Agon Cup

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(阿含・桐山杯全日本早碁オープン戦) The Agon Cup is a single knockout quickplay title in Japan, properly the Agon-Kiriyama Cup All Japan Hayago Open Tournament. Called the Acom Cup (アコム杯) until 1998.

The winner's prize is ¥10,000,000. The Chinese Ahan Tongshan Cup has the same sponsor and the respective winners play each other in the Japan-China Agon Cup. Time control is 1 hour each for the preliminaries, 2 hours each for the main tournament, and 1.5 hours each for the final.

This is a pro-am event, and 20 amateurs can participate in the preliminary (16 in the 3rd edition and 12 in the first two editions). In 2011, Korean amateur Ha Sungbong advanced to the quarterfinal. Soon after, the Nihon Kiin began counting wins against amateurs for its professional rank promotion purposes.

Winners and defeated finalists
Ed. Year Winner Runner-up
1st 1994 O Rissei Cho Chikun
2nd 1995 Kato Masao Kobayashi Satoru
3rd 1996 Kato Masao Yoda Norimoto
4th 1997 Yoda Norimoto Kato Masao
5th 1998 Kobayashi Satoru Cho Chikun
6th 1999 Kobayashi Koichi Takao Shinji
7th 2000 Cho Sonjin Cho Chikun
8th 2001 Cho Sonjin O Rissei
9th 2002 Cho Chikun Cho U
10th 2003 Kato Masao Cho U
11th 2004 Hane Naoki Kobayashi Koichi
12th 2005 Iyama Yuta Kobayashi Satoru
13th 2006 Cho U Hane Naoki
14th 2007 Cho U Cho Chikun
15th 2008 Cho U Takanashi Seiken
16th 2009 Hane Naoki Cho U
17th 2010 Yamashita Keigo Cho Chikun
18th 2011 Iyama Yuta Yamashita Keigo
19th 2012 Cho U Rin Shien
20th 2013 Murakawa Daisuke Shida Tatsuya
21st 2014 Iyama Yuta Kono Rin
22nd 2015 Iyama Yuta Kyo Kagen
23rd 2016 Kono Rin Cho Chikun
24th 2017 Mutsuura Yuta Takao Shinji
25th 2018 Ichiriki Ryo Shibano Toramaru
26th 2019 Cho U Ichiriki Ryo
27th 2020 Iyama Yuta Yamashita Keigo
28th 2021 Kyo Kagen Iyama Yuta
29th 2022 Hirata Tomoya Iyama Yuta
30th 2023 Ichiriki Ryo Iyama Yuta

In 2011, for the first time, amateurs (Ha Sungbong and Kim Seong-chin) reached the final sixteen players.

See also: Amateur versus Professional

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