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Chat elements are in several client windows and have all the same functionality: game, editor (online), game setup, private chat, (message window?). So we collect all wishes regarding chat in a client window here.

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Unsorted ideas and requests

Possibility to save private messages into a text file

  • leu: I'd like to have the possibility to save private messages into a text file. Up to now, you can only keep or delete them.

Chat: clickable URLs should open in the system's default browser

  • Let the clickable URLs in the chat honor the system default browser. Currently those links always open in IE while default browser is Firefox.
    • blubb: Are you sure this isn't a matter of settings? I've never encountered the problem. Any non-IE default browser I have tried works fine here.
    • Oryx: works ok for me in Opera

Observing: restoring the window to its non-maximized size scrolls the kibitzes to the middle of the text (v3.4.14: still valid)

  • Warp: This is a very minor cosmetic issue: I often play and watch games with the game window maximized. When watching games with lot of talking, the kibitz window gets naturally full of text. However, when I restore the window to its non-maximized size, the kibitz window gets scrolled to the middle of the text which was visible in the bigger size instead of the end. It would be more convenient if the text window scrolled so that the last line which was visible when the window was bigger would still be visible when the window gets smaller.
    • RueLue: This behaviour is specially striking, if the minimized window is takes only a quarter of the monitor or less.

Game window, editor: anytime anyone types a coordinate in chat, it will flash briefly on the board

  • An option so that anytime anyone types a coordinate in chat, it will flash briefly on the board, good for kibitzer and spectators and teaching (use the same system as chat for who can see what).

[13] Chat handling/room use (from page "Social")

Login, join room: Insert last 10-20 chats

  • Insert last 10-20 chats in a room when joining that room.++++
    • Firstly, this would give one a context for any ongoing conversation. But secondly, and more importantly, it improves the 'feel' or 'mood' of a room. When people enter a room they often politely say hello. The people already present can see a history of hellos, and don't feel the need to reply to every new hello. But the new person only sees his own hello, and may get the impression no one cares. As a result he may decide to not bother saying hello next time. This could be countered by implementing this suggestion. - Catch22Rob? (Catch22 on KGS)
      • On the other hand, it would tend to scroll away any MOTDs.
      • RueLue: don't forget the admin warning not seen and asking about the soccer results!

Room: moderated chat

  • IRC ish rooms, including chanops and chat modes eg: +m (moderated). + + +
    • IRC ish admins such as kicking people out of chat (and if they are private preventing them from join in again) +

Game window: hide chat

  • Ability to close the chat-window on a board +
  • Ability to close chat-window or to re-size goban in order to block abusive chat or strategically insulting chat, there could be buttons or selections in the menus to deliver appropriate comments between players while "disable chat" is active, i.e. request to adjourn, offer takeback, etc.

Room chatter: after admin warning disallow all chat input for 30 seconds and ...

  • Cheyenne: A suggestion for handling the "please move the discussion". Before people get bounced, have a facility where a general announcement is made to the room (in a bold font), and then disallow all chat input for 30 seconds (maybe have the client's input area turn red or something). -
    • A follow up idea, once the room announcement has been made and all chat in the room disallowed for 30 seconds, an admin can "select" any subsequent text that is in violation of the warning. A "message" is sent to the author of the text (via pop-up). The message would contain the offending text, plus a standard message saying that this discussion is closed and any further discussion will result in a bounce off the system.-
    • I believe the above will allow enough warning to people in a chat that a discussion is out of hand and needs to be moved, it allows a person to see the text of their discussion that is causing them to get the warning. The facility is easy enough for an admin to "warn" someone (would have to have some facility to ensure that only one warning is sent if multiple admins try to warn someone).

