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This page contains wishes which need to be moved into the appropriate category. Please, if you want to increase the chances for your wish to be fulfilled, take the time to check where it belongs in the KGSWishlist sub-pages. Maybe, someone already had a similar wish, and your ideas add up nicely!

Who is cleaning up after us?

  • phoenixsei: Is someone putting all these suggestions in "categories", like, organizing then?
    • Tapir: You should have been less lazy. Definitely not.
    • RueLue: Yes, but that takes hours and days. If someone has wishes and writes them anywhere on any wishes page - shouldn't be a too great problem to move it here; but finding the right sub-header, possibly splitting the attribution, and then, for every wish the right page: that eats time.
      Please, add the client version, with which you had the idea of improvement or fixing a problem (e.g. "v.3.4.5"). Client, server and web server have the same version numbering. Try to find suitable words for a sub-header, e.g.
      ==== NameOfCGobanWindow (or WindowElement) (vers. x.y.z): short description

Table of contents

The unsorted wishes:

Time out function for network disconnection

  • halfsoul? To have a time out function for network disconnection is very useful to distinguish the users having a bad network from those who run away. This is available in Tygem Go Client and saves a lot of frustrations. The time out can be 3-5 mins, in order to give the users enough time to adjust their network setting and return to the game. After that grace period, if they don't come back then they automatically lose the game.

Advanced Search:

An option to type in the name of any two KGS members and see all the games they have played together if they did.

General window optionnaly in reverse colours

  • Lambic12? : I'd like to suggest that the general window could optionnaly be in reverse colors with a dark background and white text. Indeed, the white background is very harmful for my eyes, when I stay too much in KGS I have severe headaches. I guess I am not the only one with this accessibility problem.

Allow game as free after lost by time

  • norsu?: In case of lag or difficult ko, many games have ended before players wanted so. Could it be possible to continue game as free if it was lost by time. Both players should agree.

Social Networks Function:

  • yichikawa?: For example, I want a "like!" button to admire opponent's good movement.

Games lists: sort (integrated here, at the bottom)

  • The content of KGSWishlist / SortGames (deleted page) has been moved to this page temporarily.
  • I found 27-board that center point quatities is eaqual to others is best in i played 27-board game many times with fans.It is very intersting.I hope see 27-board as a sort, and add 27-board many stars as J9,O9 etc.

Server status (DONE)

  • meh: I'd like a page somewhere with the status of the server where you can go when you're having trouble logging in. Something that says "Server Status: Down" or whatever, and maybe an estimate as to how long it will take to correct the problem if it's going to be down for an extended period of time. That way, at least, you can tell whether it's on your end or not - sometimes when the server's down, the error notice doesn't come up at all for me. Maybe just put it on the main KGS website. +

No chat flag

it would be nice to disable automatically no chat flag, when you send the first room chat or kibitz or private chat message.

Chat edit line box

I have to point the mouse to the line edit box, to insert messages in to the active window, it would be nice to allow keyboard to insert messages without losing time pointing mouse on the edit line box, since is the only place where you can insert data using keyboard.

GTP protocol: chat commands

  • BramGo: I have a remark about the GTP protocol implemented by KGS. I'm wondering, is it possible to add some chat commands to the current implemented GTP-commands. I know, the GTP protocol does not contain any commands for chatting. But GTP was not created for a chat environment. Since we are using it in a chat environment, it would be nice to be able to let the bots respond to what is being said during the game. This could give bots enormous possibilities. They would be able to interact with the room and respond to certain commands. This would open a new range of possibilities like Joseki and Fuseki dictionaries, public voting for moves (educational form of rengo), chat-keywords to change the strength of playing, problemset-bots for practice of tsumego....
    • Rubix: I strongly agree with BramGo here. I would also like the ability for the engine to refuse playing with a given color. Btw, maybe there should be a separate KgsGtpWishlist page.

