Sun Zhe

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Sun Zhe's Nihon Ki-in photo

Sun Zhe (孫喆; Son Makoto, born 21 February 1996 in Kanagawa Prefecture) is a Nihon Ki-in professional. Shodan in 2011, 2 dan from 2012-02-01, 3 dan from 2014, currently 7d (2021).

He's been married to Hoshiai Shiho 3p since 7 July 2022.

Career record:

  • 2011: 16 games, 10-4
  • 2012: 26 games, 15-11
  • 2013: 33 games, 24-9
  • 2024: 9 games, 9-0


  • 2012: Runner up in the 9th Nakano Cup
  • 2017: Runner up in the 42nd Shinjin O
  • 2019: Winner of the 44th Shinjin O
  • 2019: Winner of the New Star Kido Prize
  • 2020: Runner up in the 15th Wakagoi


JohnF On the available evidence, we should probably stick with Son Makoto. I have already discussed this on L19, viz:. He was born in Japan (Yokohama). He is registered with the Nihon Ki-in as Son Makoto. He himself uses the twitter account Twi_mako. Son is an old and well established surname in Japan, though no doubt of Chinese origin. It is true that the character 喆 is disconcerting for many Japanese, but they get round that by writing out his name as マコト (Makoto), and names often used weird characters so there is nothing novel in that. Even if there is a Chinese link somewhere in his history (could be centuries ago), most other players with such histories, and we, are happy to use the Japanese readings (Go Seigen, Rin Kaiho, O Rissei, O Mein, Kyo Kagen etc.). A couple get shirty about it. Chin Kaei is one. He was born in China and likes to be known by his Chinese name, but the problem there is that people use two: Mandarin Chen Jiarui, Cantonese Chan Ka Yui. However, on his business card he writes his surname as Chien. Son Makoto, however, is clearly not getting shirty.

bugcat: I wasn't suggesting that the references to Son Makoto be changed to Sun Zhe. I was suggesting that the title of this article be changed from Sun Zhe to Son Makoto, since that's what almost all the references are pointing to.

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