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Hi, I'm Karl Knechtel, Zahlman on KGS (and just about everywhere else on the internet for that matter, except where it seems more appropriate to use my real name).

The story of how I got into go.

The idea of CGT in general is extremely interesting to me. Still trying to figure out for sure the algorithm(s) for pruning the game tree and calculating the values exactly. Still don't think I really understand anything beyond the basics about the ko theory (especially hyperactive kos), and I can't picture thermographs from their descriptions here, either. Are there any drawings out there?

Some proverbs/concepts/wonderings by me.

Naturally, this stuff is in some cases very old and I don't always know what I'm talking about there ;) Oh well - we all live and learn.

Old thoughts on my style. I suspect it has changed significantly since.

I am a staff member for [ext] Anime North, where I teach Go to the convention goers. :) The majority of these are complete beginners, and there is hardly ever anyone stronger than 15k or so who I'm not specifically expecting in advance ;) Consequently, I am very interested in all the teaching advice on Sensei's, and am getting all the practice I can teaching go to beginners on KGS. I also hope, for this year, to condense some ideas from my KGS lectures into a handout for the AN attendees. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. (Volunteers for the convention are also very greatly appreciated ^__^)

I am, at least in theory, writing a book for beginners. I am currently accumulating material via my teaching games on KGS; eventually the linked page will act as a sandbox for rough drafts. The idea is that from there I can refine it, and eventually produce either a set of HTML pages or perhaps a PDF from a dump of those wiki pages.

I also have at least one rant to make about KGS.

A personal icon - the symbol for the set of integers, in contrasting colours.  

Normally I use blue and green, with slightly curved lines.

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