Kido Prize Winners

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This is a translation of a [ext] table from the Japanese Wikipedia.


The Kido Prizes are a series of awards for the Nihon Kiin players, originally arranged by the Nihon Ki-in's Kido magazine, which has been held since 1967. Usually announced in February each year.

The Japanese table includes a column converting Gregorian dating (eg. 1967年) to Japanese era dating (eg. 昭和42, ie. Showa 42). This has been omitted for the sake of space.

There are ten categories of prize listed. From left to right:

  • 1. 最優秀棋士賞 (Most Outstanding)
  • 2. 最多勝利賞 (Most Wins)
  • 3. 勝率第1位賞 (Winning Percentage)
  • 4. 連勝記録賞 (Winning Streak)
  • 5. 殊勲賞 (Outstanding)
  • 6. 敢闘賞 (Fighting Spirit)
  • 7. 技能賞 (Technique)
  • 8. 女流賞 (Women's Prize)
  • 9. 新人賞 (New Star)
  • 10. 特別賞 (Special Prize, 1981-)

The Special Prize may have no winners. This occurred in the 16th (1982), 22nd (1988), 25th (1991) and 27th (1993) editions.

Winners by Year

(from [ext] 歴代受賞者)

Edition Year Most Outstanding Most Wins Winning Percentage Winning Streak Outstanding Fighting Spirit Technique Women's Prize New Star Special Prize
1st 1967 Sakata Eio Rin Kaiho Okubo Ichigen Okubo Ichigen Takemiya Masaki Iwamoto Kaoru Hisai Keishi Kitani Reiko Kato Masao
2nd 1968 Takagawa Kaku Takagawa Kaku, Fujisawa Hideyuki Takagawa Kaku Fujisawa Hideyuki Kodama Sachiko Ishida Yoshio Kato Masao Kitani Reiko Takemiya Masaki
3rd 1969 Rin Kaiho Fujisawa Hideyuki Kajiwara Takeo Fujisawa Hosai Otake Hideo Kato Masao Takemiya Masaki Honda Sachiko Ishida Yoshio
4th 1970 Otake Hideo Ishida Yoshio Ishida Yoshio Ishida Yoshio Takemiya Masaki Kudo Norio Kato Masao Kitani Reiko Cho Hunhyeon
5th 1971 Ishida Yoshio Ishida Yoshio, Kato Masao Shimamura Toshihiro Shimamura Toshihiro Kudo Norio Fujisawa Hosai Sugiuchi Masao Cho Chikun
6th 1972 Sakata Eio Takagi Shoichi, Kato Masao Takagi Shoichi Kato Masao Cho Chikun Sugiuchi Masao Ohira Shuzo Honda Sachiko Kobayashi Koichi
7th 1973 Rin Kaiho Takemiya Masaki Takemiya Masaki Takemiya Masaki Kobayashi Koichi Iwamoto Kaoru Ishii Kunio Sugiuchi Kazuko Yamashiro Hiroshi
8th 1974 Ishida Yoshio Takemiya Masaki Tozawa Akinobu Tsuchida Masamitsu, Tozawa Akinobu Cho Chikun Kobayashi Koichi Shimamura Toshihiro Shiratori Sumiko Kamimura Haruo
9th 1975 Otake Hideo Cho Chikun Ohira Shuzo Kobayashi Koichi Cho Chikun Sakata Eio Ohira Shuzo Ogawa Tomoko Kori Toshio
10th 1976 Kato Masao Kato Masao, Cho Chikun Takemiya Masaki Takagi Shoichi Takemiya Masaki Kobayashi Koichi Cho Chikun Kobayashi Chizu Kobayashi Satoru
11th 1977 Kato Masao Rin Kaiho Rin Kaiho Rin Kaiho Kobayashi Koichi Shimamura Toshihiro Kudo Norio Kobayashi Chizu Aragaki Takeshi
12th 1978 Kato Masao Otake Hideo Hane Yasumasa Otake Hideo Yamashiro Hiroshi Hane Yasumasa Ishida Akira Ogawa Tomoko O Rissei
13th 1979 Kato Masao Cho Chikun, Rin Kaiho Hashimoto Yoshimi Cho Chikun Cho Chikun Haruyama Isamu Ishida Akira Ogawa Tomoko Kataoka Satoshi
14th 1980 Cho Chikun Cho Chikun Sato Masaharu Yamabe Toshiro Fukui Masaaki Sato Masaharu Yamabe Toshiro Kitani Reiko Ito Yoji
15th 1981 Cho Chikun Yamashiro Hiroshi Yamashiro Hiroshi Yamashiro Hiroshi O Meien Yoda Norimoto Kobayashi Koichi Kusunoki Teruko Ishikura Noboru Shiratori Sumiko
16th 1982 Cho Chikun Kobayashi Koichi Ishida Akira, Kobayashi Satoru Ishida Akira Kataoka Satoshi O Rissei Ishida Akira Kobayashi (Kitani) Reiko Yoda Norimoto
17th 1983 Rin Kaiho Rin Kaiho Kobayashi Satoru Yamashiro Hiroshi O Meien Kobayashi Satoru Takagi Shoichi Sugiuchi Kazuko Ogata Masaki Kusunoki Teruko
18th 1984 Cho Chikun Kobayashi Koichi Kuwata Yasuaki Kuwata Yasuaki Kobayashi Koichi Yamashiro Hiroshi, Yoda Norimoto Ohira Shuzo Kusunoki Teruko O Meien
19th 1985 Kobayashi Koichi Kobayashi Koichi Kori Toshio Hane Yasumasa O Meien Kusunoki Teruko Miyazawa Goro Kusunoki Teruko Oya Kouichi Takemiya Masaki
20th 1986 Kato Masao O Rissei Kudo Norio Kato Masao Yoda Norimoto O Rissei Yamashiro Hiroshi Ogawa Tomoko Shinkai Hiroko
21st 1987 Kato Masao Cho Chikun Ohira Shuzo Ohira Shuzo Yoda Norimoto O Meien Ohira Shuzo Miyazaki Shimako Komatsu Hideki Fujisawa Hideyuki
22nd 1988 Kobayashi Koichi Ogata Masaki Hane Yasumasa, Kobayashi Satoru Kobayashi Koichi, Yoda Norimoto Yoda Norimoto Miyazaki Shimako Hane Yasumasa Miyazaki Shimako Komatsu Hideki Fujisawa Hideyuki
23rd 1989 Kobayashi Koichi Yoda Norimoto Yoda Norimoto Yoda Norimoto O Rissei Yoda Norimoto Yoda Norimoto Aoki Kikuyo
24th 1990 Kobayashi Koichi Yoda Norimoto Goto Shungo Goto Shungo Hane Yasumasa Kobayashi Satoru Yoda Norimoto Nakazawa Ayako Ryu Shikun

