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Here we collect ideas for improvements and feature requests concerning the KGS game setup

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Unsorted ideas and requests

Allow both players to declare the game as untimed to finish on a move by move basis

  • (Sebastian:) Another way to facilitate finishing disconnected games: Allow both players to declare the game as untimed. If I understand the logic correctly, this is necessary for the game to be finished on a move by move basis.

Game: when time runs out, enter a "pass" move

  • When the time is up so that I lose on time, why not just enter a "pass" on my behalf (possibly multiple times). A lot of times I just don't manage to make that one click, anywhere would be better than just losing, just pass me if I don't make it. -- Mark Galeck, April 23, 2010

Simul game setup: as much windows as challenges

  • I think simultaneous games should open so much windows as challenges; settings would be easier to change... -

New game setup: give guests and [?]-players black by default

  • (Sebastian:) (related to previous) When starting a game with a Guest and/or [?] account, give the guest black by default. Most guests and [?] accounts are beginners.

New game setup: algorithm assigns white to the player, who created the game (? DONE ?)

  • Vlad: Since New Year (2004) I noticed that whenever I challenge someone with the same strength, the default is that I get black. Before that, it was a random choice. What happened? I think having the server choose at random as default is good.
    • imho?: I would prefer server checks which one is the weakest even in the same rank to give him blacks as a default
    • atila: When I create a game, maybe 80% of the requests that I get are for me playing white. Not only from people of weaker ranks, but also from every player of my same rank. This happens because in these cases the algorithm assigns white to the player that created the game (me), no matter if the accepting player is stronger or weaker _within my rank_. KGS internally knows which player is stronger, why doesn't it assign white by default to the stronger player? I believe that many people shy away from creating games for fear of playing too many games as white.

New game setup: game type default should be by account, not by client

  • DrStraw: The latest version seems to have introduced a new feature. Not sure it is it intended or a bug, but it is certainly annoying. The game type now appears to default to the last type played. I'm getting tired of having the wrong game type up in game offers because the default is no longer consistent.
    • JuhoP: Wms has said it is a feature, and at least I like it better this way. (Though it is more important to keep DrStraw happy than me :-)
      • DrStraw If that is the case then I think it should be based on the account. I only play free or simul games with my admin account but play rated games with other accounts. I do not like my serious account to come up as non-rated when the last game it played was rated.
        • JuhoP: Hmm. First I need to admit I put it wrong. It is not the last game played, but the last game offer you made, with the same account, that determines the default game type. So it is exactly like with time settings. This is how it works for me, and I like it. But if you are correct, then there must be some bug or additional feature that I don't know.
        • DrStraw: From the way it behaves it seems like it is in the user preferences, which are stored locally and the same for all accounts on a single machine.

Game setup: time settings, allow just "quick", "normal", "slower" - opponent sets explicitly; button for "use my time settings"

  • I don't know whether they have set their time controls intentionally or they will allow me to change their settings ==> allow to not explicitly set the time control, just "quick", "normal", "slower" game; opponent sets explicitly
  • I have my favourite time control; when i want to ask 5 people i have to set it manually 5 times ==> add a button to "use my time settings" when you answer to a game offer
    • RueLue (v.3.4.5): all game settings, which are not players' strength dependent, are now fixed, but can be changed by the game offerer

New game setup: reset color alert and changes

  • Reset color alert and changes to game settings after denying an opponent a game.+

New game setup: wait for challengers offline

  • MrMormon: I would enjoy the convenience of making a custom game and not having to stay on KGS until I get a challenger.

New game setup: see all challengers in a list

  • DrZoom?: I would like to have a list of all players request a game in the new game dialog. So I can see with one glance who is requesting a game. Currently I have to open the drop down list again and again to keep updated about all requesting players.

New game setup: no visual feedback that more than one person is challenging

  • When I create a new game and start waiting for challenges and more than one person challenges me, there's no visual feedback of this (I believe a sound plays when a new challenge arrives, but I seldom have sounds turned on). You can see all the people challenging you from the drop-down menus, but you don't know there are more people unless you do so. It would be nice to have some visual alert that more than one person is currently challenging you. I might prefer not to play with the first one who challenges me if at the same time someone else (eg. closer to my rank) is challenging me as well.

