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This is for wishes which were implemented already and thus removed from the wishlists.

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Chat: allow to censor admins (DONE)

from KGSStatus/Discussion2

  • Proto: wms, I strongly ask that you do not make inability to censor assistants and admins a feature of KGS 2.6.11. This inhibits users' ability to check the choices (however wise) that other admins and super admins make. Being that this program is for the users, and that assists/admins are also people just like every other user, I don't see why an assistant or admin couldn't be on someone's "censor list." Imagine, as purely hypothetical that applebabie was made either an admin or assistant. applebabie is a user on many people's censor list (she isn't on mine, however; no one is on mine). She would be able to say anything she wants as long as you don't catch word of it and take action. This server must remain focused on the needs of the user. Therefore, the individual users must be able to place their own checks on their admins and assistants, lest they hypothetically abuse their power. I hope you see my point.
    • ZeroKun: I'd like to point out that the "No chat" feature doesn't work for us, and we are users too. This is for the sake of something happening and only you are on. Having admins/assistants uncensorable isn't bad if you don't censor them, why would you unless you've had problems with them before? I see no reason why a normal obedient user would care about this.
    • wms: The problem is that when an admin or assistant is censored, it makes their job harder. One reaction is, "if you censor an admin/assistant, then it is your problem, and you will get booted with no warning sometimes." But it also does make things harder for the a/a; if they wanted to simply ask to stop flooding, or something minor like that, usually it is very quick - the a/a asks, the person stops and says "ok", end of story. But when the a/a is censored, it can take minutes, because most a/a don't like to just boot for something so minor.

      So, for now, I plan on not letting you censor admins or assistants.
      • Proto: How about this: regular users (as well as other assistants and admins) CAN censor regular kibitzing and room chat of admins and assists, but if they want to warn other users of abuse, it overrides the censor.
        • Warp: I think that's simple: Bold messages get always through, ie. bypass censor lists. I think that would actually make sense.
        • ChipMonk: How 'bout we just keep it as it is. I'm sure that would make it less complicated.

tapir: Is this discussion still valid? And if, isn't there any better place for it?

RueLue (v.3.4.5): you can move it to the Wishlist/done page: bold text of (e.g.) room owners get through, normal text is blocked. I think, it is the same with admins.

Taken from /unsorted

Review options (SOLVED)

  • Often after a resignation occurs, there are still moves on the board which are locally interesting. Could we have a feature which offers the following feature - 'result stands but do you wish to continue with certain aspects of the game'.

    In essence when a player resigns, both players are offered the option to finish off local and tactical points of interest to the conclusion of the game and compare the result as if you had played to the end.
    • glue: The feature already exists. Enter the review game mode, then under the tools upper left pulldown menu, select "Set Players" and enter the two players names.

Minimal time limit for rated games (DONE)

  • ridiculous?: how it is possible to set byo time 30sec/60moves? 2s on move make possibility to make many high level account only by winning on time!!! Shouldn't be some 5s/move limit to RATED games?!
    • (v.3.4.5): Less than 9 sec. per move or more than 12 moves per min. cannot be a rated game.

Game offer window: possible to easily chat with challenger (DONE)

  • iLoveSai (2004): Challenge/accepting challenge boxes should also have chat button so that the players can communicate more easily.
    • Hu: See also KGS Wishlist. I don't think your first wish will be granted. I think wms likes the fact that users can hide out on the server and chat in some obscure room or by private chat without being bothered by fans (for example pro and high dan players who have fans). (...) I would like to see a limited message capability with Challenge boxes, and a way to give a reason for declining (including "Decline to state").
      • RueLue (2010): :-) (torn Hu's comment apart, I hope, it's right this way)

Rating: special ranks (SOLVED)

  • Reuven: Just wondering about the ranks, are they sent as a relative mark or is the whole rank sent? To be exact - Are "special" ranks possible? For example, Mj for meijin or Nt for some new title or something?
    • tapir: The professional ranks are set especially. Afaik no title holders have shown up until now. (And I guess it is not because of lacking special ranks.)

Taken from /social

User info: "Talk to" button (new game window: DONE)

  • Add a way into a Talk to... session from the game challenge window or the user info window. Right now, if someone challenges you, there is no easy way to chat with them. Trying to find their name in a room list is not fun, plus not always possible with the open games list. And, using the "Leave Message" faculty is not great either, because you need to figure out how to spell the name (or copy+paste). In any case, this seems more difficult than it should be.
    • blubb: I think it would be ok to find the same pull-down [context-?] menu at the nicknames there like anywhere else ("chat to", "see info" etc.). To only switch colors by a menu feels like squandering rare resources to me. A small "change colors" button between the nicks would work fine (maybe even better). Rightclick at that little button could lock the colors - for those people who definitely want to take a particular color.