In 1991, the prizes system was revised.

  • 連勝記録賞 (Winning Streak) was renamed to 連勝賞.
  • 殊勲賞 (Outstanding Performance)) was renamed to 優秀棋士賞 (Outstanding Player), to match 最優秀棋士賞 (Most Outstanding Player).
  • 最多対局賞 (Most Games Played) was added.
  • 技能賞 (Technique) was removed.

Later, in 1998, the 国際賞 (International Prize) was added.

Edition Year Most Outstanding Outstanding New Star Women's Prize International Prize Most Wins Winning Percentage Winning Streak Most Games Special Prize
25th 1991 Kobayashi Koichi Fujisawa Hideyuki Cho Sonjin Aoki Kikuyo Komatsu Hideki Kudo Norio O Rissei Ryu Shikun
26th 1992 Kobayashi Koichi Fujisawa Hideyuki, Komatsu Hideki Yamada Kimio Kato Tomoko Komatsu Hideki Tsuchida Masamitsu Kato Masao Kobayashi Koichi, Komatsu Hideki
27th 1993 Kobayashi Koichi Sato Masaharu Kato Tomoko Ogawa Tomoko Kato Masao O Meien Kato Masao Kato Masao
28th 1994 Cho Chikun Ryu Shikun Morita Michihiro Kato Tomoko Kato Masao Kobayashi Satoru Kobayashi Satoru Yamada Kimio
29th 1995 Kobayashi Satoru Takemiya Masaki, O Rissei Hane Naoki Nakazawa Ayako Kobayashi Satoru, O Rissei O Rissei Ogata Masaki Kato Masao
30th 1996 Cho Chikun Yoda Norimoto, Sato Masaharu Takao Shinji Nishida Terumi Hane Naoki Yamada Kimio Muramatsu Ryuichi Kataoka Satoshi
31st 1997 Cho Chikun Kudo Norio, Yamada Kimio Yamashita Keigo Aoki Kikuyo Hane Naoki Yamashita Keigo Yamada Kimio Yamashita Keigo
32nd 1998 Cho Chikun O Rissei, Hikosaka Naoto Akiyama Jiro Kobayashi Izumi Yoda Norimoto Yamashita Keigo Takao Shinji Komatsu Hideki Yamashita Keigo
33rd 1999 Cho Chikun Cho Sonjin, Kobayashi Koichi Kobayashi Izumi Chinen Kaori Yoda Norimoto Takao Shinji Yamashita Keigo Hane Naoki Takao Shinji
34th 2000 O Rissei Yoda Norimoto, O Meien, Yamashita Keigo Cho U Inori Yoko O Rissei Yamashita Keigo Cho U Takao Shinji Yamashita Keigo
35th 2001 O Rissei Rin Kaiho, Hane Naoki Mizokami Tomochika Kobayashi Izumi Hane Naoki Mimura Tomoyasu Takao Shinji Hane Naoki
36th 2002 Kato Masao O Rissei, Cho U Kono Rin Kobayashi Izumi Hans Pietsch Cho U Cho U Kobayashi Satoru Cho U
37th 2003 Cho U [3] Yamashita Keigo, Yoda Norimoto, Hane Naoki So Yokoku Kobayashi Izumi Cho Chikun Cho U So Yokoku Yamada Kimio Cho U
