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Viltti: Just another finnish Go-player..

03/06/2006: I registered in KGS. It was half a year after i saw Hikaru no Go, which still was the main reason. Also I learned that there's a small Go club here. I had only played little against igowin in this point. (Also, this is my first and only account for playing Go in the Internet)

06/27/2006: Summer. I lost the feeling. Didn't like to play Go much anymore. During the summer I still tried to teach few my relatives, though. Three months break.

09/12/2006: Autumn. I began to play once again. Soon I played even more than I had before summer.

09/19/2006: KGS3 and new ranking system. It lift me from 13k to 9k. It felt easy to lift it to 7k in short time mainly because of new ranking system, and then a bit slowly even higher.

11/20/2006: Winter. Yet another break is coming. 5k now.

01/28/2007: Still winter, now with snow. I gained a stone without winning (or playing). 4k now and playing a little again. Death is only a state of mind..

02/26/2007: Snow goes on. Another stone. 3k. I won some games only by time, losing by points. Trying to get better, dreaming shodanly..

04/18/2007: I broke 2k barrier in KGS3 ranking. Didn't win a single 2k to get it, but enough other 3k players. Not too solid as it is, but gives some hope.

09/08/2007: Yesterday I woke up as a 1k. Today I won a 1d in a free game. I don't know if it's just luck, though.. but still..

11/08/2007: My rank is still not stable. It went back to 2k and now it's 1k again. I haven't played much recently. Skill, luck, reading, counting - they all seem to vary much among players about this level. I need to get more steady.

09/12/2008: So it was about a year to gain next stone. It was a year of very little play, though. On the other hand, my real strenght in KGS isn't that of a 1d yet (not playing ranked). Have to play more, study. Trying to get meatspace games for I might enter a tournament in november.

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