Keep buddy and censor data saved on server (DONE)

  • Keep buddy and censor data saved on server. wms ponders all preference data saved server side. Fonts might be one good preference to save client-side due to different resolution screens, other data should be considered carefully before going server-side as well. ++

Trailing option: be notified when selected individuals start a game (DONE)

  • Trailing option to be notified when selected individuals start a game. Integrate with game/request search feature mentioned in [32]? +? like the igs´ trace command

Ranks: different rank for guest (DONE)

  • A different rank for guest would be nice as lots of users have bad experiences with guest [?] users and refuses to play new players with [?] because of this. Maybe [%] or whatever punctation of choice.
    • If guests had pictures this wouldn't happen
      • Then users would have to view info each time they accept a challenger wouldn't they ? And they would see that its a guest account anyway.
    • RueLue: Have guests ever had ranks? - but... a greyed out rank, possibly self given, could do it. I know of at least one guest, who is (was) regularly online to play only 13x13 games (I think, he was around KGS-2-dan)

Game window: maximum number of undo request (DONE)

  • Have a maximum number of times a player can request an undo of a particular move. I eventually escaped a game because I was bored of denying an undo request.+++
    • Maybe just an option in game offer, Allow undo, So you could disallow whole feature
    • That wouldn't solve the problem, because in fact I usually accept undo requests, as they are usually mis-clicks.

New game window: chat with the person offering a game (DONE)

  • Being able to chat with someone who propose a game directly from the challenge room (when that person is into a room you're not in, it's quite difficult).+

Chat: open a chat with a person, when the room is unknown (DONE)

  • Karl Knechtel: More generally, there needs to be an easy way to talk to a user without knowing what room(s) s/he is in. Right now the "leave message" dialog tells you that you can't leave an online user a message and that you should chat directly instead. How irritating! Why not just offer the chat window then and there?
    • ... The "leave message" dialog works now but it doesn't say so. The following text would be good: If the user is logged in, then starts a chat with the user instead.
    • Tapir: Afaik, this is not the case anymore (2010). Leave message starts the chat window if the user is online. And you can chat in the window containing the game offer.

Chat: stop text from jumping to the end with every new chat (DONE)

  • Ability to lock the chat box buffer window to review the buffer. ie: stop it from jumping to the bottom with every new chat.+++++++
    • sigue?: This is sort of implemented now. It no longer jumps to the bottom, but it does scroll a bit for each new chat. (Only if at the max buffer size?)

Query online status of a user (DONE)

  • Server interface to query online status of a user (e.g. return small "online"/"offline" pic appropriately; similar to the rank graph)
    • tapir: You get this information by the user info

Playing, observing: unlikely to notice private chat (SOLVED)

  • SteveKroon: At the moment, if someone sends you a message in a chat tab, and you are playing a game, you are unlikely to notice it. Some sort of display element showing that you have unread chats (and perhaps from who) within the window where you are playing/watching a game would be useful.
    • glue: maybe you disabled the chat alert from the client settings.

New game window: easier to start chat with game offerer (DONE)

  • Perhaps this is already requested elsewhere: Please, make it easier to start a chat to someone who is offering a game.
    • Karl Knechtel: You can just click on the offer and start typing at the bottom of the match window (without clicking OK); what's the problem? (Is this an old request?)

Rooms window, tabs: "Active Games", "Open Games", "Buddy Games" (DONE)

  • crux: The new "Active Games" window would be stellar if it could show open games, and if there was an option to show games played by buddies at the top.
  • vertigo: I think separate "Open" and "Active" game tabs are fine, but the option to display buddy games would be a boon.

Rooms window: open tab the same as when logged out (DONE)

  • Default room focus to last selected room at log-off and upon closing chat tab

First login: put new users in locale-appropriate room as default (DONE)

  • Karl Knechtel: If it is not done already: instead of putting everyone in the EGR by default, put them in locale-appropriate rooms to start off.

Games lists: arranged by chat/observers (DONE)

  • Design Discussion: Should Games be arranged by Chat?
    • LithiumTwo: Games can be arranged by chat now, it has no conflict with the current design

Games lists: buddy games at the top (DONE: fan tab)

  • Move games to the top of a game list if one or both of the players are on my buddy list. + +

New game window: blindly accept challenge (DONE: automatch)

  • Just an idea i thought to write, what if when you put up a game w/ your time settings, you can't see your opponents name? Only after you accept will you see their name. Maybe only those in your friends list would show up? or maybe not: If you wanted a game w/ your friend, you would right-click his name and send an invite for a game or something(which maybe you can only do with friends?). Doing this would really be "setting up a game via chat." For open games, only their rank and # of unfinished (ranked/free?) games would show up. Example of what you see when some tries joining your game: " UNKOWN 2d 2(R) 0(F) " in which 2 is how many ranked games he/she has unfinished, 0 is how many free. Probably unfinished games should only show within the last month or so. And maybe should show the total number of games, and their country too? Now.., the same should go for those looking within the open games offers. This would take out those being picky =P And it'd be suspenseful/shocking when you see you opponent is someone you know to be very strong(me).
    But in the end, that idea seems hard to balance out =P
    • RueLue: The second part ("... 2(R) 0(F)") is still interesting

Taken from /gamehandling

Challenge for game from a specified move of an already completed game (DONE)

