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Can be found on KGS most nights (that being nights relative to BST) as currently 9k. English and comes from Liverpool. A member of the BGA.

Absolutely no other aliases, but my real name is Jon Tims. You could contact me at LithiumTwo at gmail dot com.

My advice for anyone new to KGS is to go straight to the English Game Room and ignore the "New Game" button, but ask how you play a game... if planar is there, make sure he hears you - great fun will follow (but not for you =P)

[KGS] Rank history (only solid rankings):

  • June 2004: 19k
  • June 2004: 18k
  • July 2004: 17k
  • July 2004: 16k
  • July 2004: 15k
  • August 2004: 14k
  • August 2004: 13k
  • December 2004: 12k
  • January 2005: 11k
  • March 2005: 10k
  • May 2005: 9k
  • August 2005: 8k
  • March 2006: 7k

My Current BGA/EGF rank is 2.5k,

Tournament History:

  • KGSPlus January 2005: 3rd place (<4k Western divison)
  • Cheshire 2005: 1st Place in kyu division
  • Cambridge Trigantius 2005: 37th place
  • KGS-BGA Internet 2005: 28th place
  • (The first) Liverpool 2005: 13th place
  • Cheshire 2006: 7th place
  • Durham 2006: No idea; but it was fun!


Friends on KGS:

  • Jenny (JennyRad?/SandBGA)
  • Ian D (Javaness)
  • Peter (Excession)
  • Piotr (whistler)
  • Andrea (Anderz/Mercedes)
  • Ian W (wuggy)
  • Mark (Markko)
  • Lucas! (Muskat)
  • Simon (Issiel)
  • and there are more... but my hand is tired

Rank Graphs:




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