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12. KGS User Info Window, User Data, User's Games Lists


Here we collect ideas for improvements and feature requests concerning the [ext] KGS user info (user profile).

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Unsorted ideas and requests

Add Scratch Pad

  • Tamsin: I would really like to have a page in my User info for making private notes in.

User info, rank graph: focus on one part of the rank graph

  • Lyon: It would be nice to be able to focus on one part of the rank graph, maybe just specfic months, or maybe just a magnification option for the part you click on. As people's accounts start getting older the rank graph gets real small :P.++-
  • It would be good to be able to download raw data of the rank graph.

Editor: rejoin branches, when position becomes identical

User info: chat tab

  • Shay 09/30/2008: By adding a chat tab to the player's info section, you could combine the "chat" option and the "see info" option -- a big time saver for all of us.

User info, games list: player's info in context menu

  • While looking at our list of games played, add an option to view the player's info (by clicking, not by typing their name into the View box)

User info: statistics

  • When looking at a player's profile, show total number of games, unfinished games and percentage of games played against equal and weaker players. Quick reference so one does not need to search the game list. Players become a better judge of the opponent being worthy instead of the 10% rule and the tilde system. ++++++
  • Win/Loss statistics, total games played, over different time intervals (wee, month, quarter, year, etc.)
  • Petri: I would like to get Win/Loss statistics, Joncol page provided them but obvoiously that was very inefficient way of generating those. Monthly Yearly win/loss for ranked?
  • Somehow be able to view your number of wins and losses against a particular player. Once this information was available, user's names could even be displayed differently according to whether you had never played them before, or you won against them more than you lost, or vica-versa.
    • This would have a dramatic (negative) effect on the accuracy of the ranks -
  • pernod?... why not give more info about any player by example : playername+total won games + total lost games + total unfinished games ?????
    • All the datas are on the server... would be more easy to spot faked pseudos ( few games ) escapers ( lots of unfinished ) and sandbaggers.

User info: it shows the language of the client UI, not the location of the user

  • Please get rid of the assumption that just because someone uses the english language version they are from the US (or Spain for Spanish, China for chinese etc.) Just replace it with a language (Chinese Language client, English Language client etc.)
    • This is not assumed. The feature merely reports what version of the client you are using - nothing more - nothing less.
    • Please show me where I can get an English english client instead of a US english client and I will download it and use it. Would it be really hard to add a question about where people are from as part of the installation? After the one about install directory, f'rinstance?
      • Nemir: Am I correct in guessing that this is an issue because the english language client is actually the "United States" client? If that is the case, isn't that adding a superfluous and possibly inaccurate label? Should it not simply be a language version rather than a country version? This was the gist of my original request.
        • The problem is with the locales supported by the Java programming language. There may be nothing that wms can do about this. - Migeru

User info: counter shows how many people have fanned the user

  • Create a counter on everyone's User Profile that shows how many people have fanned them. Just to see which players are more popular, and a fun fact for yourself. +

User info, private chat: a simple way to observe a user's current game

  • In user info and private chatbox, simple way to observe user's current game.+++++++++

User info window: "leave message" button

  • Here is a very simple (to program) UI improvement. provide a "leave message" button on the user info window (i.e. when I look at a user's profile) +

User info, private chat: leave message button

  • Leave message button on player info screen and in private chat screen when player has disconnected.++?++
    • Private chat button on player info screen when player is online. I missed it so pretty much. ++
    • Karl Knechtel: This would be one way of implementing "easy way to chat directly to a user".

User info: open a chat directly

  • gedh: The facility to open a chat with someone via their "user info" box would be nice. At present, if someone is logged in but isn't in any of the rooms you are in,you can't open a chat with them unless you enter a room they're in or find a game they're playing or observing and right click on their name.
    • blubb: You can (ab)use the "send message to" function from the user menue to start a chat to that person. In order to choose the wording appropriate to either chat or message, you may need to have a look at the user's info to see if s/he is logged in, first. (Right, that's a little awkward, and also you have to know, as well as to type in even twice, the exact nick spelling.)
      • gedh: I thought messages could only be sent to people currently not connected - The dialogue in the info box for "Leave Message" seems to confirm that. But yes, having tried it out, it works !
        • Agree about adding Talk To button on the user info window.