Teachers can kibitz on games in the Beginners' Room and players can see it

  • Karl Knechtel: I'd like to propose extending the privilege to teachers (both those currently holding the actual title, and those making a special application or who are otherwise recognized) to kibitz on games in the Beginners' Room such that the players can hear during the game. I can't count how many times I've been watching a game and the players get confused at the scoring, or can't figure out some other similar technicality of the game, or need a question of group status answered. It would be much nicer if they could get an answer from an observer such as myself directly (in fact, I've often seen them try to ask me; too bad they can't hear until after they click done) rather than having to wait for me to find an admin, get his/her attention and direct him/her to the game in question.
    Of course, this would be a privilege, and as such, revocable.

A room for all the advertisings

  • Why not having a room for all the advertisings? (Tournament, new rooms, lessons) or any area to do it. Instead of polluting rooms and always reminding for : "one ad per day".

Chat, flooders: auto-detect and auto-silence flooders (+ alert admin)

  • bucko: Auto-silence users who send more than 5 short (<20 chars) or long (>200 chars) lines to a single room in 10 seconds. This requires 5 separate presses of the enter key, and I don't see any reasonable way someone can do that without flooding. At the very least, alert admins when someone does this.

Chat: Timestamps

on private chat

  • Timestamp on private chat window to show when the chat was initiated.++++++++++++?

on every message and chat

  • Timestamp on every message in chat rooms, PMs, and game records. Game record timestamp doesn't need to be saved to the SGF, it should be a client side feature. + +++?++?++++++?+
    • Preferably the display of timestamps should be optional +?++?
    • tomicus?: I knew timestamps had to be in here somewhere already, I second this.

toggle timestamp

  • Minutemade 03-21-2010: An option to turn on/off timestamp what people say would be helpful. Especially if you go afk/away, and come back and see a message or someone asking/saying something it would be nice to know how long ago it was. I know timestamps make things cluttered, but if it was a an option in the client then people can choose whether or not to have their chat cluttered or not. (see below) +
  • Klaus: You could make an option which would list the time of a message in the private message window, no big utility, but i think it's okay. Thanks

Chat: mouse-over shows info

  • [Shay 9/30/08] : In the chatting windows, is it possible to: Make a mouse-over function that shows rank, status, etc... Thus, rank is not visible normally but easily available.
    • RueLue: the same method could be used to show a one-sentence-info about Go termini. ... but what, when it is a lively chat, scrolling fast?

Chat: right-clickable user names

  • Right-clickable user names in room chat windows.

Chat alert: different tones for buddy, admin, ...

  • On chat alert bells: how about a few different tones to distinguish between buddy, registered user, admin, guest, ... and/or a small alert box with appropriate text in it.

Chat: Private chat window: not as intuitive as it could be

  • I think the behavior of the private chat window ("Talk to...") is not as intuitive as it should be: When the window opens, is the other person there already or am I still waiting for him to join? What if he's playing a game? If he's not there, do I see from something when he arrives? I think this should be made more clear somehow - maybe the other person yesterday thought the same, as there was a long silence before one of us asked "hello, are you there?" One solution would be to make the user interface similar to chat rooms, with the people present listed in a box on the right side. (This design has the merit that later it could be extended to inviting more than two people join the discussion, if such a feature is desired.)

Chat: disable display of unicode characters

  • yoyoma: Disable the use/display of unicode characters that go up/down the page. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable these locally on your machine through java or font selection?+

Chat: ability to censor all chat, in game, and in room

  • Anonymous Would like the ability to censor _all_ chat, in game, and in room. Currently many of us have to move the game window so the chat is off screen.
    • Phelan: Between the chat window and the game tree window is a grey separator with two small black arrows. If you click on them, they allow you to hide the chat or the game tree.
      • Karl Knechtel: This seems only to work when the game tree is actually present, which it isn't in ranked games before the review.
    • tapir: I would call this silent mode and include private messages. I would like it.
    • Anonymous I support functionality so you can disable ALL messages in the middle of a game. Even though polite comments make the game more enjoyable it is far outweighed by the obnoxious comments I have received from the winning or the losing side in a game. This is especially true in a close game. For me Igo is an exercise in calm and critical thinking. It is insufferable having to listen to things like "oh by the way you could have saved that group if you had played at the XX point" while you are trying to keep your head game intact. If I want advice I will submit my game to the go teaching ladder or play a teaching game against someone who could take me at a 5+ stone handicap. Also people who always comment with "???" especially near the endgame if you are taking your time on a certain move. This is annoying in the case when it is absolutely obvious to a 10 kyu or better that you are doing the point count of various configurations and moves. Please add this option... I don't like the fact that it is necessary but the internet simply has a certain lack of etiquette that for some of us is incompatible with maintaining concentration and calm in a game like this.