38th 2004 Cho U Yamashita Keigo Kim Shushun Chinen Kaori Takao Shinji Tsuruyama Atsushi Takao Shinji Yamashita Keigo Cho Chikun
39th 2005 Cho U Hane Naoki, Takao Shinji Iyama Yuta Yashiro Kumiko Cho U Kobayashi Satoru Iyama Yuta Takemiya Masaki Cho U
40th 2006 Yamashita Keigo Hane Naoki, Cho U Matsumoto Takehisa Xie Yimin Yoda Norimoto Cho U Nakamura Shinya Cho U Yamashita Keigo
41st 2007 Cho U Yamashita Keigo, Cho Chikun Ko Iso Xie Yimin Cho U Morita Michihiro Cho U Cho U
42nd 2008 Cho U Hane Naoki, Iyama Yuta Xie Yimin Xie Yimin Cho U Rin Shien Morita Michihiro Iyama Yuta
43rd 2009 Cho U Iyama Yuta Ri Ishu Xie Yimin Iyama Yuta Ri Ishu Cho U Iyama Yuta, Takao Shinji
44th 2010 Cho U Yamashita Keigo, Xie Yimin Rin Kanketsu Xie Yimin Yamashita Keigo Yamashiro Hiroshi Yamashita Keigo Yamashita Keigo
45th 2011 Yamashita Keigo Iyama Yuta, Hane Naoki, Xie Yimin Uchida Shuhei Xie Yimin Iyama Yuta Kim Shushun Kanazawa Makoto Iyama Yuta Xie Yimin
46th 2012 Iyama Yuta Cho U, Yamashita Keigo Ida Atsushi Xie Yimin Iyama Yuta Iyama Yuta Cho Riyu Iyama Yuta
47th 2013 Iyama Yuta Fujita Akihiko, Ichiriki Ryo Mukai Chiaki Iyama Yuta Iyama Yuta Ichiriki Ryo Fujita Akihiko Iyama Yuta
48th 2014 Iyama Yuta Takao Shinji Kanazawa Makoto, Fujisawa Rina Fujisawa Rina Ichiriki Ryo Kono Rin Kyo Kagen Kono Rin Kono Rin
49th 2015 Iyama Yuta Ida Atsushi Kyo Kagen Xie Yimin Ichiriki Ryo Iyama Yuta, Kyo Kagen Shibano Toramaru Iyama Yuta Yamashita Keigo
50th 2016 Iyama Yuta Takao Shinji Onishi Ryuhei Xie Yimin Ichiriki Ryo Onishi Ryuhei Adachi Toshimasa Ichiriki Ryo
51st 2017 Iyama Yuta Ichiriki Ryo Mutsuura Yuta [4], Shibano Toramaru [5] Fujisawa Rina Ichiriki Ryo Shibano Toramaru Kyo Kagen Iyama Yuta, Shibano Toramaru Shibano Toramaru
52nd 2018 Iyama Yuta Cho U [6], Kyo Kagen [7] Ueno Asami [8] Fujisawa Rina [9] Shibano Toramaru [10] Shibano Toramaru Fujita Akihiko Koike Yoshihiro Shibano Toramaru
53rd 2019 Iyama Yuta Shibano Toramaru Son Makoto Ueno Asami Shibano Toramaru Ichiriki Ryo Ichiriki Ryo, Fujita Akihiko Shibano Toramaru
54th 2020 Iyama Yuta Ichiriki Ryo Seki Koutarou Fujisawa Rina Ichiriki Ryo Ichiriki Ryo Ichiriki Ryo Chotoku Tetsushi Ichiriki Ryo
55th 2021 Iyama Yuta Kyo Kagen Nakamura Sumire Fujisawa Rina Iyama Yuta Ueno Asami Tsuneishi Takashi Ichiriki Ryo Ueno Asami

