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Where I Live and Play

My name is Josh Larson.

Trying to Improve My Game

Memorizing Pro Games

Currently I've found pro game memorization to be useful for improving my play. This seems to work best with a companion to play the moves of the other color.

Memorizing games that have additional analysis has been especially useful, as first I memorize the game. Then, I play through (with a companion) and try to imagine possible variations. Often variations I try are mentioned in the analysis. This has been much more rewarding than simply reading the analysis passively.

Usually my whole-game retention lasts only a few days. However I generally retain the fuseki for quite a while. This is also especially helpful as I believe most of my games are won/lost in the fuseki.

Playing Stronger Fuseki

(Clearly I make mistakes throughout the game, but playing a strong fuseki generally induces my opponent to make more mistakes than I do)

Reading 'Get Strong' Books

Otherwise I've embarked upon the 'Get Strong' series (not the parodies). Currently working through 'Get Strong at Joseki' & 'Get Strong at the Opening' both borrowed from scotth.


My Library Contents

Go Books in my Library (and who currently is borrowing them):

Life and Death



Attack and Defence

Whole Board Thinking in Joseki I

Whole Board Thinking in Joseki II

Strategic Concepts of Go

The Chinese Opening (The Sure-Win Strategy) Masao Kato

Dictionary of Basic Joseki I

Dictionary of Basic Joseki II

Dictionary of Basic Joseki III

The Nihon Ki-in Small Encyclopedia: Fuseki Volume II

How to Win a Won Game


Rescue and Capture


Learn to Play Go vol IV: Battle Strategies


The Direction of Play

Get Strong at Attacking

Position Judgement High-Speed Game Analysis

Get Strong at Joseki

Get Strong at Invading

Other Books I've Read

Books outside my library I've managed to scavenge (borrow) and read:

The Great Joseki Debates

How to Play Handicap Go

Appreciating Famous Games

Get Strong at the Opening

Get Strong at Joseki I

Rating Graphs


KGS Rating Graph


[ext] DGS Rating Graph

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