Chat: censor chat from guest accounts

  • Velobici Cant censor chat from guest accounts. Would like an option to censor all guest accounts, especially during the Sunday Ing Goe School lessons.

Chat: automatic orthography correction for "La Salle Francaise"

  • Un correcteur d'orthographe automatique pour la salle fran´┐Żaise, merci d'avance.

Chat: text buffer, local chatlog

  • (Much) bigger history buffer for the chat windows. Make it configurable? ++++++++
    • Isildur: Additionally it'd be nice to have a logging option to save a chat to the local computer.

Chat: confirmation "Message sent", save and recall sent messages (mo. or tu.), ...

  • Confirmation that messages left for others were successfully sent. Ability to save and view messages sent to others.+
    • Ability to see if sent messages have been read at least once +

Chat: shortcuts for common phrases

  • Would like to be able to set up shortcut keys for common phrases like, "Hi", "Thanks", and "Bye". This would be a great help for slow typists, and non-English speakers.
    • Neil: For what it's worth, I just hate the atmosphere that the canned speech on IGS gives. If my opponent doesn't speak English I'd rather be greeted in his own language anyway than to see the same, cold, emotionless macro used all the time.
    • blubb: So do I. Particularly, the "'hi', 'thx', 'bye'" kind of games is what I really dislike at playing go online. Those encounters mostly feel even worse than if my opponent was a program (which is what I also choose, occasionally, but for exercise reasons only). Playing with a human-being, I want to communicate like a human-being - as far as this is possible using a text chat interface. If someone actually doesn't want to greet, to thank or to say goodbye at all, and types nothing but the scary "'hi', 'thx', 'bye'" every time, I wouldn't care if he didn't type anything, or used shortcut keys, or even had it typed automatically by software whenever entering/leaving a game. (There's a difference if I suppose the talk to be deficient because of language problems, e. g. if the opponent uses a japanese client.) -- Sure, shortcut keys might be convenient to those people who like to use them. But please, if ever, make them configurable, at least!

Chat: admin-censored chat auto-forward to ECR

  • I doubt this will ever be implemented, but: What about an admin censor/ban for the English Game Room? If you're warned, and ignore the warning, the admin hits you with the chat bannish... All messages you type in the English Game Room get automatically forwarded to the English Chat Room. :)
    • I'm against this. In my opinion, if you can't follow simple requests from admins/assistants, then I don't want you on my server. I see no point in letting such people stay on with limited rights. Just act like a reasonable person, or get thrown out.
      • Hear, Hear!

Chat: Local chat log with time stamps

  • Add mIRC like logging to file of room and private chat with timestamps on the local system. +

Chat: Bold user handles

  • Bold user handles in chats.+

Private chat: window shows "Playing..." when person is actually offering a game (DONE)

  • Sebastian: [1301] Improve "Talk To" - part 1: current bug. Currently: If A talks to B, and B has a game request open, then A's "Chat with B" window displays next to B's name: "(Playing a game)". This is misleading, since this situation is, contrary to being in a game, one that begs for talking with each other. Proposed changes: Either leave out the note when B is not actually playing or change it to "B is challenging such and such game". Optional: Direct link to that challenge.
    • Velobici: Seconded. I never know if the person's game offer has been accepted and I will be interrupting a game that they just started playing, or if they are still waiting for a game and therefore would welcome the talk.