Any game window: mark region or situation to save to my profile or HD

  • The possibility of saving just the screen at one moment of the game and not the whole game (but also keep this possibility). The aim would be to be able to collect exercises for students and not copy on a new SGF file
  • Let say you watch a game between two players
  • If you save the game. On the french it is written "Options" and then, "save on the disk", Then you will save the whole game. My idea would be to save only what I see on the the screen as a SGF file. Really take a snapshot of a precise moment of the game, not the whole game. So may be I don't know how to do this.
  • Again the idea is to give courses (I am part of the french Tsumegogo team...) to "go students". And when you watch players you sometime see some situations which would be good for exercises.
  • Let me know if my explanation was good enough.
  • If you don't have this possibility, you have to copy stone after stone a board
    • RueLue: I think, I got it. If you save the whole game to you games list, the file contains mostly also the moves after the problematic situation - and the comments by the observers. But you don't want to give your students the solution. Possibly you don't want the whole board's stones for you students (too distracting). So: mark the area and save this to your profile.
      - The other way is also possible: save the game to your hard disk, edit the file, and then (after menu "File" -> "Load SGF") present it to you pupils. Would this be enough for you?
      - More complicated would be in connection with CompoGo: it is able to make an SGF file out of a picture.
    • isd: Philsal38 - you are not writing your request in the correct place, but let me ask you this here. Why do you not just take a screenshot of the board and save it to a file as a picture? This seems to be what you are asking to me - use the Print Screen key?

Score estimator: possibility to interact with the board

  • begood/philsal38: When you make an estimation of the score, obviously some stones are marked wrong. For example they are said to be Black when they are White and opposite sometime. So there should be a possibility to interact with the board which appears when you ask for an estimation of the score. For example a click on a white stone would change in White the whole group which connects to this stone and change the score at the same time.
    • isd: The score estimator will not change I am afraid, it is not written by wms.

Games lists: context menu "Open locally"

  • Slade: I suggest the ability to right click on a game in a game listing and select the new option "Open Locally". This would copy the game to your system using a temporary file to store the sgf and then cgoban would load up the file. This way you can do a one-click load of a game to review without having to host it online or going through the kgs archives.

Tsumego on server

  • Anonymous: please add some learning accessories at the server like in dashn where you can solve problems without needing to upload them

Ongoing games lists: show time limit information

  • It would be great if in the window of ongoing games There could be a column telling "how fast" the games are. So I can decide if I want to watch a blitz game or a slow one. Now I have to open the game to see +

User info: personal statistics (win/loss/time/unfinished)

  • fujichan? I suggest to put the personals statistics with:
           ♦Games win:
            -by points:x
            -by resign:x
            -by time:x
           ♦Games lose: x
            -by points:x
            -by resign:x
            -by time:x
           ♦Games unfinished:x
  • I suggest put it between "games" and "graphic"

UI: stone design

  • Jontarou?: I would prefer using the textured stones in KGS, but I find that it is too difficult to distinguish easily between the white and black stones. I wonder if it might be beneficial to lessen the glare on the black stones (and possibly darken them a bit) and lighten the patterns on the white stones. This is, of course, my personal opinion, but I suspect that others might feel the same way, so I thought that I'd at least suggest it and I think doing this would improve the visual appearance of the board. (Another option might be making the stones' appearance manually adjustable.)
    • RueLue: for which version has this wish been written? Old versions like 2.4.x had white stones, which were similar light than the board - with eye problems, it could be difficult. But the black stones...?
      I think, the board view without textures still has the lines (grid and around white stones) a bit thin. Not for me, but wms should ask someone with very weak eyes in his local club (or possibly the french 4 dan (5 dan?) who uses a special board and very bright light on french tournaments.

User info: name length limited to 10 characters

  • Groudon I think usernames should be allowed to be 1-20 characters instead of 1-10. Plz consider making it 1-20 characters.

Automatch: different board sizes

  • mathso? It would be nice if one could select the board size in the auto-match settings dialog.

