Keima protecting the cutting point

    Keywords: Shape

Chinese: 飞接 (fei1 jie1)
Japanese: ケイマツギ(keima-tsugi)
Korean: -

The keima connection is an efficient shape. It assumes any cutting stone can be captured, typically with a ladder or possibly a loose ladder.

Ladder 1  
Ladder 2  


unkx80: Extra line?

Yes, why not ? ;-) we could also be in the center and not in a corner even if these rectangular shapes are much seen in corners

unkx80: Okay... I added the white+circle stone. These diagrams are a bit confusing for me.


Careful, not to put the black+square group in atari.

Still safe  

Chaz: Capturing via ladder this way instead of via a net works (provided the ladder is good) without Black first playing at X, regardless of how many more lines are between this position and the top of the board.

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