Private chat: send text when recipient is playing, ask if postpone, cancel, ...

  • Sebastian: Improve Talk To - part 2: further wish. Proposed: If A talks to B, and B is currently in a (timed and rated) game, then pop up a message for A: "B is currently playing in a (timed and rated) game. Please choose between one of the following:
  1. Postpone alert till right after the game is finished (default).
  2. This is urgent, send right away.
  3. Send this text as message instead. B will receive the message right after the game is finished.
  4. Cancel.
    • + Emphatically seconded.

Private chat: "Recipient is typing"

  • GreatGray?: Make it so that when you're typing then the other people see "User is typing..." +

Playing: commands to auto-send greeting and thanks in opponent's language

  • mcw85: For in-game chat, it would be nice to have commands that would issue salutations and thanks in the language corresponding to your opponent's client. -+

Room, flooders: per-room setting for flood suppression

  • Isildur: You could give room admins access to a per-room setting for multi-line flood suppression. If it's turned on for a room (because an admin notes that flooding is a recurrent problem in that room), have the server not insert an additional "<newline>username:" if the same person posts consecutively. That is, text would just get added to the existing last paragraph. Of course if a different person comments, the "<newline>username:" for that new person would be sent along as usual. I suppose a determined malicious person could still sort of flood by constantly interleaving his comments among other people's dialogue, but that would be a clearly deliberate case of troublemaking, which could be dealt with as usual, using mod intervention. At the very least this suggestion should do fairly well at taking care of people that don't realise hitting enter after each sentence is frowned upon, or have trouble remembering to refrain from doing it because they are so accustomed to doing so when using instant messenger programs. Such unintentional offenses seem fairly common.

Rooms list: search for title

  • esrig?: Ability to search for a room by title. (suggested by Alexian in Deutsche Ecke)+++

Observe game: allow users to limit comments to (e.g.) 1d+

  • Pilsun? Allow users to limit in-game chat to 1d+. In the games with 500+ obs it's implausible to censor every kyu, but several players are interested in what the dans have to say. Dan players may also consider their comments more carefully as a privilege and responsibility. Without this option the most popular matches inevitably suffer from an overwhelming barrage of chatter that makes one wish the entire room was censored.+

Observing game: avoid chatter shown to other observers or be added to sgf record; switch chatter on/off; client-side kibitz filter

  • Bob McGuigan: Could some simple-to-use feature be provided whereby people observing a game could chat without the comments appearing to all the other observers or being recorded in the SGF record? See UsingHighDanGamesAsChatRooms. I find myself making the chat window as small as possible when I'm observing high-dan games because of irrelevant chatter that actually would be more appropriate in a chat room rather than in a game window. Of course the issue would be getting the logorrheic observers to use such a feature. As alternatives how about a switch the would allow observers not to see comments at all, or a switch that would allow commenters to choose not to have their comments go into the SGF record?
    • wms: Probably not. Any time you have two ways of chatting, people will 50% of the time use the wrong one out of carelessness. When people want to chat, they type and press enter. Having two chat boxes to type in is no help - people will always forget and type in the one that happens to have focus. Having a checkbox to decide whether or not chat is recorded will be the same problem. So, this isn't a technical problem, it's a human behavior problem, so unless you can think of a way to automatically direct chat in the proper channel, with no effort on the part of the chatting user, I don't think that it is feasible.
      • impu1se: I think having a modal chat box like this would be a good idea. To expand on my above comment under "Semi-private teaching games", I think users could be encouraged to reign in their behavior if there was an obvious indication that certain of their comments were being directed to the teacher and others were simply chatting among the students. At the very least it might reduce the number of offenders without placing the burden of censoring on the game controller. I guess this is more relevant to game types like teaching and demo with direct participation by the observers.
    • Velobici: an automatic thud-simple heuristic is to check the comment for game board coordinates. (allow a space between the letter and the number, perl-wise \b[a-hj-tA-HJ-T][ ]*\d{1,2}\b). Will not correctly sort all comments, but will get us significantly far with only one regular expression check. Getting to 100% will require natural language processing (aka hard problem) and is not necessary. One could add a second rule: must contain the words "white" or "black" (case insensitive ).
    • blubb: Actually, the the amount of useless comments in records doesn't bother me, since that's easy to remove (see KGSRelatedUtilities). Also, many valuable comments contain neither a coordinate nor a color - just think of hints of type "too late for such invasions". The more annoying (to me) issue is overflowing ongoing chatter which sometimes makes it verrrry difficult to pick out the few relevant gems by higher-ranked people while concurrently following the game. I'd definitely appreciate a client-side RegEx kibitz filter. Adapting the censored list to every observed game is unpractical.