[3] for winning the Meijin and Gosei

[4] for winning the Agon Cup

[5] for winning the Ryusei

[6] for winning the Meijin

[7] for winning the Gosei

[8] for winning a women's title in her second year as a professional

[9] for winning three women's titles

[10] for beating Ke Jie in the Japan-China Ryusei play-off


(from [ext] 詳細)

Record numbers are bolded. Record ties are italicised.

This table currently abbreviates winning percentages to one decimal place, whereas in the Japanese table the ones from 2005 on are mainly given to two decimal places. Feel free to modify this.

Ed. Yr. Most Wins # Best Winning Pc. % Best Winning Streak # Most Games Played #
1st 1967 Rin Kaiho 30 Okubo Ichigen 75.0% Okubo Ichigen 12
2nd 1968 Takagawa Kaku, Fujisawa Hideyuki 26 [1] Takagawa Kaku 72.2% [2] Fujisawa Hideyuki 11
3rd 1969 Fujisawa Hideyuki 34 Kajiwara Takeo 72.7% Fujisawa Hosai 9 [3]
4th 1970 Ishida Yoshio 35 Ishida Yoshio 79.5% Ishida Yoshio 9
5th 1971 Ishida Yoshio, Kato Masao 36 Shimamura Toshihiro 78.6% Shimamura Toshihiro 13
6th 1972 Takagi Shoichi, Kato Masao 30 Takagi Shoichi 73.2% Kato Masao 12
7th 1973 Takemiya Masaki 36 Takemiya Masaki 81.8% Takemiya Masaki 13
8th 1974 Takemiya Masaki 39 Tozawa Akinobu 76.5% Tsuchida Masamitsu, Tozawa Akinobu 11
9th 1975 Cho Chikun 39 Ohira Shuzo 73.9% Kobayashi Koichi 11
10th 1976 Kato Masao, Cho Chikun 46 Takemiya Masaki 78.7% Takagi Shoichi 13
11th 1977 Rin Kaiho 42 Rin Kaiho 80.8% Rin Kaiho 24
12th 1978 Otake Hideo 39 Hane Yasumasu 82.9% Otake Hideo 13
13th 1979 Cho Chikun, Rin Kaiho 39 Hashimoto Yoshimi 76.2% Cho Chikun 12
14th 1980 Cho Chikun 38 Sato Masaharu 73.5% Yamabe Toshiro 11
15th 1981 Yamashiro Hiroshi 38 Yamashiro Hiroshi 79.2% Yamashiro Hiroshi 12
16th 1982 Kobayashi Koichi 42 Ishida Akira, Kobayashi Satoru 79.5% Ishida Akira 15
17th 1983 Rin Kaiho 38 Kobayashi Satoru 79.5% Yamashiro Hiroshi 11
18th 1984 Kobayashi Koichi 38 Kuwata Yasuaki 78.6% Kuwata Yasuaki 13
19th 1985 Kobayashi Koichi 39 Kori Toshio 78.8% Hane Yasumasa 12
20th 1986 O Rissei 37 Kudo Norio 75.0% Kato Masao 13
21st 1987 Cho Chikun 40 Ohira Shuzo 83.8% Ohira Shuzo 17
22nd 1988 Ogata Masaki 39 Hane Yasumasa, Kobayashi Satoru 80.0% Kobayashi Koichi, Yoda Norimoto 12
23rd 1989 Yoda Norimoto 51 Yoda Norimoto 77.3% Yoda Norimoto 16
24th 1990 Yoda Norimoto 46 Goto Shungo 80.0% Goto Shungo 14
25th 1991 Komatsu Hideki 38 Kudo Norio 84.4% O Rissei 16 Ryu Shikun 59
26th 1992 Komatsu Hideki 43 Tsuchida Masamitsu 81.5% Kato Masao 16 Kobayashi Koichi, Komatsu Hideki 63
27th 1993 Kato Masao 40 O Meien 81.3% Kato Masao 22 Kato Masao 62
28th 1994 Kato Masao 39 Kobayashi Satoru 82.9% Kobayashi Satoru 18 Yamada Kimio 54 [4]