  • liquis: Allow the ability to challenge an opponent at any stage during a past (already completed) game. Such as that dumb mistake that really threw off the course of the game, could be replayed later, or challenge an opponent a Pro game at midgame. Does that make sense? It would probably be required to be a free or teaching game.
    • Mef: This is a really cool idea, and it sort of is possible, already, if you use a teaching game, use the edit tool to set up the board then just resume play, but it would be nice to have a more convenient way to do this, like "Challenge from SGF" then put in a move number or something.
    • RueLue: Options -> "Review game" (or load file from rooms window, menu "File") -> Menu "Tools" (top left) -> "Set Players"

Game setup: Remember what type of game was last offered (DONE)

  • Remember what type of game was last offered, just like the time and board-size is remembered? That avoids the situation of setting up a free 19x19, then canceling to change the 'Note' and re-offering, ending up offering a rated game. (and similar: Remillard: It would be nice if Open game? would remember state from the previous game.) +

Observing game: Go-To-Move-Number function (SOLVED)

  • RobertJasiek: When observing a game, the feature I am missing the most is a GoToMoveNumber? function (see, e.g., GoWrite for how it might work). (Currently one can only go to the start, the current end, one move forward, one move back.)
    • glue: There are already two similar features. Use shift-click on a position on the goban to go in the current branch of the game to the node where that move is played. Or in a demo or review, click wherever you want in the game tree, and chose there the move number you want.
      • RobertJasiek: Shift-click: Ah, thanks! It works differently from what I am used to, but is also pretty useful.
      • blubb: Unfortunately, this still doesn't work in demo mode (again), unless you have control. :(
        • glue: You can use the view offline feature to browse the game tree in demo mode when you don't have control.
          • blubb: That's what I'm doing, up to several dozens of times per demo. :/
            (Cloning doesn't really help either, since (1) the whole discussion would be stripped thereby and (2) it's too difficult to find the current node within a complex clone's tree to resynch the view.)
          • Viltti: There has been recently many tournament games shown live in KGS. They've been relayed in demo mode and it has been quite a nuisance to go back to look an earlier position (offline or cloning). In these games there's no nodes, only the game played. It would really make it much easier if in games like this you could choose to browse the game. Option could even be "hidden" to prevent newcomers accidentally using it.
            • Peterius: I second all of this. If one can normally look back on previous moves in an observed game then why should demo games be any different? The answer given to me by other KGS goers was that I should just clone or view offline and this is a solution but its a poor work around.

Games lists: buddies' games at the top (DONE)

  • Kosh: I'm always having trouble finding a buddy's game. Scrolling down the game list... where is it? Finally I find it. Is it possible to display games from your buddy's for example at the top? Listed buddy games just like in the names list would be great! The only possibility now is to view games of all your buddy's individually.
    • (Sebastian:) Or add another "room" (like Open Games), called "Buddies", which shows all buddies in the right pane, and their games in the left, regardless in which room where they play.
    • Implemented. Use the fan mark and open the fan tab via the rooms menu!

No undo multiple times for the same move (SOLVED / DONE)

  • Do not allow opponent to ask for undo multiple times for the same move. (wms notes that the solution is to minimize the undo request window and ignore it. It will remain blocking further requests until you make your next move.)+
    • Then please give the undo requestor a notification when an undo is rejected, so they know the window was seen and acted upon. If a player makes a move quickly, sometimes you have to re-request an undo.
      • Since some time the undo request has for the 3rd request an additional button: "Never". There is also no info of this undo block for the requester.

Restrictions, when I have a game offer open (DONE)

  • If "seeking a game request" window is open with specific conditions indicated therein, and one is interested to find out that are the game conditions asked by a fellow player who also has an "seeking a game request" window open, one should be able to do so instead of an error message stating that "you are already playing a game.."++
    • Sebastian: Absolutely! I would go even further and question if there ever is a reason why somebody who has a challenge open should be treated as playing a game. Another consequence is that, when you want to chat you get the message "x is currently playing" (see [1301]).
    • wms: Please see KGS Status. I'm already beginning to fix this. By the way, the window is called the "Challenge Window" (because it is where you challenge other players to a game). It isn't labeled that, so you can call it anything you like, but it took me a while to figure out what the "seeking a game request" window was, and it's easier if everybody uses the same terms. :-)
      • Joshual000: A feature I think would be nice is allowing a user with a currently open game to open a challenge window from the game list for the purpose of watching the game. The buttons could be disabled, etc. (I often like to watch several games while I play - if a player from a different room currently has an open challenge, and I'd like to watch, but am playing a game I currently need to: open the room they hail from, locate their game on the list and click (or find them on the user list)) Currently much easier to keep many rooms open to allow for watching games.