Observe game: two chat channels per game

  • kouchi: Dan-chat. Have two chat channels per game - the usual one, where anyone can comment, and "dan-chat", where only dans could comment, but anyone could see. DDKs and SDKs can't seem to shut up about irrelevant things, and I think there's no doubt that it reduces the amount of dan comments. (some dans may be able to ignore it, but some may not be... and therefore they won't comment). Treating this as a filter, not a separate channel would also work - if you're watching a high level game, how wonderful would it be to just click a little box near the chat area and have it automatically filter all kyu kibitzes.
    • Tapir: The clone game option pretty much has this functionality.

When changing windows: focus always at the input line

  • Perhaps the cursor should always be ready at the input line when changing windows - any (non ctrl/alt) input by keyboard should go directly into the input line of the active window. ++
    • This would be especially useful when opening a new game! GoNuts?

Playing: kibitz the own game (and how to do)

  • Fwiffo: It would be nice to be able to kibitz our own games - that is, make comments that you and the observers see, but not your opponent (like on NNGS). I sometimes want to keep notes on game positions while playing and it would be much more convenient to do it in-game. +++++++
    • liopic: And it's fun (and instructive) to play a game, commenting your reasons for every move (but not letting to see by the opponent since the finish of the game). Some friends do it (manually), mutually censuring the other player during the game (and uncensuring at the end). You can really learn studying, after the game, the opponent's move reasons!!
      • Degan: I have not tried this manual method. Is there confirmation that your opponent has censored you? On DGS there is a <h> Comment </h> tag that you can add to games messages so they are not seen by your opponent, but are saved in the SGF.
    • (Sebastian:) How about just preceding them with "//"? Or with the word "aside:" - I'm always amazed how in theater the other actors doesn't hear an aside, but the whole audience hears it! ;-)

Game chat panel: display text from the two players different

  • Cheyenne: In the game chat window, make the text from the two players different (bold, different color, etc.)

Free games: possibility for the players to listen to the game chat (? SOLVED ?)

  • cocoon? It would be great if players had the possibility to choose to listen to the game chat (for friendly games only). -
    • RueLue: Just play it as a teaching game!

Uppercase coordinates when Ctrl+clicking on the goban

  • Joorin: Go back to using uppercase letters when Ctrl+clicking on the goban to get a coordinate in the chat input widget. I find it to be a misfeature to use lowercase which turns the excellent Ctrl+click feature into something less useful. To me, it's obvious that K10 L5 S6 A1 R4 is much more easy to read than k10 l5 s6 a1 r4. Especially since it's surrounded by other chat.

Game chat, display the coordinate associated with the move number

  • ukiyo : In the game chat, please display the coordinate associated with the move number.

Mark commentaries to distinguish between (made during the game) and (made after)

  • Hu: A clue in the commentaries to distinguish between those made during the game and those made after. Perhaps a dashed line separating before and after commentaries.++

Mark comments/chat to distinguish the branch it appears in

  • Some way of distinguishing, in the comments/chat, what branch the comment/chat appears in. For instance, instead of labelling all 10th moves as "Move 10", label them "Move 10", "Move 10 (a)" and so forth. LithiumTwo: they never appear together, so there's no point? (the comments for a variation are stored in That node).