Preferences: volume control

  • SudenDeath? small request... a volume control option

iPhone app

  • James? requesting an iphone/ipodtouch app please
    • glue: chances for that are NULL. At least as long as there is no java available for i-thingies.

Yearly title tournaments (as in OGS)

  • I was wondering if you ever considered doing something similar to what OGS ([ext] does and start yearly title tournaments? The current tournaments are fun but maybe there would be more interest if titles could be awarded? Additional icons could be created, unique ones for the current title holder, and they could defend it the following year. If they don't appear to be active in the community anymore the next year the title could be vacated and a tournament to decide the next one could take place instead.

Javaness: wow! this just got implemented!

UI: themes for board and stones

  • Archaic (kgs member): graphics/themes for board and stones concepts:
    • this may be the main theme: you will have a perfect rectanglish, purplish/red full of life spiral of the milky way as the background for the board...with the japanese or chinese character for COSMOS on there (chinese is qian kun, or kun i think), for the lines you will have transparent whitish-grey (resembling dust in the universe), because the background will be mostly space or black, for the stones you will have burgundy special jewel color from nepal someone, actually the best would be just red not red/purple rubies, said he can't remember the name red yunzi stone with the white powder on top is a good idea too(red symbolizing the passionate flame of the universe, with the character RESOLUTION on it the japanese are into the word RESOLVE someone told me and have many forms of it someone had a word of resolve on their fan in hikaru no go) and for the other color stone you will have oriental turqoise or jade (jade is better oriental turquoise is a little bit too intricate and fake) (a profound green color) (it's a special pattern with dark green and mostly light green shades with a hint of pink sort of like fake jade) (and the character for profound will be on there)
    • my favorite one: transparent/glassy/glossy/or ordinary blue (you can do this but i wouldn't suggest it leave it plain: use the asian character for technical, technique, professionalism, concentration, or space-kong), you might want to have technical for the board and technique for the white lines) board with black or white lines (black lines are what they use in hikaru no go and are probably better to accent the white stones and just look meaner and cooler overall) with black and white stones (with a little glare/shine in the corner) (like in the hikaru no go flash scenes where he slams a stone down with yellow light emitting--it's best to leave it plain but perhaps we can do this as an option except perhaps with white light? :D, btw this theme is my personal favorite as it fits my personality), this would be a technically stylized board)
    • you don't have to use any characters obviously which is probably better, but just in case it can be set as an can have green(grass-cao) and blue (river-he or water-shui) stones on a wooden (wood-mu) board, and also transparent blue(river or sky)/green (mountain-shan/grass/valley), for both blue and green together probably forest or valley board and white lines, with green and blue stones--finally, for a picture of a valley in the background you will use no characters at all, and just have green and blue stones with a nice empty picture of a huge valley in the background, for a picture of a chinese mountain painting (with clouds/villages/steps/oriental trees/old man carrying buckets of water or maybe if u can find someone playing go or females in traditional uniform playing the flute/bridges/details) use no characters either, and just use black and white stones
    • characters that i've described above including yun (cloud), he (river), shi (stone) (for the black stones), mountain (shan, don't know the character for valley) (for the jade stones), wind (feng, for white stones, don't know the character for air), tian (sky), fire (for the mahogany board, don't know the character for flame, don't know the word for passion), and, if someone needs me to write out the character for them i can easily look it up but i'm not sure if senseis supports it and i'm too tired atm so i'm skimpin'
    • and to round it all out you can just switch the ordinary board background into a mahogany colored board nice and deepset (or allow us to do personal engravings on the board and say write words or put our signature on the bottom of the board to personalize our board), fire and water, ice/water, air/wind with a picture of the sky filled with clouds, or flame/ice graphics which i really won't go into since it's so lame.
    • having animated graphics (for fire and water) like on might be a little bit of a server overload and if any of these things prove to be too hefty you could always opt for the simpler designs and get rid of the more consuming ones, plus you can always just apply this function: only active games can have the theme on them, once the games go into the archive then they are stored using the ordinary theme this way only active games would actually be consuming...or have a limit as to how many themed windows each user can have open at once
    • a final suggestion would be to do a clean asian style caricature anime style board...or a simple western caricature