29th 1995 Kobayashi Satoru, O Rissei 44 O Rissei 80.0% Ogata Masaki 16 Kato Masao 67
30th 1996 Hane Naoki 48 Yamada Kimio 81.0% Muramatsu Ryuichi 15 Kataoka Satoshi 66
31st 1997 Hane Naoki 50 Yamashita Keigo 91.3% [5] Yamada Kimio 18 Yamashita Keigo 69
32nd 1998 Yamashita Keigo 60 Takao Shinji 80.6% Komatsu Hideki 17 Yamashita Keigo 75
33rd 1999 Takao Shinji 61 Yamashita Keigo 82.1% Hane Naoki 19 Takao Shinji 75
34th 2000 Yamashita Keigo 59 Cho U 81.1% Takao Shinji 20 Yamashita Keigo 77
35th 2001 Hane Naoki 63 Mimura Tomoyasu 79.5% Takao Shinji 18 Hane Naoki 88
36th 2002 Cho U 70 Cho U 83.3% Kobayashi Satoru 17 Cho U 84
37th 2003 Cho U 56 So Yokoku 78.2% Yamada Kimio 18 Cho U 77
38th 2004 Takao Shinji 44 Tsuruyama Atsushi 75.0% Takao Shinji 15 Yamashita Keigo 71
39th 2005 Kobayashi Satoru 46 Iyama Yuta 75.5% Takemiya Masaki 16 Cho U 63
40th 2006 Cho U 49 Nakamura Shinya 80.5% Cho U 15 Yamashita Keigo 68
41st 2007 Cho U 51 Morita Michihiro 80.5% Cho U 17 Cho U 73
42nd 2008 Cho U 51 Rin Shien 79.5% Morita Michihiro 14 Iyama Yuta 69
43rd 2009 Iyama Yuta 43 Ri Ishu 76.0% Cho U 17 Iyama Yuta, Takao Shinji 57
44th 2010 Yamashita Keigo 40 Yamashiro Hiroshi 80.0% Yamashita Keigo 16 Yamashita Keigo 63
45th 2011 Iyama Yuta 48 Kim Shushun 77.4% Kanazawa Makoto 13 Iyama Yuta 67
46th 2012 Iyama Yuta 51 Iyama Yuta 81.0% Cho Riyu 13 Iyama Yuta 63
47th 2013 Iyama Yuta 43 Ichiriki Ryo 85.1% Fujita Akihiko 18 Iyama Yuta 61
48th 2014 Kono Rin 50 Kyo Kagen 79.0% Kono Rin 19 Kono Rin 76
49th 2015 Iyama Yuta, Kyo Kagen 41 Shibano Toramaru 81.3% Iyama Yuta 24 Yamashita Keigo 60
50th 2016 Ichiriki Ryo 47 Onishi Ryuhei 79.6% Adachi Toshimasa 15 Ichiriki Ryo 66
51st 2017 Shibano Toramaru 53 Kyo Kagen 80.4% Iyama Yuta, Shibano Toramaru 16 Shibano Toramaru 66
52nd 2018 Shibano Toramaru 52 Fujita Akihiko 83.7% Koike Yoshihiro 14 Shibano Toramaru 69
53rd 2019 Shibano Toramaru 52 Ichiriki Ryo 77.1% Ichiriki Ryo, Fujita Akihiko 16 Ichiriki Ryo 70
54th 2020 Ichiriki Ryo 53 Ichiriki Ryo 80.3% Chotoku Tetsushi 14 Ichiriki Ryo 76
55th 2021 Ueno Asami 54 [6] Tsuneishi Takashi 76.9% Ichiriki Ryo 14 Ueno Asami 79 [7]

[1] The lowest.

[2] The lowest.

[3] The shortest, together with Ishida Yoshio's of the year after.

[4] The lowest.

[5] His article says 87.0%, which would still be the record. In both cases there is a data anomaly: 91.3% of Yamashita's record 69 games in 1997 is 63 games, and 87.0% is 60, yet Hane Naoki apparently won the Most Wins prize that year with only 50.

[6] The best since Cho U's 56 in 2003.

[7] The best since Cho U's 84 in 2002.

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