New game window: specify, which game parameters may not be changed (DONE)

  • Jonathan Cano: "New Game" option ... allow the creator of a game request to specify that game parameters (e.g. rated/free, time limits) may not be changed by the challenger.
    • I believe this feature has been suggested (and rejected by WMS) in the past but I don't see it listed here so I figured I'd mention it for documentation purposes.
    • Here is a variation that perhaps will not be rejected: When a challenger does change some game parameters, list them in red (or some other color) when I am presented with the accept/decline requester. This way, when I put up a "new game" request with the note "don't change the time limits" it will be easier to notice when someone has ignored my request.
      • This exists. The color used is turquoise.
    • wms: I just have to add, sometimes I'm amazed. Do people actually use KGS before posting their requests? The request here, to highlight changes, has been there for over a year! And it's not an option, everybody has it...please, don't go inventing problems that are already solved. :-(
    • (v.3.4.5): Only the game offererer can change the game parameters

Restrictions, when a game offer is open (DONE)

  • velobici: Once a player has an "open game" up on the server, that same player can not look at other game offers. That player must remove his own "open game" to see if any other games come close to the desired parameters that are not listed in the "Open Games" room. (time, rules, overtime, etc.). I end up putting up a game, taking it down, checking other offers, putting it up again....when there are relatively few people of my strength on the server. Please change it to allow people to look at the game offers of others even when they have a game offer of their own pending.+++++

Open games list: pop-up "tool tip" should include the time setting (DONE)

  • Chris Hayashida: The pop-up "tool tip" for open games on the game lists should include the time settings. It's annoying to have to open each game to see if it's a slow game or blitz.

Continue finished game as a teaching game (SOLVED)

  • Cheyenne: Once a game has finished (both players press done) allow the game to be "continued" as a teaching game. This would allow both players to try out variations, etc. As it currently stands usually during a review the one player has control, makes their move and then the other player says their move, etc. The original final score would be the one "officially" recorded.
    • Options -> "Review game" -> Menu "Tools" (top left) -> "Set Players"

Tooltip for open games could also show the time settings (DONE)

  • It would be nice if the floating tooltip for open games could also show the time settings. For example, "Free (1+3/25)", "Ranked (15+5�10)", "Free (25)", "Ranked (-)" for games with Canadian, Japanese, absolute and unlimited time, respectively.

Join game in the post-game review phase (SOLVED)

  • os?: Make it possible to see and join games in the post-game review phase. A pro played two simultaneous games today; I was watching one of them where after finishing he said he was going to comment on the other one first. There seemed to be no way for me to see or access that other finished game, which I had not watched.
    • wms: I'm not sure quite what you mean here. You see it the same way any other. Click on the game in its room. Click on it in the game list of the review owner. I've done both many times to see reviews, so unless something broke recently I think maybe you were mistaken somehow?
      • os?: The finished game was not visible in the "All games" list nor in the room list (of the room where the game I watched was; I can only guess that the finished game must have been in that room too), and it showed non-bold in the pro's game list. Presumably the game was really finished and not under review, and the professional did discuss it in some other way with the player.
        • wms: The original game will be non-bold in the game lists. When you review, the original game is closed and a new (review type) game is created in the game list of the reviewer. Are you sure you weren't looking for the original game so you missed the review-style game?

Game setup: message to the rejected player (DONE)

  • Poketen?: How about prompting a message to the player whose challenge you are refusing? I keep being bugged by ~ players when I request for "no ~". And they keep coming back. When you have several game requests it is not easy to remember the rank of the guy, remember his name, and open a window and chat. So.. an explanation for refusing a challenge? the list of request is quite long and I might have missed it if it is already there.
    • (oct.2010): The game setup window now has a chat box.

Allow kibitz during a game, after both players agreement (~SOLVED)

  • zof? : allow kibitz during a game, after both players agreement.
    • How about setting the game up as teaching game? If the observers talk too much: menu "Tools" -> "Quiet"

"Claim win" button (OBSOLETE)

  • Woodstock?: The "Claim win" button is kind of easy to misinterpret. Many people naturally think they can claim win for escaped games or whatever. I'd say it would be easier to just name it "Claim win on time".
    • RueLue (v.3.4.5): This button no longer exists.

Challenge for game from a specified move of an already completed game (DONE)

  • backpacker? : Allow someone to challenge their opponent to another game that starts from a specified move, from an already completed game. Like "I could have beat you if I had played this move from move 201"
    • glue : already there. In review mode, from the top left "Tools" pulldown menu, choose the select players option and add the two usernames.

Sort out the close button (SOLVED)

  • zbass? Please could you sort out the close button, as it's far too easy to click when doing a review, which people seem to agree on. Either keep the confirmation thing that comes up during a game, move it above the help button, or just remove it entirely since I'm not sure why it's needed.
    • RueLue (v.3.4.5): The tags field is now between the navigation buttons and the close button.

Demo game: title in window and in games list (in window: DONE)

  • LithiumTwo: There should be a way in demo games to set the title of the match (to appear in the top bar, and in the demo's title appearing in the game list) and the player's names... I am sick to the teeth of people entering a relay on kgs and asking every three seconds "who's playing, what're their ranks, what's the match?"

Allow names to be set for demonstration games (DONE)

  • Allow names to be set for Demonstration Games. This would cut out comments by kibbitzers wondering who was playing.
    • impu1se: I believe the previous two items can be found under KGS Plans - awaiting protocol change.

Navigation through game (DONE)

  • Degan: Allow use of arrow keys to move through game:
    • Right = forward
    • Left = back
    • Up = previous branch (if exists)
    • Down = next branch (if exists)
      • wms: Already done. Just use ctrl-arrow or shift-arrow. Seems not to work unless one of the arrow buttons has focus; not sure why this is the case, it looks like a java bug.