Rating system: stuck because of too many games played

  • KidGo? (kgs member): I would like to hear peoples though on the current ranking system, I know it has been discussed in the past.
    - The reason why I bring this up is mainly due to the fact that currently after playing 2-3 months with an account you are virtually stock at a certain rank regardless of how much you may have improved.
    - While some could argue that it's not true. I have tested it myself by creating different accounts at different rank and even with 20+ Wins in a row the rank would not even go up. Sure, if you wait, it will eventually go up, same is true if you wins an enormous amounts of games. But all in all wins 10 lose 1 and that 1 lost seems to affect your rank more than the 10 wins, unless you can keep getting 10:1 ratio for an unknown amounts of time.
    - The fact is that the current ranking system seems to be following a timeline basis.
    - Since I mostly play on IGS or Tygem, I've always wondered why KGS use a Ranking Systems without rating. I mean like in IGS I can tell precisely how many wins I need for my next rank. Same on Tygem. I know that by speaking with peoples on KGS, I have heard many say they disliked this aspect of KGS.
    - Still KGS possess probably the best interface in my opinion and the most friendly community. Not to mention KGS Plus is a very nice. Still the main reason I dislike playing on KGS and mostly watch games is the ranking system.
    - I'm not totally sure what can be done.

UI: message boxes are disrupting

  • ww I find the popup messages after the games unneeded and disrupting.
    - Example use case: Using dual monitor system, watching a vid file ( requiring to be active e.g. flash video) on monitor 1, kgs game on monitor 2. In monitor 2, a kgs game ends and pops up a message "w() has won by x or "b has resigned." This steals the activity status to the monitor with kgs game, and unmaximizes the video file, that you were watching simultaneously on monitor 2.
    - I would prefer getting rid of the popups altogether, however the 10 minutes inactivity warning popup message window is a useful notice. This would need to be implemented on some other way, or just leave that popup as the only popup, since it is not that common.
    - Coding this would probably be easy, perhaps it is just a case of only commenting out certain lines (?) Making this as an optional feature would require few extra lines of code though..

Game tags: search for words in tags

  • phoenixsei: About the new feature "Tagged Games" is it possible to create an overall search about it? Like input "triple ko" and find all games in KGS that has the tag "triple ko".

Rating system: transparency (e.g.knowing: win 3 times = one kyu more - ah - less)

  • phoenixsei: I agree about the rating in KGS, I would like to see my points like in IGS, this way you know how far you are from a wanted rank (like 1d). Sometimes I won a lot and nothing happens, but if you lose some games your rank fall hard...

Fan games: popup when a fan game starts

  • typohh: How about improving the fan games feature a bit. So that you can get a popup when a fan game starts. That way if you are working on other stuff you can notice when a game you are interested in begins, instead of noticing it 100 moves into the game. Further more the popup could be good in case you are already watching one game and another more interesting one starts. I can imagine that especially the popup feature should be very easy to implement.

Fan games randomized

  • catharaxie :I like to watch games from my bed, everytime the game is over i have to get up and pick another game as i don't know if the player i fancy is going to replay immediatly.

I WISH there was a way to follow another game automatically; preferably from move 1. The server could start broadcasting the first game with 1 (or 2) dan player(s).