New game setup: checkbox "No Undo"

  • HonFu I'd would like a function which allows us to set "no undo" before the game, so that you just can't take back a move. Countless arguments started due to "misclicks" and stuff. If the user had a function to deactivate undus generally before the game starts, both players wouldn't have to ask themselves: should I ask for an undo? Or: Was this really a misclick? It doesn't look like one ... I'd certainly love to be able to turn out undos, especially in rated games. Otherwise I'm obliged to put a rather unfriendly line like "Absolutely no undos" into my game info, like so many people.

Challenge declined, close the new game window? [Yes] [NO]

  • ukiyo: When you try to take a game offer and it is not accepted, you get "Your challenge has been declined". Then you (A) click "OK" to clear the message and (B) click to close the New Game window. Instead of "OK", provide: Option 1: Close message window & Close the New Game window (most typical action). Option 2: Close message window only (what OK does now). Example: Your challenge has been declined. Close the New Game window? YES NO
    This is to reduce the number of action needed to deal with games one does not get to play

New game setup: checkboxes for who is welcome (guests, ~ players, x kyu difference, ...)

  • Game creation preferences: 90% of the games that are created have people making a preference about who they will play, and who they will not. These include guests, ranked games, ~ and so on. Can we just set this up so that players that meet these criteria see only those games as open? A guest should not see games where people won't play guests and so on. The same goes for ~ and ? players. Have some checkboxes for who is welcome: "Guests, ~ players, players within X stones of me, and so on.

Game setup: checkbox for disable / enable Undos

  • A checkbox in New Game / Create Game windows that disables / enables Undos ++ ---
    • Blake: I really don't like this idea. You already get a dialog asking if you will allow the undo; isn't that enough? Just put in your info that you only allow undo for misclicks--or that you don't allow undo at all. I have had my fair share of misclicking experiences, and I just don't think it's fair to say "Okay, you just clicked one space over and put your entire group in atari, but, since I don't allow undos, oh well." It's not a very friendly-seeming attitude, to me.
      • Perhaps make the mouse anti-slip the default. I think we really need the undo as part of the rules decided in advance, there are people who immediately escape if you deny the undo, or spam you with them, I'm at the point where I often just resign as soon as they ask for an undo. I've yet to ask for an undo.

Game setup: Default to 'free', if your remembered board-size is non-19x19

  • Default to 'free' if your remembered board-size is non-19x19, or if you select that in the dialog?+

Game setup: asymmetrical time limits (SOLVED); asymmetric byo-yomi parameters

  • Uneven (asymmetrical) time limits, i.e. 1 hour for Black vs. 5 minutes for White. Don't know how you'd have a rated game with such a handicapping system, but would be fun for Free games or Simultaneous games. ++
    • Sebastian: This is already possible. Just give your opponent additional time at the beginning.
      • Jonathan Cano: "add time" only affects primary time. It does not allow for asymmetric byo-yomi parameters. Assymmetric byo-yomi would be nice but clearly this is not a critical enhancement.

Game setup: allow handicaps beyond 9 stones (REJECTED)

  • mgoetze: Allow Handicaps beyond 9.++++
    • Especially under rules that allow free handicap placement.
    • wms: Why not just have white pass a few times to get higher handicap? I don't see this as a big deal, and since there is no totally agreed-upon positioning for handicaps beyond 9 in fixed placement games, I don't plan on adding them. Would be too strange to have different limits for handicap in free and fixed placement.
      • I can think of a number of reasons for actual support. Easier to decipher when reviewing game history, avoids the awkwardness of starting a high handicap game, encouragement of high handicap games, better challenges against weak bots, consistency with handicap placement.