Live broadcasts with live commentary: confusion with the main line (DONE)

  • mgoetze: In live broadcasts with live commentary, people are often confused as to what is the actual game and what is a variation shown by the commentator. 3 possible solutions that I can think of:
    • Allow the use of "Shift up" and "Shift down" online. +?
    • Automatically insert lines played by the owner of the game above those shown by others.
    • Make it possible to right-click a stone in the game tree with an option "Mark as game line" - then the lines leading to that position could be marked with a different color, e.g. red.
      • Ansgar?: I think the main line should just be at the top. This way no new property is necessary and other sgf editor would also handle this without problems.
    • RueLue (v.3.4.5): in a cloned game window, the actual move of the game is automatically added as main line. But it would be nice in a demo game to optionally force an added branch to be the main line (especially in a live transmission).

Game: resume a game that has been won by time (DONE)

  • Pyv?: It'd be nice if we could resume a game that has been won by time. In a big fight, you could lose track of time and run out (opponent even misses the add time). Often, both players want to keep playing, but can't. The result wouldn't change, you could just keep playing (some people play for the game, not the rank, but time management IS part of winning.)
    • Options -> "Review game" -> Menu "Tools" (top left) -> "Set Players"

Have automated pairing (DONE)

  • Anonymous: Have automated pairing. I know people aren't willing to give up selective pairing, but one should read [ext] regarding the effect on ratings. My ideal Go server would have only automated pairing in rated games, but of course free games could be whatever you want.

Blitz, Ultra Blitz, Rated (DONE)

  • tasuki: After seeing "tom3d" on kgs this evening, I think that blitz games should not be rated. I have also once seen a player from Russia (can't remember his name though), who played games with one minute sudden death. He was clicking just *completely* random, the opponents playing him were trying to play at least a bit reasonable moves in hope to force him to resign, but it was of course useless. He got a very high rank like this (7dan, or maybe stronger). It is not go anymore, it is something between competition of better response time and nearly random placing of stones. I think that these games actually don't tell much about one's strength in go, they should be played only as a free games. I know it is a matter of choice, but it influences the rating of us all. I know wms will not change it instantly, so what about making a petition againts rated blitz games?
    • I strongly disagree with the above. The player in question played games with 5 periods of 7 second byo-yomi. True - it is very fast and an element of randomness due to netlag is introduced. But it is entirely possible to finish games under these conditions, more than half the games he played did not end in a timeloss - even not accounting for resignation by letting the time run out. Also, looking through the games should convince you that tom3d is a strong player - most probably considerably stronger than KGS 3d. To sum up, if you dont like rated blitz games then don't play them, but do not force your preference on the great body of strong players who do like them.
    • I think the decision by wms below is very rash. This is just falling into the trap of thinking that rating is the sole purpose of Go. If somebody wants to achieve such a rating in this way let them. I fear what you're actually going to do is punish the many people who can cope quite easily and actually enjoy playing with pretty fast Canadian time limits.
    • tasuki: Of course rating is not the sole purpose of Go, I only said that fast games are rather irrelevant for your actual playing strength. You can actually enjoy playing with pretty fast Canadian time limits (I enjoy it sometimes as well, I only think that it should not affect ones rank). And many thanks to wms for doing a statistics and adjusting the things.
    • wms: See KGS status (I'll make the change right after this). Just finished some looking into this. There will be changes.
    • Wrenn I do not if there have been any changes, but I have very recently encountered a player who sets up weird times, and wins most of his games by time, and loses most of the games he finishes. Also an easy way to do this would be to set an absolute time limit, and just play quicker than your opponent, running out there time at the end. It seems like a system to discourage this sort of negative behavior would be expedient. While I understand people like playing fast games, I would totally go for a limit that is not unreasonable (such as at least 5 10 second byo-yomi, still fast, but with room in case of some problem). But farming for time wins seems to be a way of playing that should be stopped, just like escaping and sandbagging.

Chat area in the "Create Game" window (DONE)

  • A chat area to the "Create Game" window, where offers can be commented and/or discussed. Might even replace the current "notes", which only the game creator can change (that can only be replied to by opening a new chat window with the user directly, or starting the game). +++
    • Ansgar?: At least, there should be some kind of chat button. With the new Open Games list it is even no longer possible to look in the current room for the challanger.
    • revo: The most simple way would be if one could change the comment line when challenging an open game, just as you can change handis and times.

Game setup window: restrictions, when this is open (DONE)

  • When i'm "open" (=waiting to be challenged) i can't look at what other open people are offering as time control etc ==> allow to look at others' game offers, while i have my own game offer open; the server must just control that i can give only one binding (that only my opponent has to confirm to take effect) statement at a time.
  • it can happen that i am waiting and they are waiting (you can't challenge sb. while you are open) ==> see (1) + show more columns what other players are offering as time control

Restrictions, while own game offer open (DONE)

  • starline: Allow people with an open game offer to see the time limits of other open games - without first having to close their own.
    • revo: I thought I read this point somewhere on SL but can't find it no more: It would be nice if the time settings of open games were displayed in the open games list, at least as a tool tip. So you could even see it with an own request open. And you don't have to open several requests to find out that they all want blitz while you're just looking for a slow game.