 Drawback : I might like so well that it would turn into my screensaver :-)

Fan games: option to add all players stronger than x dan

  • typohh: Also setting a dan limit on fan games, so that you are automatically fan of all x dan or higher could be useful. Both of these features would make it easier to follow games. ("both": popup for fan game, all stronger than x Dan)

Regular ladder tournament

  • Kostel? I would like to see an improvement regarding tournaments rooms.
    • A new type of room named ladder room which will offer automated monitoring of a ladder tournament.
      - The players entering the room must be approved by the owner of the room.
      - First they are ordered by rank, newcomers are placed on last place.
      - Anybody can click and throw the gauntlet to any player placed 5 (or how many admin set)rungs above him. If he wins , he takes the place of the loser and cannot challenge him for another 30 days (or how many the admin set)
      -a challenge can be made directly or sent by mail if the opponent is offline, so the room will display all members in ladder with bold for logged ones.
      -a challenge must be answered within 3 days, if not it will lose a liberty. at 3 or 4 liberties lost, will lose a game.
      -you cannot challenge someone sooner than 6 days after a previous challenge.
      Finally a page keeping the records played in that ladder, kind of the one already exists.
  • For sure there are any other issues to approach about ladder tournaments, but I suggested only ones I saw at my level of experience regarding the subject. Other ladder tournaments users for sure can improve the idea with other useful features.
    - There is a lot of work setting such a complex thing and I really understand if you will say pass to this idea.
    - But if you consider using this idea to improve your rooms offer, please tell me about what dead lines you decided, because if you are not interested or decide few years deadline, I will struggle alone to do an automated score keeping in Joomla or something for my clubs, and other who might be interested.
    • Phelan: While I can't speak for wms or any of the KGS staff, I don't think this will be implemented soon, or maybe at all. I think you're better off doing something yourself for that.

Rating: server-wide Go Ladder

  • Anonymous: It would be nice to have a server wide KGS go ladder because of its large membership body. Here are some rules that could be used in the ladder:
    1. A player flags his/her profile if he/she wants to participate.
    2. A new player starts at the bottom of the ladder at his/her dan/kyu rating.
    3. A lower ranked player can challenge a higher ranked player up to 5 rungs higher on the ladder.
    4. If the higher ranked player declines, he/she moves down one rung and the challenger moves up one rung.
    5. You can only challenge one player at a time.
    6. The lower ranked player plays black, and the higher ranked player plays white with 6.5 point komi on a 19x19 board.
    7. There is no handicap.
    8. The time control will be the same as the full time control in a tournament.
    9. Tournament rules apply.
    10. There is no take-back move in a ladder game.
    11. An escaping player forfeits the game.
    12. If the lower ranked player wins, the two players swap places on the ladder.
    13. If the higher ranked player wins, the lower ranked player moves down one rung on the ladder.
    14. If you lose a game, you must challenge a different player on the ladder to move back up.
  • A new tab will be on the server, labeled "Ladder".
    - When you click on the "Ladder" tab, you see your name in the middle of the page in bold letters. Players above you on the ladder are above your name and players below you on the ladder are below your name.
    - If you challenge a higher ranked player (1-5 rungs higher than you), you right click on his/her name and a drop-down menu appears. You click on the word "Challenge" on the menu. The menu goes away, and you see your name and your opponent's name in bold letters.
    - When the higher ranked player logs on and you are logged on at the same time, and both of you are waiting for a game, the higher ranked player receives a pop-up screen offering the lower ranked player's challenge.

Game offer: lock settings

  • Eternity?: The ability to "lock" in various options when creating a game would be nice. For example lock in the game type to "ranked". This will prevent challenges from players that are not able to play ranked games
    • (v.3.4.5): now the challenger cannot change the settings - (s)he must ask the game offerer to change the settings

Top game notification; sound remarker

  • norsu?: Could you include a feature to the kgs that let game observer know when a new top game appears to the "Active Games" list. This would help viewers to see best games and make kgs more popular. Many times I see that high rank game is in endgame phase and feel pity to not noticed that earlier. Optional sound might help if viewer has not kgs window open.
    • tapir: Isn't this somehow possible by the fan option? Just choose your favourite players and watch their games.
      • RueLue: do you know all top players to add them to your list? So: an option to get a message (e.g. in the chat pane), that a new top-ten game has begun (it is enough, if it is top of this room)? But for those top players, whose style you like: use the fan mark and from the menu "Rooms" make a checkmark at "Fan Games". Now you only need to look on this tab from time to time.