Game setup: right komi offered for small boards


Game setup: automatically assign handicaps on 13x13 and 9x9 boards

Game setup: list of game 'profiles'

  • jocelyn?: have a list of game 'profiles' which would allow to create quickly and without any mistake the game you want +

Game setup: tournament mode (no undo, no escape) as game option

  • ilan: I would like the following option, which seems easy to implement: Have the tournament mode (no undo, no escape) available as a general game option in challenges, that is, along with teaching, simultaneous, etc. This would eliminate a big source of conflict and complaints by allowing players to clearly advertise their game preferences. +

Game setup: directly connect to a player

  • cormorant?: Im sorry if this has been mentioned.. but it would be nice if you could directly connect to a player by typing their name in under the "new game" window.

Variants: One sided blind go

  • typohh? : Possibility to play one sided blind go, by disabling textures from stones but not replacing them with the solid black/white stones. That way only the latest move is visible to the player, and any ko. The rest of the board is empty.

Game setup: Game visible only in some rooms

  • Remillard: It would be nice if an game could be restricted to "only rooms I am in" or something else selectable. I realize this is probably a terribly complex UI thing, but it still would be a "nice to have". For example it might be nice to have a game visible in LGD/Wings/Sabaki, but not English and not listed in Open.

[24] Rule Systems

Game setup: checkbox to set the parameters to either "variable" or "fixed"

  • RobertJasiek: Currently the game offerer sets the rules parameter that is then fixed in the game offer window. According to wms, not everybody wants to allow changes to one's offer. At the same time, not everybody wants some of the parameters to be fixed. To allow both preferred game offer styles, there should be a checkbox for the whole game offer window that sets the parameters to either "variable" or "fixed". Alternatively, there could be a checkbox next to each parameter, but that would be a bit nasty. So just one general checkbox should do. When the game offerer selects "variable", then both he and any game challenger may suggest different parameters, as it was possible in CGoban2. Thereby the tedious closing and reopening of the game offer window and the technical explanations to the game offerer of how to do it are avoided while every player gets as much variability as he wants, not as little as the programmer wants.

Game setup: list of presets, conditions for presets

  • Anonymous: A preference selector so that one can play even games with Japanese rules, or handicap games with Chinese rules, for free placement of handicaps. An alternative would be a kind of checklist for ruleset features when offering games, such as area vs territory scoring, free placement of handicaps, suicide rule, bent four in corner, etc.
    • RobertJasiek: A minor note first: A bent-four-in-the-corner option is not a good idea because that is a minor rule only, not a rule at all in many rulesets, and different rulesets already have strategic effects on bent-four-in-the-corner. Rather Anonymous should study various rulesets and their strategic consequences than suggest a parameter for an arbitrary, particular exception.

Game setup: default rules for new players depending on language settings

  • Anonymous: Rules and komi for new players could depend on language settings instead of defaulting to Japanese style.

KGS-style rules, help files should explain the differences

  • RobertJasiek: Calling the rules options "Japanese", "Chinese", "AGA", "New Zealand" is misleading because on KGS each of these differs from the respective real world ruleset(s). Thus honestly either they should be called "KGS-Japanese", "KGS-Chinese", "KGS-AGA", "KGS-New Zealand" or the rules implementation should meet the real world's rulesets. At the very least, the help files should explain the differences between KGS implementation and some suitable real world rulesets. Differences were discussed on or partly here. Currently the KGS rules situation suffers from the same problem as on every other server: the programmer is not familiar enough with the rules details to know about all the differences. Of course, it is very nice that different ruleset-styles are offered at all and comparatively easily as a parameter; this is one of KGS's great advantages over other servers. However, it is not an excuse for using misleading titles for the rulesets on KGS. If "KGS-ruleset X" may sound a bit strange, then maybe "ruleset X-style" is an alternative possibility for the naming...

Game Resolution

  • Anonymous: Currently, after both players have passed, it is possible to resume the game and change what the result would be. This is not what the rules of any of the systems state. Instead, after both players have passed, the game enters into a new phase for resolving conflicts if there are any. While implementing this correctly may not be trivial, a good start would be turning the clock off after both players have passed. Determining whether certain groups are really dead or not should not be limited by time in this phase.

