Ryobane ( 両バネ ) literally means double hane (but is not used for a Two Step Hane). It is a combination of two hane.

Example 1

Double hane wins race to capture  

The ryobane of B1 and B3 gives the Black stones an extra liberty, so that Black wins the race to capture. This is an example of the proverb, Ryobane gains one liberty.

Example 2

Double hane in sente  

This example comes from [ext] http://www2.tokai.or.jp/tuta/yose.html . W1 is tesuji. Without the exchange, W1 - B2, Black could play B8 at W1.

Double hane in sente (cont.)  

And now White can play a ryo-bane in sente. (The two hane are W5 in the previous diagram and W1 in this diagram.)

Example 3

Double hane attack  

This example comes from [ext] http://igotyuugakusya.hp.infoseek.co.jp/11isinosikatu5.htm .

The combination of B1 and B3 is a ryobane. This is an example of the proverb, Eight lives.

Example 4

White double hane  

This example comes from [ext] http://www.h-eba.com/heba/JITEN/jiten1-5.html. Even with the ryobane White is dead.

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