User: warning before deleting user accounts

  • szum?: Please don't delete user accounts for inactivity without warning. In order of plausibility:
    1. - Possible solution 1: Warning emails, ideally at least 2-3 weeks before deletion.
    2. - Possible solution 2: Don't delete accounts.
    3. - Possible solution 3: Warn after deletion and allow undeletes for a limited period of time. +
    • marathon? an especially good idea for users who had, at one time, a KGS+ subscription

Game chat: kibitz level (hide comments by players below a given level)

  • oiseaulyre?: My suggestion : add the feature "Kibitz level" (as a global option in "configuration").

    When we observe a game, it would be great if we could hide all the comments coming from players less than a given level.

    Indeed, I recently watched games in which 7dans were commenting all their moves. But their comments were very difficult to follow, because between each of their sentences, there were 30 (useless) comments of other kibitzers.

(Even if we save the game, the problem is the same.)

In general, I bet that most people would appreciate to set this kibitz to their level -2. (It allows to answer to questions from weaker player)

To make it simple, don't hide the kibitz of friends. (This allows the user to fix bugs due to a "9d?" level, etc.).

Server messages: Please stop annoying admin messages (? DONE ?)

  • rainier: not sure where else to put this. Having the admin messages dialog popup constantly b/c i said i want to keep a message is kinda annoying I'd like to have it so that it only pops up when there is a new message.
    • tapir: I doubt you prefer windows popping up everywhere. A lot of admin messages (notify game relays, top games etc.) are actively requested on the wishlists.
      • RueLue (v.3.4.5): As far as I see, they are actually shown as bold text in the chat box. So, I think, it is done.
    • Slade: These are not admin messages they are messages sent to you when you are offline kind of like email. If this is what you mean then I would agree with some sort of messages tab that has a list of your messages and the tab would then indicate if you got a new message.

User info window: button to open personal chat

  • iLoveSai (2004): User info box should have a button for chat/messages option. Easier to track down people if you don't know what rooms they are in.

Room chat: time stamp for

  • iLoveSai (2004): Each room's chat window (and chat windows in general) should have time log next to each comment/message. Hard to know how long ago things were said. (+|RueLue)
    • Hu: I think time stamps would clutter the chat.
    • RueLue (2010): (torn Hu's comment apart, I hope, it's right this way);
      - timestamps could be switched off by default

Registering: re-register, when blacklist problem

Reuven - Not sure where to suggest it - If somebody's registered, due to the blacklist problem, they might need to wait 24 hours to get their account freed and re-register it with another email. Why not make a "Didn't get the email" type of option, so that if somebody's still logged on, they'd be able to cancel it, and re-register on spot with another email?)

Game interruption: blitz games, hide stones for time of disconnect

  • Reuven: - Blitz games this time.. ;)
    If somebody gets disconnected in a seriously fast game (ultra blitz) the opponent gets an unfair advantage - The remaining connected person, gets precious time Reuvento view the situation - This could be dealt with either by minimising the game with a msg such as "the opponent left" or perhaps hiding the stones on the board...
    • Answer from oiseaulyre: hiding the stones is not a good idea, because your opponents could cheat (just deactivate your internet connection, think on your move, then reactivate your connection).
      • RueLue: stones could be switched off/hidden for both players

Game interruption: ultra-blitz, add some seconds on reconnect

  • Reuven: Upon reconnecting/resuming an "ultra-blitz" game, the opponents should get some time to view it - I'm suggesting to make a default such as 1.5 of the time per move or a min of 2.5 secs before the actual time starts running. Later such stuff could be made as an extra option in case users don't want default handling when blitzing.
    • Answer from oiseaulyre, I agree, even in (slow) blitz, it is very difficult to come back after a disconnection without spending a lot of time in order to re-analyze the goban, adding something like 5 seconds to the clock then makes sense and is fair for both players.
      • Tapir: Don't like this idea. It would further encourage the believe that people disconnect for gaining thinking time. Also, if somebody really wants to do that, he can easily replay the game on a real board before going back online. There is no technical fix for that. I prefer believing nobody does that.