Automatch: select rules

  • Would like to have ruleset option added to automatch preferences. I don't like playing with Japanese rules; sometimes it results in arguments at the end about life and death. All other rulesets provide the ability to simply play it out to resolve those issues without affecting the score.


Some players strongly dislike undo. I'm always worried I'll forget someone doesn't like undo and make the faux pas of requesting one after a misclick. It'd be nice if game setup could have the option of disabling the undo button.

. Komi

When witching ruleset, the komi are not adjusted

  • blubb: Default komi for game offers with New Zealand rules now is correct, but when changing a different ruleset offer to NZ rules for a challenge, the komi doesn't seem to be adjusted.
    • (v.3.4.5): is adjusted, when you send the offer

Override the default komi for a ruleset

  • Neil: Let me override the default compensation for the ruleset I choose. My observations show that the 7.5 default for Chinese rules is very, very unpopular, with most players dropping it to 5.5 (or even avoiding the game altogether). Being able to set this to 6.5 would be nice. Someone else is going to ask for an auction, but I don't agree with that.
    • iopq: Do you realize that in the Chinese ruleset the difference between the scores can be either 6 or 8?.. so komi of 6.5 = komi of 7.5 for all intents and purposes
    • RobertJasiek: According to my observation, 7.5 komi for KGS-Chinese-Rules is very, very popular. Besides, it is so for area scoring rules also in the real world (or 3.75 if the equivalent half counting is used).

Nigiri for games without default komi

  • Fishbulb: I'd really like to see the option of playing nigiri games with a komi of 0, or at least an adjustable komi.

More than 100 komi possible

  • RobertJasiek: A maximum of 100 komi is an awful restriction. Why not set it to 1,000? E.g., playing handicap 9 games with 130 komi is great fun.
  • Erwin: Good idea!

Rulesets without superko: "No Result"

  • Harleqin: I think that, under rulesets without superko, there should be an option for the players to agree on ending the game with "no result" (mushoubu) when a situation is repeated.

Allow "No Result", when players agree

  • Marathon: I support something similar for when the players are mismatched. This may be the case when one or both of the players are new and badly mismatched. I mentioned a case elsewhere on this page.

Incomplete implementation of New Zealand rules

Web: help file

  • Tom: I'd like to request a clarification of the kgs help files. Specifically on the types of superko applied under Chinese and New Zealand rules. At the moment the help implicitly implies that they are the same, and I'm not sure that's correct, but even if they are, are they positional or situational superko?

Ing Rules

  • wms: Ing ko rules cannot be implemented by a computer, because they sometimes require knowledge of whether a ko threat will always have an inside answer or not, which is well beyond the ability of today's computers. (You could argue that doing this perfectly is also beyond the ability of humans, but that's beside the point here). So a full ing rules cannot be done. The Ing foundation has shown willingness to switch to a superko system when necessary, but once you get rid of the ko rule Ing is close enough to other rule systems that having it as a separate bullet item seems unnecessary. Ing clocks, where you can buy more time by giving points to your opponent, are optional; not all Ing games are required to use this system. I'm against implementing Ing clocks because they are so very different from existing clocks (way more different than Fischer for example), in that they do more than control time use, they can also change the score of the game! Also, as far as I know, they have never been used outside of Ing tournaments, and lastly of course I think there are already too many time systems on KGS so I'm really reluctant to add another.
    • RobertJasiek: I confirm that Ing ko rules cannot be implemented by a computer, nor in the real world. (Details were stated elsewhere.) However, with the same argument one should also insist that Japanese style rules cannot be implemented, and in fact it is well known that the KGS Japanese Rules scoring is flawed, i.e. leads to wrong scores in some games. As long as Japanese style rules are provided, one may as well also provide Ing ko rules and let a referee decide in case of disputes, for the sake of the help file. The more important question is: Why Ing Rules? There are many possible rulesets that one might like to see as an option; it is not necessary to add a doubtful option as the next one. It is much more interesting to consider the general proposal of modular rules parameters for ko, game end, suicide, etc.