Possible to clean up all comments from the game (WORKAROUND)

  • Being able to clean up all comments from the game. This is especially useful for further reviewing (submitting to GTL, for example), or when one wishes to look at high dan game w/o all the noise. Similar functionality as [ext] +
    • tapir: MulitGo? will help you.

Observing game: disallow comments, when not at actual move

  • blubb: As suggested long ago, to avoid unrelated comments by observers hanging around at past moves, commenting could be disallowed as long as you are not watching the current node in the sgf. +

Server stats: show the date and time on the server

  • Velobici: Hello, WMS. Could you add one line to the server stats display showing the date and time on the server. This would allow players to arrange games based upon KGS in "Lets play on Monday September 20th at 7:30pm KGS time" need to convert from one timezone to another or to/from GMT/UTC.+
    • labradors: In the FAQ on the KGS help page, there are instructions for using a "gmt" tag, which allows specification of a time based upon GMT, but that will be displayed in the user's local time. This tag may be used by any user in any room comments they may make. Thus, if the person making your example announcement were to use the "gmt" tag, each player in the room would see the message with local time.

Review: "permanent text" window

  • I completely appreciate the integration of the "tools" window that we've had for some time now. However, one valuable asset that was lost was the "permanent text" window. No matter how much you moved around, if you needed to see what had been said previously at a move position, it was always available. Currently, the text that is at a position is printed ONCE and in light grey. I do *not* propose trying to create another window. I applaud the simplification of the interface. However it WOULD be nice to add a hotkey that would print in some styled text (italics? bold? help me out here... the light grey is SO hard to read with bad eyesight... there's got to be a different way to style this) all the current comment text. Perhaps only for the client in which the button was pressed? Anyhow, here it is as a wish. To do a decent review, it's really nearly impossible to do it online anymore. The offline editor still handles the permanent text just fine. Remillard

Grey out comments, which don't belong to the actual variation

  • mgoetze: When leaving a variation, grey out the comments pertaining to that variation.
    • RueLue: possibly, there are more color codes needed: when you load a game from some users games list to comment on it, you have also the comments of the observers of the game.

Context Menu

Wherever a player name comes up: context menu to show user info or/and open privat chat

  • labradors: room-owner list, user info's games list: "view info" in the context menu. +


Observing, chat: client side filtering of kibbitzers

  • ragkgs: secondly, client-filtering of kibbitzers (like spam filters) would be nice, so when observing a game, snow can be avoided. filter should be updateable on the fly. it would be like being able to "turn a deaf screen (ear)".+

Observing game: select the level of chat to be seen

  • holosys: When observing a game, allow user to select the level of chat they want to see - all chat, player-only chat or no chat. Would help immensely for studying without the distraction of idle chit-chat, and avoid having to use the current kludges of positioning the chat off the screen, covering it up with another window or censoring/uncensoring heaps of users.+++

Observe game: adjustable "hide-by-rank" kibitz chat filter

  • [2130] blubb: I'd like to have a personally adjustable "hide-by-rank" kibitz chat filter. Supposedly, the players' chat is welcome to everyone (if not, censoring them is just four clicks away), but often mid-kyu observers' competing assumptions and recommendations flood the whole chat area, making it really hard to discover valuable commentaries.+
    • (Sebastian:) This is indeed a problem that I'd love to see resolved. But, since I'm only a mid-kyu, I would hate it if my questions wouldn't be seen by people who care about the game. This counters the spirit of the Go community, in which better players try to be open to lesser players. One possible solution would be to filter for special stars and lemons[2510], which could be expanded by a special lemon for garrulous people.
    • blubb: To be allowed to hide all comments by observers below a particular strength isn't meant to be a matter of (un)justice but a way to ensure readability. The idea is similar to what was done in the recent Guo Juan lectures, but unlike the server-side filter there, users could adjust their personal filter by themselves. - Of course, some good comments and questions of well-behaved learners might get hidden then, and dan players sometimes chit-chat as well. However, ranks are best filter criteria for serious studies I can see so far. Currently in 50+ kibitzers games, I hardly follow the chat because that's just too straining. The same applies to reloaded games of strong players. I got an 6d friend who occasionally likes to review his own games later, getting useful hints from other high-dan's comments. Do you really want him to start attaching a lemon (or star, respectively) to each of the 72 kibitzers who have contributed to that 1468 lines mess? - About your concerns of (not) being read: I am quite confident there are enough observers more or less interested in comments or questions of any level. Why to incumber the other ones to hide our chat?
    • (Sebastian:) You're right, this would put an inordinate burden on the players.

