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Hi, my name is Marc

I like to hang out on KGS (under either this Username or a couple others)

I've been playing for a few years now.

My Game archives:

I enjoy giving teaching games (see KGS Teaching Ladder), so if you catch me online and I'm not busy feel free to ask for one.

Rooms you can catch me idling in on KGS:

Aside from Go I also enjoy Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, Tennis, Chess and on occasion Programming.

I attended [ext] Purdue University where I studied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Formerly president of the [ext] Purdue Go Club, check it out if you ever happen to be in the Lafayette area (Note: I'm not sure if they still actively meet, but it could be worth a shot sending an email out to the mailing list to see if anyone is still in the area).

My favorite SL Pages (no particular order):

Some of the more useful things I've been told:

  • Never run with a keima
  • Unless you are starting a new group, only use a move you can name. If the move you're thinking of isn't one of these, you may want to rethink it.
  • Don't start a new group when you already have a weak one (or one that will soon become weak), a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Never underestimate the value of a connection. and the Related...
  • Never leave a cutting point unless you want your opponent to cut there.
  • If your group is alive, the rest is yose.
  • Play moves for a purpose, not just to lay down a stone. If you're not sure why you are playing a move, then don't play it. Find a move that will accomplish something.

In hindsight it would appear I really like bulleted lists.

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