Dots Go

Simcap Go

One colour Go

first two parts moved from unsorted

  • BPS? : Hi there, excuse my bad english, I'm just an italian student >_< .. I have a suggestion for KGS: implementing the "One Color Go" game mode; I think that it should be very easy to implement (simple all stone are black [because white have two tipe of stone of course]) and it's really very funny and well know to play (no "unknown imported go version" of some minor go club). That's all, thanks a lot for the attenction! =D

Have a nice day!

  • I guess I don't know where to place this either, I read through all the pages and maybe i missed it, but ONE COLOUR GO! One colour go would be a most excellent addition.
  • Please add one-color-go
  • Anonymous: Yeah that would be cool! Or three player Go.
  • Sakuragi15?: I've wanted one colour go for ages. I would love to see it come up as a game option one day soon.
  • meuns?: I agree ! This is really interesting for training.
  • Gzperi?: I wonder if it's possible to add the option "play monochromatic game". This should be funny to play such games on KGS.
    • tapir: I am not particularly eager to play this, but customizing stone colours may be an easy implementation (if you trust your opponent).
  • Introduce chosen Go variants, especially one colour Go and Shape game. ++
    • tapir: Do one need a technical fix for the shape game? It should be possible to do that easily by opening a teaching game.
  • One color Go game type. Perhaps so that only the ones playing sees it that way and the observers see the real colors.+++
    • Maybe observers could have a tabbed window, to decide which way they'd like to watch it (the tab would just be a nice alternative to a button that would look ugly and be less intuitive).
    • I really, really, really like the idea of one-color go. I don't want to duplicate requests that others have already posted, but can this issue be commented on by wms? Is this something that you think is a stupid idea, something too time consuming, or something that might actually be feasible in a future release? I like the idea of one-color go a lot better than rengo, which has already been implemented.

Wild fuseki

  • Hu: Wild mode (W): An even game where the server makes the first three moves for each player randomly anywhere on third line or above. The players then continue playing from that position. See Wild Fuseki.+

Ancient chinese rules (all possible living stones)

  • Anonymous: Ancient Chinese rules! (i.e. count only stones on the board (no territory) which leads to the 2 stone group tax (i.e. from the eyes that can't be filled in)) +

Zengo (3-player rengo with switching colours)

  • Anonymous: I read here in the library, that there is something called zengo: 3 people play a game of go, alternately black and white as usual, so that noone ever has the same color. The game proceeds as normal, but with less ego attachment, since you are both black and white.
    Since we have rengo, which is a lot of fun, why not also try zengo? :-) ++

Dynamic Go

  • HonFu: Another mode I think would be a lot of fun: Something like Dynamic Go. It starts with one byoyomi period, but when it runs out, it's not game over, but autopass. Like this we would have an exciting, battle-like real-life-version of the game: if you think too long, your opponent will move before you.

Multiplayer Go

  • anonymous: Multiplayer Go.
  • TestPlay09: I think multi-player go would be fun too, every person fighting with it's own color.

four color go

  • Hydro47? Four Color Go would be a great add to the server, by this, 4 people for themselves in one go match.
  • Toyo? I propose we have 3-4 people playing together at the same time using any color in the color spectrum. It is normal go, but 4 people are just playing at the same time. It is scored the same and everything. PLease consider my idea.

team games

Phantom Go

  • Ghost go game type. Players only sees their own stones and they're told if their move was valid or not. How many stones where put in atari (of both colors!) and how many stones that where captured after each move. Extremely exciting spectator sport and a lot of fun to play too. ++?-

Capture Go

  • Nemir: Really keen to see a server supported capture go game, including handicaps based on number of stones captured (stronger players need to capture more stones, obivously). This would be really great for helping to me teach some of the young folk I know the game, and could be fun for others. It would also be fairly unique[+|Mafutrct]
  • TestPlay09: I would like to suggest 'Capture Go' most of all for beginners and veterans alike (it's a must, and a nice break from the real game).
  • tapir: Open a free game and end it with the first stone captured. This would do for a casual game, no need for programming.

