Difficulty: Introductory   Keywords: Go term

Chinese: 扳 (ban1)
Japanese: 跳ね, ハネ (hane)
Korean: 젖힘 (jutchim)


Hane is a Japanese go term adopted by English speaking players. A hane is a move which "reaches around" one or more of the opponent's stones. The basic shape is the one formed by White 1 in this diagram. It is the natural response to a contact play.

There are many positions where a hane is a good move, as is witnessed by proverbs like "Hane at the head of two stones" and "There is death in the hane."

Follow up

Bill Spight: About hane, reach around, wrap around and bend around: "Bend" could be confused with this play, a magari (turn). Better just say "hane".


Linguistic note

In Japanese, "hane" may become vocalized "-bane" in compounds except for the first position. Example: nidan-bane. For details, see Appendix in Japanese Go Terms page.

See also

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