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Hi. I'm an AGA 1-dan in Boston, MA. E-mail: <>, Blog: [ext] Chris Ball, Web: [ext] Chris Ball.

2007-04-25: I played this magnificent B-2 bomber in a three-stone game last night. :) It's black to play.

2006-03-19: An awesome life and death problem from a KGS game, [ext] . The question is the status of the bottom-middle black group, if W plays first. I like this problem because it took me three different conclusions of why one player was alive before I got to the correct one. :)


2005-12-06: A silly page wondering whether I've acquired the UltimateGoBoard.

2005-11-11: A beautiful (but sadly unplayed) squeeze from one of TheCaptain's games tonight; white to play. W resigned, missing that L8 (circled) captures B, and keeps W's otherwise-dead group connected no matter what the B response. Check it out! [ext]


2005-08-28: I'm going to mention some patterns I'm trying to see more often, since they tend to improve my games. Here's the first; black overplays the response to white's cap, and plays himself into a ladder.


2005-07-01: I thought I'd start putting some favourite games from KGS up here:

  • [ext] macisajt(8d) vs. Kosai, 2005-06-27: My first (and possibly last ;) time playing an 8d! It followed the usual nine-stone pattern of being ahead until early endgame, and then losing everything; I was down to 10s/move at the end.
  • [ext] Kosai vs. rs220675(10k), 2005-06-29: I'm really happy with the willpower we both showed in the centre fighting, and really unhappy with my fuseki. Comments on both appreciated!

2005-07-01: My rank graph at the [ext] BGA.

2004-09-09: I wrote a piece of software for interpreting photographs of Go boards and outputting an SGF of the state of the board. Lots of images and a movie at <[ext]>. Feedback appreciated!

2004-07-12: [ext] is a great article.

2004-07-04: A small progress table. I've been playing on KGS for a few months now; my username there is Kosai.

Date         Rank    Time/kyu
2004-05-01:  20k?    One week.
2004-05-20:  18k     Two weeks.
2004-06-01:  17k     Two weeks.
2004-06-20:  16k     Two weeks.
2004-07-01:  15k     Two weeks.
2004-07-20:  14k     One month.
2004-08-20:  13k     One month.
2004-09-20:  12k     One month.
2004-10-20:  11k     One month (predicted).

Here's hoping I can make SDK before Christmas.

I came across this pattern in a game today (2004-03-01). I proceeded to start playing like my normal patzer self soon afterwards, losing b5-c5 after the cut on d5, and letting all of the white groups live. Are any of them ``technically'' dead, though?

Thanks for reading.

Black to play -- who lives?  
The first thing that came to my mind  

Quacki : The monkey jump at B1 would kill the left white corner group. The stones with circle are basically alive (A white hane at W2, answered by B3 reduces the space to four in a row, which is alive). I did not read out (if possible to me) B1. There may the possibility that white can cut and kill one of the two squared groups.

The first thing that came to my mind  

Velirun: The corner will just wither away and die on its own - no provocation necessary. Next, you can aim at an invasion on the top. Either 3-3, a jump along the left side, or using the two cutting points top right will yield a fine result. Here's what may happen lower left:


Velirun: Poor corner...

(2004-04-14): I came across this seki in a game today; unusual since black has no eyes and white has two, rather than them sharing the same number. I was playing black, and white resigned at this point -- perhaps seeing that he couldn't play anywhere without checking to see whether it was the case that I couldn't either. :-) Does anyone else have unusual sekis to show off?

End position -- Black to play.  

wow this seki roxs. thx for posting a ginormous board. my friend unbiquity 2d had a sick seki in a tourney game. I don't remember which tourney, maybe Oza, maybe '04 US Open. -meditation

I don't know if you're still working on image2sgf, but I think GoCam might be interesting, since the program seems to recognise the grid from the image.

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