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  • ) If you are stronger i would love to be your student (long-term)
  • ) If you are 13-19k, i can be your mentor (also looking for long-term)

Requirement: must be polite, willing to learn from me and have a sence of humor

Thanks for looking here!

Here is some info about me:

  • ) I am 25
  • ) I started playing to on Sep 12, 2002
  • ) Born, raised and educated in St. Petersburg, Russia i now permanently live in Chicago, IL, USA
  • ) Stan Liberman Lirm showed me this wonderful game, for which I am eternally grateful
  • ) I would like to start approaching 1D by Sep 2005. The more i play, the more realistic i get :)

B1) Longest game i played and won (by 50.5) lasted for 325 moves + 21 captures on my part. See: [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/games/2003/12/5/jraitsev2-Angelo.sgf

W2) Longest game i played and lost (by 1.5) lasted for 348 moves + 45 captures on my part. See [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/games/2003/12/11/jraitsev2-Brian85.sgf

My Games against Dans:

B1) My game sgainst MyTeacher 7D [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/games/2003/10/18/MyTeacher-jraitsev2.sgf
W2) My game against LeftSock? 6D [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/games/2003/7/3/LeftSock-jraitsev.sgf
B3) My game against GreyX 3D [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/games/2003/12/24/greyx-jraitsev2.sgf
W4) My game against guxxan 7D [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/games/2004/1/1/guxxan-jraitsev2.sgf

My tartrate number is 3 --> Tartrate --> TheCaptain --> LeftSock? --> James Raitsev

My Shusaku number is 5 Honinbo Shusaku --> Iwasaki Kenzo --> Tamura Yasuhisa --> Iwamoto Kaoru --> Steve Fawthrop --> jraitsev

Here is how I play:

  • ) I prefer slow games, Japanese Byoyomi, 5 min total + 2-3 min per stone
  • ) I enjoy teaching and will often teach 16-20k in Straw Hut. (While i am teaching and you are watching, please do not talk! This distracts me very much and takes away from student-teacher experience). I usually will check "quiet" box, but if i forget, see above.
  • ) Most enjoyable games i played were with Cheyenne, Lirm, zytta, cht, saswiz, quietman , brian85, angelo and many many others.

Clever and funny quotes about the game:

braincrash [2k?]: If you feel you have to invade, it means you did something wrong earlier.
JohnSmith?:взаимныe уступки - залог доверительных отнoшений в дальнейшем...
JohnSmith?: не время решать задачи на жизнь смерть

My quest to Shodan (last updated: 10/5/04)

Year 1 progress: 30k to 13k
Year 2 progress: 13k to 8k
Year 3 progress: 8k to 6k and growing

Total Rated Games: ~~~~~~~~~~~709
Total Rated Games won as W: ~~~136
Total Rated Games won as B: ~~~188
Total Rated Games Won : ~~~~~~324
Total Rated Games Lost: ~~~~~~~385

Last but not least is my progress Graph


Phelan: Was it you that deleted all content on your homepage? If so, please ask for this page to be deleted on WikiOrphans.

unkx80: See also the comment for homepage deletion at deleting pages. Specifically, please log in. Thanks.

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