Observe game: filter chat by number of people who censored a chatter

  • (Sebastian:)How about this: Filter by number of people who censored a player? We would get this information for free. Only display registered users with less bad marks. Set it to 1 if you really want your calm. Or better yet, divide the number of bad marks by the time they've been registered.

Chat: possible to censor people by right-clicking on their message

  • (Sebastian:) On the same vein, it should be possible to censor people

by right-clicking on their message.

Coordinates in the chat text

Hyperlinks in the chat text

Game: coordinates in chat as hyperlinks to highlight positions

  • bobulatorm: It's nice to be able to ctrl>click to put a coordinate into the chat, but it would also be nice to be able to do this in reverse? Perhaps if coordinates are displayed in the chat surrounded by a circle, and mouseover makes them highlight on the goban. This would be very useful when people suggest long variations using coordinates.+
    • Kana: I had pretty much a similar idea. Long sequences are difficult to figure out by spotting the coordinates one-by-one from the chat window. So, it would be nice if the Ctrl+Click written coordinates behave like a link on which each user could click to let the sequence appear on the goban. This way, nothing would be changed when one doesn't wish to use this feature, but it may prove useful in some cases. This image gives an illustration: [ext] If the sequence appears, as shown, when clicking on the set of coordinates, it would be very nice. Still, the position of the game (move number) when displaying the sequence has to be defined (for example by prompting for the move number when holding off the Ctrl key, with current move as default ?).

Observe game: chat move-# headings as hyperlinks to browse in game

  • LithiumTwo: I think it might be nice if one could, while watching a game, the "Move ###" headings to the chat would also work as links, so that you could right click on them, and you'd be taken to that part of the game.

Game chat, feature, "active content": suggested sequence of moves, click it to add it to your game tree

  • wayward: To enable easier exploration of different variations, add a little "active content" spice to the kibitz chat. Use case: user A wants to suggest a sequence of moves for other kibitzers, or students, for a review. She creates a variation starting from the main game line, plays a sequence, and then selects to export that variation to chat window. Other users see her proposed sequence as a "sequence marker" in the chat which they can click. When they do, A's proposed variation is attached to their game tree and their game view is rewound to the start of the sequence in question.

Move diagrams in kibitz (ala Wbaduk)

  • ccsco: It would be great to have hyperlinkable pop-up windows for move diagrams, in the kibitz window, just like on Wbaduk.

(This would avoid negate the need for long (and difficult to read) coordinate sequences in the kibitz. Instead, you could suggest a series of moves, which once submitted appears as 'diagram 1' or suchlike. Interested users can click on it to see a pop-up window of the sequence. Also prevents coordinate typing errors, others' reading errors, etc.)

Using chat line for other tasks

Game: private notes while a game is played

  • Seidelin: I would like to have the option to make private notes (using the ingame chat window) while a game is played. With that i mean that only I can see the notes. A toggle activating the private notes/chat would be best i think. This would allow me to make notes when a teacher is using audio to teach a large group, without me bothering other players in the game. I could also use it to make notes in my own game, like: Must check variations laters. And: Why did he play here?


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