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Hebrew: n-ve-u-Re - ר-או-ב-ן ;)

My name's Reuven R. and I'm a 42k (Well at least used to be when I had time to play... ;() from the city of Arad in Israel but live in Haifa, now.

I used to help a bit with the Hebrew and Russian translation of and add a problem every now and then... Still do in fact when I am home... My nick there is [ext] santa c.

I don't actively play these days but I still auto type both senseis and goproblems whenever I get bored, so I still solve most of the problems I see... :)

ZeroWave: Hi Reuven, checking that problem you sent me now. I'm sure me and Alon (thiman) we'll see if we can solve it now, when we're both around Shodan. even though, your from Arad, think you can jump one day to the club in TA? would be nice meeting you! send me a message on kgs.

172: Hi Reuven! Good to see you back at SL. Some other Go players and I have had some discussions about the Beginner Exercises, to the effect that they are not beginner-y enough. To wit, the first hundred or so seem like a good introduction to tsumego for a 25k or so, but after that they get progressively harder. I'm glad you're active again, because you probably have a lot of insight on the logic behind the exercises (many of which you've added). May I ask a few questions? (i) Where are you getting all the problems you've added? (ii) What level are they aimed at? (iii) Would you be hurt if I deleted a large number, or moved them to a different page(s)? Thanks!

Hi! It's been more than a year since you wrote this (I just look at recent changes every couple of months, so I kinda missed this :), but I'll answer anyway - Some of the problems were from games, some were created when playing with some software, a small amount was from other places. Many of them I also posted to Regarding the level, I've always had a skewed perception - I didn't play that much but I liked solving problems and my reading was much better than the rest of the game. Besides My rank varied widely between the seasons I played. I only posted them here because I thought somebody else might find them interesting and have no particular attachment to them - Free free to do what you think is best with them. Actually since it's been this long, I hope you already did... :)

Note to self, see if anybody does Kyu Exercise 202... Also if Tsumego From Games 46 or Beginner Exercise 308 attempts pages are updated.

Heh Reuven, still 42k?

I got an account about 2 weeks ago and played for some half a day and the first ~100 blitz games suggest I could one day be a low sdk... :)

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