New game setup: link to user info of challenger (DONE)

  • Create a link to user info of challengers of your game proposition. Useful to decide is the game is even or no or if you have to put handicap stones. Can be used to see if the player is correct too (currently we have to rewrite player name to see his informations with the menu option).
    • glue: try the small "?" button next to your challenger's name in the create game window.

New game setup: "fix settings" (DONE)

  • Florian: I think a "fix settings" button for game offers would be a good idea. So nobody can change time, rules or default HC.
    • (v.3.4.5): Only the offerer can change the settings (handicap and komi are allowed after choosing colour)

Rooms window: wording on button for new game setup (DONE)

  • RolandIllig: (2007-06-16) The wording of the "Start a new game..." has been changed to "Manually choose opponent...", at least in German. This is due to the new auto-choose feature. The wording is confusing especially to new users, and I still don't like it, although I'm quite experienced.

Continue playing after result declaration (DONE)

  • Game ending abruptly at the end of a clock might seem like a decent way to apply a real world implementation of timed games, but it isn't viable, fair or in keeping with the technology that people use to connect to the server. There needs to be a method of communication that can happen between players when a clock has run out.
    • Options -> "Review game" -> Menu "Tools" (top left) -> "Set Players"

Game result info: show players' names (DONE)

  • Have the notice that appears when someone loses by time say the players' names instead of "black" and "white", like the other game-end notices.
    • This now (Feb 07) happens.

Allow to resign disconnected games, when opponent not online (DONE)

  • Allow to resign disconnected games, even when the opponent isn't online.++
    • Uberdude: As of KGS3 this is now possible; you can resume unfinished games without the opponent to play 'correspondent' go. However, remember that resigning rated games you are winning is probably against the Terms of Service.

Review, demo: continue playing (like in a teaching game) (DONE)

  • In the "review" (and other demonstration games in general) it'd be nice to be able to continue playing (like in a teaching game) if both players want to. Now it's difficult to do this. "How would you have played if I'd done this?" is one form of review, is it not?
    • Menu "Tools" -> Set Players

'Flip colours' option after resignation (SOLVED)

  • Add a 'flip colours' option, i.e. - when offered a resignation you can ask them if they want to change colours instead. If they agree, the original game counts as a loss for them. Cruel but fun!
    • Options -> Review game -> Menu "Tools" -> "Set Players"

Allow to resign disconnected games, when opponent not online (DONE)

  • Anonymous on KGS Wishlist - if opponent is not here, i would like to give up a 9x9 game; or another game i couldn't finished and know i'd give up if i could...

Continue playing after result declaration (DONE)

  • Markus Krupp: Proposal: Implement the functionality that a finished game can be resumed provided that both players agree on. Background: It can happen that one player loses by time due to technical problems though he has a winning position.
    • wms: Already there. Just edit the game and choose the "set players" tool.
    • Options -> "Review game" -> Menu "Tools" (top left) -> "Set Players"

Scoring phase: opponent can mark a group as dead after I clicked "Done" (DONE)

  • W: When scoring a game, add a delay between when the last change to live groups occurred, and a press to "done" is possible. If you have a correct score, and move your mouse to the done button, and before you click, but after it's too late to stop the movement, the opponent can mark your live groups as dead and quickly click done. A sound whenever a group is marked/unmarked would be good as well.
    • (v.3.4.5): If a stone or group is marked dead, the "done-button-pressed" is reset. When your opponent marks a group after you pressed "Done", you are again asked to press "Done".

Taken from /filehandling

Save newly created file: append an '.sgf' extension if no extension is entered (DONE)

  • frogola: When saving a newly created file, the kgs client should append an '.sgf' extension if no extension is entered in the filename. Currently client saves the file with no extension and consequently it's not listed in the 'load sgf file' dialog.

Decent focus marker (DONE)

  • axd: Please implement a decent focus marker.

Buddy list: save it on the server (DONE)

  • Albi: It would be great if the buddy list was saved on the server. It's funny if some other one connects to KGS using my computer and he see _my_ buddy list but _not his own_.
  • Daveg?: If the KGS server can't afford the bandwidth for saving a buddy list for each account, at least have the home computer save a separate list for each account. It's annoying that I lost track of my buddies because I let someone else play on KGS on my computer. Now years of buddies are all mixed up, and I don't remember enough about who was who. Too bad! :)

New game window: jump to the user info of the person challenging us (DONE)

  • Chris Ball: Could we have an option to jump to the user info of the person challenging us, as part of the Create New Game dialog? For those of us who want to check out a player's history before accepting their challenge, having to transcribe their username into the user info dialog sometimes uses up enough time to have the challenge withdrawn.+

Shaydwyrm: Try clicking the question mark next to their name in the new game dialog, I think this is what you want.