Game variants: scripting language for variants

  • None of these variants will be implemented (apart from team games, probably and one-colour - if you mean rengo by team that's coming in v3.0.0) for many reasons (mainly because it'd just clutter up the KGS system)... but I think maybe it would be interesting if there could be a primitive scripting language, that could define rules for these games... but this sounds like a lot of work for everyone

[25] Time Systems

Japanese byoyomi time system

  • JadedMage: Players in Japan (of whom I am one) would probably appreciate the capability of playing with an NHK-style clock.
    It works like this:
    1. Players start off in byo-yomi, at 30 seconds a move.
    2. Every time they go over 30 seconds, they are given 1 minute of thinking time, taken from a pool of 10 minutes.
    3. The 10 minutes can be used at any point, in any way, over the course of the game.
  • The good thing about this is that it gives the players the chance to use their thinking time for the parts of the game that they find hardest, rather than forcing them to spend it all at the beginning.
    • Anonymous This system sounds almost like Delay Timing or "time delay" (as described in article Bronstein Timing), except that here the 10 minutes have to be used in chunks of one minute each.

Hourglass time

  • Eggtimer (aka hourglass) time: An initial amount of time is specified and a player loses if the difference between the player's time and the opponents time exceeds that amount. ++

Game setup: 'Blitz'/'Ultrablitz' warning: have a similar 'fast overtime' warning

  • JuhoP: There is currently the blinking 'blitz'/'ultrablitz' warning when the time settings are short. I think it would be good to have a similar 'fast overtime' warning when the overtime is less than 15 s/move. This is because some people seem to use settings like Canadian overtime 30 sec / 5 stones to mislead people to think it is byo-yomi instead of canadian time. 15 sec would probably be a good limit because it covers the cases of 1 min/5 stones and 30 sec/5 stones, which are the most misleading ones. The warning could appear in the same place where the blitz warning is now, and of course only if the game is not a blitz game already. ++
    • RolandIllig: Today, I got tricked into playing a game with canadian(10:00 + 1:00 for 20 stones), and I didn't get warned about the "ultra blitz" in byo-yomi.

Game: Beep when there is a set number of seconds left *per move*

  • Chris Hayashida: I'd like to change how the byoyomi timer works. I'd like it to beep when there is a set number of seconds left *per move*. This would help when I play Canadian byouyomi. If I could get the timer to beep at 60 seconds with 12 moves left, instead of only the last 5 seconds, it would be a great help. With "normal" byouyomi, it isn't a problem, since I know the beeping means that I only have 5 seconds left for that move.

'Original' japanese byoyomi system

  • RoryDix?: The japanese byoyomi time system (as played in the major japanese tournaments) does actually ONLY include byoyomi periods, no fixed time before that. Typical time setting would be 480 byoyomi periods with 1 minute each. Byoyomi means 'counting seconds' so the remaining time is being counted aloud for a player during his last byoyomi periods. (Personal preferences of the players, from when on the player wants to be warned, may be taken into account.) The advantage of this time system in comparison to the 'non-japanese' byoyomi time system WITH fixed time (e.g. 60min + 5x30s) is that at the beginning of the game, some time will be added PER MOVE, on average half a byoyomi period. (In this respect, the time system is a bit like the Fischer time system.) It would be a very nice feature being able to use this 'original' japanese byoyomi system on KGS. The enhancement would be to have an additional entry field which allows to specify the number of remaining byoyomi periods, during which the player is acustically warned. Default would be the number of byoyomi periods, so if the byoyomi is used as currently with fixed time, no difference in the settings is neccessary. So the settings for a original japanese byoyomi game would be something like
    • Time 0:00
    • Byoyomi Time 0:20
    • Byoyomi Periods 50
    • Warning Periods 5

Canadian byoyomi, option to "carry over unused time"

