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[71] Web Pages

Player info accessible via the web

  • Allow player info that's seen on the client to be accessible via the web.

Design of the KGS pages

  • Redo the design of the kgs web pages. They could be more aesthetically pleasing, and they currently look a bit outdated when you consider today's web technologies.
    • But please keep them lightweight so I can use them from my cell phone.

English chat and game room side by side

  • Slug: the english chat room should open up side by side the english game room

Webpage with all the real names of KGS users

  • Tcha:It would be great if there was a webpage with all the real names given by kgs users, and their pseudo, so as we can see if somebody we know is registered on kgs...

online/offline status of user

  • Show online/offline status of user on archive page for that user.

More advanced archives search

  • Slade: It would be nice if more parameters could be used to search the game archives. The most useful off the top of my head would be to allow 2 player names that way you can find games between two players. Other things like rank, time frame, color and result could be useful as well.

Page with server status

  • Since this IS the wish list ... KGS is down right now, so I'm posting here instead of playing. :) A webpage that gave KGS server status (up/down, stats if up (# online, uptime, etc)) plus a message of the day would be great. That way I could check the web page and see "KGS down for maintenance 3-4pm PST".

gedh: That was the sort of rationale behind me creating KGSServerStatus tonight.

Time zone info, when request for games

  • Each time user requests to see games of particular person, ask for Time Zone and store this info on server, so that next time request is made, Time Zone defaults not to GNP, but to a particular Time Zone+
    • Better yet, defaulting Time Zone value returned to "show games" request to the Time Zone of the player.

Help pages while off-line

  • axd: The Help pages are a pity; is there a way to have help pages while off-line?

Help-wiki (DONE)

  • (Sebastian [7001]:) A way to work collaboratively on the KGS Web Pages, similar to the way we all contribute to SL. This has been discussed with wms.
    • RueLue: Help-wiki: this is up and running since 2007.

Show individual position of player, when requesting e.g. games

  • In addition to show 100 best players of KGS, show also individual position of player in question (upon search for games may be). For example one's position may be 545/10000, where 10000 is a number of registered users.+
    • RolandIllig: A similar thing would be a graph showing the relation of the rank to the percentage of weaker KGS users. The rank would be the Y axis, the percentage the X axis, and the actual graph would be a curved line starting at (0%,0) and ending at (100%,MAXRANK).

Statistics of how many ranked accounts without ?

  • toskana?: Show statistics of how many ranked accounts without ? are on KGS with a certain rank.

Links to the KGS pages in SL, links to the TOS

  • Joseba?: Add links to the KGS pages of SL (FAQ, Wishlist). Add links to TOS so that they can be easily found from the home page.

Highlight winner

  • jraitsev: Highlight winner in one color and loser in another. Right now one needs to mix'n'match to see who won the game, there is no easy visual way to tell

Switch graph page/archive page

  • sh: Link on rank graph page to switch to game archives page, and vice versa.

Hyperlink the player names

  • Hyperlink the player names (or at least the opponent's) in the game archive pages - initially to the archives of that player, later to the player's info page (see next request). This should be easily done, the name query input box below the page can remain. +
    • RueLue: the first part is done since years

Web-based player information archive

  • tealeaf: Another vote here for a web-based player information archive. For me, I would love it if I could have just a page that would return my current KGS rank so that I could embed it in webpages/.sig files on forums etc. Even just an addition to the rank graph page saying "Current Rank: <x> kyu" would be great.

User pics

Winner's name bold

  • Bold the winner's name in the game archive record.
    • (Sebastian:) We already have the bullet for that. If anything then instead, bold the opponent's name.
      • nachtrabe: I meant on the webpage, not in the client :)

XML, XML-RPC, game-history

  • alright, the XML wish is rejected but i didn't meant one big file with all the information.. my idea was that it would be nice to have an xml page also for every month.. this can be generated on the fly.. this way the programmers don't have to adjust their programs if you change something in the game list history. Although possible it's messy work to extract information out of the game history @ this moment.. so again.. the idea was to generate a page on the fly for every month if requested.
    • Perhaps what you are looking for is something similar to an XML-RPC interface?
    • excession: a way to simply obtain a user's current (or say at 00:00 the day before) rank through the web pages would be nice. As would a feed of game results in say RSS or similar. Instead of having to scrape a few dozen archive pages to get game history for statistical analysis.

KGS-TOS: "flooding"

  • jens: I think in the KGS Terms of Service (TOS) ([ext] it would be a good idea to be more specific about what "flooding" is. Does it make sense to prohibit "filling a chat area with text"? After all, isn't this what a chat area is for? And while I'm at it: I didn't find a link from the KGS help pages or from the download page to the TOS. It seems to me, that one has to download, start cgoban2 and log in before one has the chance to see what the TOS are.

raw data to develop or compare rating systems

  • It would be nice to have a downloadable text file available on the KGS web site with results of all games played on KGS to provide raw data for those who wish to develop or compare different Rating Systems and statistically test the assumptions they are based on. Currently there's pretty much nothing available anywhere on the net, and as the KGS games are available in the archive anyway, this would merely make the data more easily accessible, not change its availability as such. For maximum usefulness it would be good to include all information in the SGF files before the first move (i.e. no moves/variations/comments, but all other information) and the fields "start time" and "type" (ranked/free) from the KGS Game Archive. The data would not need to be processed much as its target audience is programmers who can do it themselves.

Strong Dan Watch

  • ww: 'A KGS Strong Dan Watch'. In addition to KGS Best 100 players, there could be a website, with more comparing statistics of strong KGS players. An example of a system:
    • It could only count 7dan/7dan? vs 7dan/7dan? as a minimum strength matchup. Adding handicap games e.g. 7dan vs 4dan could also work though
    • Free or Rated, whatever time settings.
    • todays-, this weeks-, this months- matches. This week's scoretable, this months scoretable, this years scoretable, all-time scoretable. Scoretables would include at least: wins/loses/current win or losing streak/longest win streak in that period/longest losing streak in that period), Also being able to separate Free and Rated games in the statistics could also be possible.
    • news, commenting or small message board?

Tournament pages

  • For the "by name / by results" page, make a full crosstable by adding columns to show results of each player by round. Example:
place  name     Rd1  Rd2  Rd3  Total   SOS   SODOS
  1    yoyoma   +2    +3   +4                           <-- Rd1 beat #2, etc
                 1     2    3    3       X      X
  2    player2  -1    +4   +3
                 0     1    2    2       X      X
  3    player3  +4    -1   -2
                 1     1    1    1       X      X
  4    player4  -3    -2   -1
                 0     0    0    0       X      X

yoyoma: I wrote a script to read the kgs tournament pages and create a crosstable. See an example of the KGS March 2008 Ironman tournament:

I don't any experience putting a perl script on a server and having it update the webpage automatically. It might be better if one of the existing KGS add-on sites incorported the script on their site. Contact me at yoyoma if you're interested.

Forums on

FabienO: I'd like to request a KGS forums on, I think it is best suited on their to gain more popularity, people don't want to go to some other unkown web address nor are they willing. It would be a great place for KGS updates, discussion (even wishlist is better suited there) tournament updates, KGS + updates... everything.

Cross links between user games and rank page

  • I would like to have a link from a user rank graph to his/her games and back.

[72] Help Pages Wiki (Help Translators)

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