Demo game open: doesn't show up in one's games tab (SOLVED)

  • iLoveSai: When someone has a demo game open, it doesn't show up in one's games tab either. Would be nice to see it while the game is open.
    • tapir: It does now. (CGoban 3.4.5)

Tag games in your game list (DONE)

  • Nemir: The ability to tag games in your game list for special attention, e.g. a game that has a particular opening, or that you played particularly badly and want to have reviewed later by your 4d friend, or your pro teacher. At the moment games get lost like tears in the rain.+

Games list: leave result field for demo game blank (DONE)

  • Leave result field blank when displaying demo game info in players game information listing. I find it can be confusing in someones info to see for instance W+Res 4 times in a row, only to find that it's actually two victories and two demos. +

Time mark on each move indicating the remaining time (SOLVED)

  • RoyZR: Would it be possible to put a time mark on each move indicating the remaining time in the game? That way, when reviewing a game, one could see if/when there was any time pressure. I realize this could be hard to manage with the different sorts of time limits available.
    • wms: This has been done exactly the way you state ever since release 1.0.0 of KGS. Not a single KGS game file is lacking the information. If you don't see it, then it is probably either that the game had no time limits, or else the SGF editor you are using does not properly read and show the information to you.
      • RoyZR: I see, thanks. Apparently gGo has been erasing the time information. Well, I'm glad to learn you plan to introduce single-window editing in CGoban.

Save currently observed game when it finishes (DONE)

  • A new option like "Save current game when it finishes" or "Save current game until the end". I think that is very easy to program this, like putting a flag or mark in the game, and when you connect to KGS next time, you will have all your "saved" games on your personal games list.+

"Copy game to disk" feature: change folder, lose default file name (DONE by Java update)

  • Ekted: There's a minor bug in the "copy game to disk" feature. If you change the folder, you lose the default name of the file. I end up having to retype it, or copy the original string before changing folders, then paste it. [This is fixed by getting the latest Java from Sun, 1.4.1 or later.]

A forfeited game, saved to disk contains something like "sorry, you cant view this game, it wasn't finished" (OBSOLETE)

  • tasuki: When the forfeited game is saved on a disk, the sgf contains something like "sorry, you cant view this game, it wasn't finished"; I consider it a bug
    • tapir: This is not the case anymore.

Sort the file list by clicking on column header (DONE by Java update)

  • frogola: The 'Load sgf file' dialog should let you sort the file list by clicking on any column header (name, size, modified) in detail view. Especially the modified date!
    • RueLue: Actually the list can be sorted by date and opponent name (oct.2010) - oh - you meant the load file from hd feature? This seems to do it: possibly a matter of an older Java version.
    • tapir: In detail view this is possible now.

Taken from KGS Wishlist / General UI

Rooms: separate the games played by ones buddies from the rest (DONE)

  • Separate the games played by one's buddies from the rest as the buddies themselves are separated in the users list. (At the "active games" window, not in each room.)
    • In the rooms menu click the checkbox for "Fan Games" and use the "Fan List", which you call from the "User" menu

Game window: eliminate the "Close" Button (DONE)

  • vladox: I suggest to eliminate the "Close" Button from the Game window, since its redundant, and also is quite close to the back, forward buttons, causing the user to accidentally close the window while viewing a game. Thx. :-) +
    • Karl Knechtel Emphatically agreed. I don't want to annoy people by putting multiple plusses, but I really feel like I should. :) The proper place for this button is nowhere at all; offering the ability to close windows is the OS's responsibility. I most often hit the thing while reviewing games for beginners. There have been occasions where I came back and no one was able to take or give control :(
      • RueLue: could be seen as DONE, as there is now the text entry line for tags between navigation buttons and the close button.

"Configure" window offline, toggle coordinates on/off (DONE)

  • axd: provide access to the "Configure" window after having launched off-line; add a "show coordinates" toggle.
    • wms: Already there. Control-L toggles coordinates, and the configure button is always available as long as you don't close the main splash screen.
      • axd: Hello? Where are all the keyboard shortcuts documented, please? And where is this configure button when you load a game off-line? I'm running version 2.5.5 - also something that is not readily available when running in standalone.
        • The startup window (6 buttons) stays open, equal if you log in or open a game locally; and the bottom left button says "Configure". Of course this is missing, when you open CGoban (log in to KGS) with the browser.
        • RueLue: The [ext] KGS shortcuts page not too old (oct.2010)

Missing hotkeys for the menus (DONE)

  • One simple thing I noticed missing is the absence of hot keys for the file menus. eg: help should be accessible with alt-h. This wouldn't take long to fix
    • The working shortcut here is F10 (as already in the editing window)

New game window: Add "reason" to game challenge responses and rejects; user info button

(both DONE: chat box and info button in the challenge window=

  • Joseba? Add "reason" to game challenge responses and rejects so that you can say something like "too much handicap", "too fast". The UI would only need to add one line called something like "remark to player". Alternatively, just make the existing "remark" line editable.+
    • (Hicham): I support this idea too. I often feel a bit unfriendly declining challenges without saying why. It feels unfriendly, also when I am on the recieving end.
  • Joseba? Add "chat" and "view user information" button in game setup dialog.