  • MarkGaleck?: Please consider adding an option to Canadian clock, to "carry over unused time". This would carry over unused time to the next period, rather than wasting it. It makes no common sense to waste unused time. The only reason why that is the way Canadian clock is set up, is because Canadian clock rules originated at the time, when electronic clocks were not available, and so there was no way to carry over unused time. We are now following a completely obsolete and stupid tradition which can be easily remedied.
    • ChriSopht?: I think that is not much different from Fischer-Time, except that you get your time bonus after each move. Furthermore, I don't think it's impossible/difficult to have a "carry over unused time" with mechanical clocks. You only need to be somewhat exact when adding extra minutes to the remaining time.
  • Dogbert: Please consider adding an option to DISABLE the Anti-Slip System when Canadian time setting is used, maybe the last 2 minutes or last 1 minutes, as a player who run into time troubles a lot under Canadian setting, I for sure prefer the possible misclick than losing on TIME.

Game setup: option to prevent an opponent from adding you time

  • Mark Galeck: please consider adding an option to the "configure" dialog, to prevent an opponent from adding you time. Why do I have to put up with the childish opponent constantly adding you time when they think you are in trouble, when you are just managing your time. I want to face the consequences of my actions rather than be "helped".
  • Erwin: very good, I fhink so too!

Whenever a byo-yomi period runs out, the opponent gets a prisoner

  • manias: Consider a new timing mode: whenever a byo-yomi period runs out, the opponent gets a prisoner (the maximum could be set to a large number, like 30 prisoners caught by time). This way losing on time would be more "graceful".

Game setup: change blitz/ultra-blitz byo-yomi limits

  • Ranked Blitz/Ultrablitz suggestion. Please consider modifying time settings considered blitz (ranked) or ultra-blitz (unranked). A primary objective of this is to improve the overall game quality on KGS. Blitz games have been cited as making up a considerable % of all KGS games. Currently there are time settings like 3:14; 1/0:04 that are counted still are blitz (ranked); these games rarely have thoughtful play as an intention and widely differ in quality compared to a regular KGS game. I would go so far as to suggest changing the most common blitz/ultra-blitz byo-yomi limits (absolute portion excluded) from 2/0:10 -> 2/0:15 (Japanese) and 2:00/25 -> 3:00/25 (Canadian). I anticipate this would create higher quality games (stipulation follows) and perhaps eventually a even more amiable environment. *KGSblitzer

Forced slowdown

  • I and some other players sometimes get in games where we start moving too quickly. We might benefit from a time control that slows us down, by allowing us to specify a minimum number of seconds per move. For lack of a better suggestion, I call this "training time." Let's say we agreed on a 3 seconds per move slowdown. When it is one's turn to move, the client would not accept a move from one until 3 seconds have counted down. When those 3 seconds are counted down, normal timing would resume. This feature could be made to work jointly with time controls already in place. (Marathon, Oct. 09, 2009)

Fischer time

Turn-based game

  • alex: A feature that is available at DGS and seems very easy to implement is the postal game mode (my term). You get an email when it is your turn to move. I know several people who use DGS for this feature alone.
    • glue: Set a no time limits game, and be sure white saves the game when he quits it the first time. You'll get an email if your opponent plays when you are offline, and you'll be able to reload the game while he is offline.

Queue for bot games

  • dohduhdah: Would it be possible to implement a kind of queue function for the bots so people can queue up for a game against them? It seems that currently many people have difficulties getting a game with their favorite bot and people with a fast connection have the advantage of being able to get a game with a bot more easily.
    • ChriSopht?: Theoretically, a bot could implement that feature itself. You enqueue by sending a (special) message to the bot, and he accepts only games from the first in his queue. (If the opponent does not appear after a given time, he gets kicked of the queue).

Timing for tournaments

  • pongo?: For tournaments it would be nice to have a feature where the game would start at a specific time. This would help both players start a game a specific time and prevent people from being late. Alternatively, there could be an option for players to both 'sign in' to check that they are getting ready to play.

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