KGS-Plus, lessons list: marker for audio stream

  • MarkD: Add a (A) marker close to the game type if the lesson has an audio stream.

Room info: changed room info is not noticed

Mik: Sometime i change the topic of a main room, but often many people dont notice it at all, is it possible to add a blinking "news" icon or text to advice people of changes for a few days?

Audio lectures: playback of non-KGS+ lessons

  • deg: Audio Lectures in General: Give users the ability to replay any non KGS+ audio lectures

Automatch: avoid rematch when pool is small; other board sizes

og: Sometimes the choices for automatch are such that if you use automatch immediately after a game, so few people are in the "pool" that you play the person you just played already. Avoiding this would be great. Secondly, being able to choose a board size would be nice, but it's understandable if it would create too much specificity, creating problems with the "pool".

UI: team tournament / simul game: possible to see all boards

  • Eiyuu?:  I think it would be cool if kgs could have 3 boards side by side. One board for 3 different games of 6 different players so that you could play like a team of 3 going against a team of 3 for tournament style go. :) Also to have the choice for games such as simul to be able to have all the boards on screen at once so that you don't have to keep clicking back and forth through the tabs.
    • glue: just open three game windows. For the simul, check the box at the bottom of the board so that it will automatically switch to another board waiting for your move once you played.

Games list: sort by name, move number, time, ..., algorithm

(from the deleted page "KGSWishlist / SortGames")

  • Sort Active Games:
    1. Show games' time settings. This would be helpful for people who are looking for specific time settings. Easier to find non-blitz games.
    2. improve methods to sort by variables such as player name, colour, rank, move number, byo-yomi time and perhaps others.
    3. add method to sort by algorithm such as Sł÷(M+T).
  • Method and Rationale:
    • One of the reasons I don't use kgs more is the sort method employed by cgoban, igs clients separate player name and rank into different columns. it is possible to rank by any column.
      However the attached article is in addition to these concerns, it has attracted some interest and so could you please forward this to the developers of cgoban and other kgs servers
      thank you
    • I spend far too much time watching games on IGS. The client application can sort games by a number of variables such as name, colour, rank, move number, byo-yomi time and perhaps others.
      I find this isn't that helpful, as Go is a complex game, it's not surprising that anyone who has played for long will develop an interest in a range of variables they wish to specify. I've known this for some time and begun to wonder whether others had considered where there personal interests lay.
    • Mine are more or less solely related to rank, move number & byo-yomi time. I like to observe even games:
      • that are fast 1/1 to 1/7[1] very roughly and prefer the faster games.
      • from the beginning, and except for Professional finals not later than half way through.
      • between stronger players 3-9dan between players of roughly equal strength with no handicap
    • Once one limits the display to games in play between players of this strength, and sorts them by player strength, it is then relatively easy to pick out the games that maybe of interest. However i would like to both refine the proposed formula and learn more particularly where this interest lies. Unfortunately Goban and I believe most clients do not currently provide a means to combine these variables using a formula.
      This is a rather crude analysis of my preference:
      • "The strength of the stronger player in dan cubed divided by the sum of the move number and the byo-yomi time measured per 5 seconds" or possibly Sł÷(M+T)
    • for instance I'd prefer to watch a game between:
      two nine dans from move 36 with 1/6 byo-yomi ~729/(36+6x60/5) = 729/108 ≅ 7
      than one between:
      two five dans from move 10 with 1/3 byo-yomi ~125/(10+3x60/5) = 125/46 ≅ 3
      than one between:
      two five dans from move 1 with 1/4 byo-yomi ~125/(1+4x60/5) = 125/49 ≅ 2.5
    • Has anyone else a similar or perhaps a different statement of their concerns?
      Is there a client that provides for this type of ordering?
      Can anyone improve the formula presented to better represent my expression?
      it may for instance be that these examples are not the best tests, and in fact the formula as presented is only successful over a small range.
[1] 1/1 means one minute then 25 moves every minute 
1/7 means one minute then 25 moves every seven minutes
due to lag even with 8Mb broadband I find it impossible to play faster than 1/3.
People near the server can play in less than a second, which
the server then does not accumulate.