Make "Open Games" tab optional (DONE: button in rooms window, top right: "stack/unstack")

  • Ekted: Make "Open Games" tab optional. I think the proper way to handle open games is to show them in all rooms. That way you can talk in the room you are in, and still watch all games.
    • Neil: I hope it stays the way it is. Having lots of random open games inside every room makes those rooms harder to use. Well, I wouldn't object to the open games list being closable, but I like that current step toward separating English room chat from the main game finding possibilities.
    • RussellKhan: One way I think would work nicely is to set it up so that one can switch the displayed game list between "Open Games" and the current room's game list while leaving the chat screen for the current room in the bottom panel.

Game window: "official commentator" feature (DONE -> "Clone Game" in options of the game)

  • Anonymous: Another idea: there should be an "official commentator" feature. The raw idea is that someone that is the OC can make variations that other observers can see, this way explaining through variations much more easier than using coordinates. Also it's practical and effective. Many times i see coordinates and i waste too much time to see the sequence or to refute it and stuff.
    • Hu: This already exists. The "OC" can "Clone Game" (in the Options menu) and accomplish all you suggest.
    • blubb: Hmm, I like the above idea. It's not quite the same as to use a cloned game, since the clone would have to either be recreated again and again, corresponding with the player' moves in the original game, or replayed by the "OC" by hand (both of which seems too awkward for really taking place).
    • Hu: Actually, cloned games automatically update each move as played. Try one today (in the Options menu).
    • blubb: Now, that's a nice surprise! Didn't know that. Has this feature been there all the time already?

Demo, lesson: "event games" at the top of the active games list (DONE)

  • mgoetze: Demonstration games with "Event" status should appear at the top of the active games list.+

A way to later take away access to private games, possibly temporarily only (DONE)

  • When giving somebody access to private games, it would be nice if there was a way to later take away that access, if it was necessary temporarily only.
    • Delete the name from the access list. But if the game is in a private room, the person need to be kicked out of that room and that doesn't work at once (v.3.4.14).

Shortcuts for the editing tools (DONE)

  • (april 2004: Also while at it, why not put keyboard shortcuts for changing the Editing Tools functions and selecting the option buttons, so everything necessary in the game window would work from keyboard only just like that... ;)
    • to switch tools rapidly when editing a game, a bit like arrow mode. It could be something like D for Delta, S for square, N for number, A for letter.

New game window: "open list" checkbox switches back to "YES" for the next game (DONE)

  • Ekted: Setting of "open list" checkbox in create game dialog is not remembered between sessions. It always defaults to on.+

Show/hide the coordinates around the board (SOLVED)

  • Provide an option to show the coordinates around the board only during review, and automatically hide it during games. This can be implemented as a combo box, something like, Coordinates around board (All the time / Only during review)
    • glue: just use Ctrl-l to switch from coordinates to none whenever you want to switch.

Observing games: "close" button directly above the arrow buttons (DONE)

  • In the game view, please rearrange the order of the buttons on the right panel, so that the "close" button isn't directly above the arrow buttons. Accidentally leaving a review is annoying.+
    • RueLue (oct.2010): Registered users have now the tags line above the navigation buttons.

Keyboard navigation in the moves tree (DONE)

  • Enable keyboard navigation of moves after a user clicks on a move in the bottom right move-tree, rather than only after clicking the forward/back buttons.

Game window: clock, space between digits (DONE)

  • Moves per unit of time style (eg "3:04/7") is hard to read. I suggest either adding spaces (eg "3:04 / 7") or have 2 separate fields (eg "Time: 3:04, Moves: 7").

Game and editor: long player names shrink the board (DONE)

  • uxs: If you open an SGF-file where one of the players has a very long name, the right part of the interface becomes as big as to be able to fit the name in it. As a consequence, the board on the left becomes very very small. It would be nice if either the name would be cut off if it becomes too big, or if it would wrap around.

"forward" button i too near to the "close" button (DONE)

  • Joonas Tyystjarvi: Just a minor thing. When using the "forward" button in the sgf editor, it's easy to accidentally click on the "close" button and have the editor close instantly. I think a solution would be either to swap its place with the "options" button or to always show the "are you sure?" confirmation dialog.+++
    • kouchi: I second this. It's like putting the self-destruct button right next to the car horn.
    • mdm: This has been implemented, but the message-box doesn't really solve the problem for me. It's just as annoying. Maybe the replay controls could be moved below the player names/pictures.

CGoban - Mac OS X clipboard communication (SOLVED)

  • shangchun: Would be really nice to have CGoban - Mac OS X clipboard communication.
    • wms: That's up to the Java system. Apple wrote it, so if the clipboard doesn't work, complain to them. :-(
    • Juan: Actually, the clipboard works OK with CGoban. You have to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, like in Windows, as opposed to Cmd+C and Cmd+V, which is the Mac way. It took me a while to figure that one out :-(
      • :-) Lots of :-(... Really was just an observation. CGoban rules. And thanks for the ctrl- as modifier tip - I had just figured it out on my own. Shouldn't be hard to add the right shortcuts, but knowing this I will be just fine. Thanks.

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