Beware of going back to patch up

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  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Strategy, Proverb

This proverb warns the player against getting carried away and overextending, so that "weak points and doubtful positions begin to grow up behind him and he must then hand over the sente to his opponent while he retraces his steps to make repairs (Segoe, Go Proverbs Illustrated)."

Example 1  

This example comes from Go Proverbs Illustrated.

Through W7 is joseki.

Black patches up in gote  

B1 looks strong, but leaves a weakness behind. B5 has to go back and patch up. White has sente.

Black takes sente  

B1 fixes the weakness and still threatens W4. After W4 Black takes sente.

Comparison by points  

If we assume White takes her sente in the endgame, the left diagram is better for White by 4 points. In the early stages of the game this is way too small a gain to give away sente.

Comparison by shape  

Black's empty triangle is another giveaway that Black's variation on the right is less efficient than the one on the left. Noticing you will be forced into such a clumsy shape can act as a warning against being greedy.

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Paths: <= Go Proverbs =>   ·   <= Mistake =>
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