-- Jonathan Chetwynd 3Dan

Game offer: start game with last opponent (HINT)

  • However, when trying to restart games with the same player, I have to leave the window and try to look for that player in the window for open games. This process takes about 5-10secs and may take the risk that the player begins playing with the other opponent. I suggest to add a "replay" button in the window when a game is ended.
    • RueLue: Have the fan-games tab open and mark your opponent as fan (context menu in observers list). The new game advertise will be shown in the fan tab.

Game window: auto-insert "hi"

  • Also I like to automatically attach a hi information with a new game, so every time do not need to type it.
  • Yes! Be able to insert a message, user chosen. "hi gg!" or ... Also a message to send with resign/done, or at least move the focus to the text box for typing.

Game window: time-low sound should remind, that it is sudden death

  • The most wanted, however for me is to change the seconding sound as reminding "This is SD!" I lost so many games for that same beep. +

Tagging game feature, tag a review

RueLue: It is useless to tag a game review, as it is most times not saved to the games list of the reviewer. So the game record should be saved to my tagged games list independent of the games list of the reviewer / 'game owner'.

Open games window (version 3.5.10) Stabilize the window, sort by board size

We have to play "whack-a-mole" to challenge a user. The open games window could be designed to be more stable. It helps if the games are separated by board size. That eliminates searching for the right board size.

Any room (version 3.5.10) Sort games by board size

It helps if the games are separated by board size. That eliminates searching for the right board size.

KGS client (version 3.5.10) Add INI file

It would be helpful if the client program Cgoban 3 had an INI file or an RC file to allow the human client to specify various parameters similar to the INI file for kgsGtp.

Automatch (version 3.5.10): More flexible rank difference settings

In automatch settings dialog, I'd like to set upper limit rank and lower limit rank individually, because I'd like to play with stronger(weaker) players when my condition is good(bad). This idea may also suitable to players who want to play only with stronger(weaker) players.

Escaper Policy

I think it would be helpful if the word "escapers" was auto hot linked. This would be helpful to Admin and other users I believe.

Java Client (Version 3.5.10) Recompile under latest version of Java

It would be helpful if the client program Cgoban 3 were recompiled under the latest version of Java. The current version of Java is 7.5, but Cgoban 3 doesn't launch under this version of Java. To get Cgoban 3 to launch I have to install an old version of Java, version 6.33. This problem also applies to the online version of the KGS client on the KGS website. The client on the website needs to be compiled under Java 7.5.

Visual Message for Pass

For peace in my household, I have to turn the sound in CGoban 3 off. Unfortunately this leaves me with no way of telling when someone passes. Flashing the text window, adding a comment for ten seconds that it then strips out, is there anything going on I'm missing? Using Windows 7, the rest of the sounds I can fake my way around. May I add that some of the brightest people I've known are deaf.

More options to filter Active Games

Sometimes we are in the mood to watch games, but there a very wide variety of rules sets and time systems, but no way to filter the active games using them. I propose that users have the option to filter using both rule sets and time systems (maybe more options) as it's really helpful for people learning the game, studying or simply watching a specific type of game.

KGSWishlist/Unsorted last edited by on November 12, 2018 - 22:23
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