never try to cut bamboo joints
  32. If you have one stone on the third line add another then abandon both of them
  33. Beware of going back to patch up your plays
  34. The monkey's-jump is worth eight points
  35. If you don't understand the ladder don't play go
  36. The poor player plays the opponent's game for him?
  37. If you have lost four corners resign
  38. Ponnuki is worth thirty points
  39. One point in the center is worth ten in the corner
  40. To reduce large prospective territory strike at the shoulder
  41. If you plan to live inside enemy territory play directly against his stones?
  42. Knight's moves win running battles
  43. When your opponent has two weak groups attack them both at once

Sample Material

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