Six Die But Eight Live

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Life & Death, Proverb

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This concise proverb means: Six stones in a row on the second line die, but eight stones on a row live. Seven stones in a row depends on sente.[1]

This applies to the life of a group which has no eyes and which has a solid row of connected stones on the second line. As long as the group is firmly enclosed on the second line, the number of external liberties is irrelevant.

Eight live

Eight stones live  

Here are eight white stones, firmly enclosed on the second line. They are alive.


Even if Black has sente, White will end up with a straight-four eyespace, which is alive. The two x points are miai.

Seven are unsettled

Seven stones live with sente  

With seven stones and sente, White also ends up with a straight-four eye space, which is alive. The two x points are miai.

Seven stones die with gote  

With seven stones and gote, White ends up with a straight-three big eye. After 5 White is dead.

Six die

Six stones die  

With six stones, even with sente, White ends up with a straight-three eye space. After 4 White is dead.

Surrounding conditions

[1] It is assumed no surrounding conditions affect this local truth.

Six stones can live under a condition  

If there is a stone at one of the points a, White can threaten to connect at b and make a living shape next. Therefore, depending on the surrounding position, the points a and b serve as useful aji for White.

The following exercises include such, slightly varying, conditions.

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