User info: by click on player nick

  • Gul: It would be nice if you can click on a persons name in chat for info. Right now you need to click on the persons name in the name list. I would like the same for the people playing a game (where there picture is shown).

User info: via shortcut

  • flip: I would really love a shortcut eg Ctrl-U to pickup a users information. Ctrl-N and Ctrl-Q are there so this can't be hard to implement and would be really great for those of us who hate switching between mouse and keyboard.
    • tapir: wms told somewhere on these pages, that he don't want to make it easy to collect personal information. Maybe that is a reason for this not being implemented.
  • Gzperi: Some more shortcuts would be very welcome yes.

User info: by search field

  • yzhh? I suggest adding a search field on top of players list. When you type part of a player's name there, those whose name contains what you typed remain in the list, others get filtered out. This is good for:
- finding a player whose name you don't remember quite well
- getting a player's information faster than "user -> user info". +

12.1 User Info Themselves

Tagged game feature: sort by tags

  • Oloril?: (2010-1-23) For the new tagged game feature it'd be useful to be able to sort by the name of the tags.

List of rooms that a player is in

  • Heretix: (2009-1-22) Show list of rooms that a player is in. When an item in the list is clicked, show more information on the room and a menu item to join the room.

Privat notes

  • kolban: (2008-10-18) I'd like to be able to make notes against a particular player that are visible only to me. For example, when I play someone and chat with them, I'd like to be able to make notes against their profile that show up only to me. For example, real names, places or anything that I want to record against them.

Chat tab

  • Shay?: (9/30/08): In player information window could you add a "Chat" tab. This will mean opening less windows and facilitate communication.

Chat: text input area shouldn't lose focus

  • gojira: I'd like the text caret (insertion point) to not leave the chat input text area. This is really annoying and a high user QOL issue to me. What really frosts me is it's darn easy to do under Java. Just setFocusable(false) on all other components in the window, and you're done. Old Motif programmers should not be concerned: Java uses its own event system and setting a component as non-focusable does not prevent it from receiving events. All your components will work just fine.

Menu user: search for username based upon real name or email address

  • Ability to search the user database. Currently you have to know someone's exact username to look up their info. Searching by (partial) real name, email address and even Notes would be useful. It might be nice to add a Location field too.+++
    • Matt Noonan: I'd also like to put a word of support for this idea. The IGS command "find" has been very helpful for finding players in my area who might not know about an existing flesh-and-blood club in the area. It would be nice if I could do my searching on KGS, too.
      • Adam Marquis Would this not be harder on kgs, with the option to hide e-mail addresses from other users? What percentage of the player population shows their e-mail? I do, however, like the location field and attached searchability. If somebody posts their location, they want people to know about it. This makes the whole thing seem less invasive to me.
  • Velobici: Ability to search for username based upon real name or email address. Sometimes, I know the person but not their name on KGS, would be nice to be able to find them on KGS via a search function.
    • I don't understand this request. If you know somebody and or their email address why can't you just ask them what their account is. I fail to see any benefit.
      • Albi: What to do if I only know my old go fellow's real name and I want to look for him on the KGS?

User info: show, which games the player is observing

  • iLoveSai: Able to view which games the player is observing.

User info: "the player is observing at least one game"

  • iLoveSai: Or, at least be able to tell that the player is observing at least one game. (IGS has this feature and I found it helpful.)

User info: option to set log-in status

  • iLoveSai: Have an option for the player to change log-in status such as: 1) interested in playing, 2) not open to games, 3) away from keyboard for five minutes, 4) all chats shut-off (so the other person knows you are not in a talking mood and that chats will automatically become a message to be read later), and etc. while logged on regardless of game playing status.+
    • ProtoDeuteric: What does this request have to do with file handling?
      • RueLue (2010): The actual page header says file handling / database use. Oh - and the sub chapter is "Userinfo". I think, it's o.k.

Game window: make names in game records live links or have option in context menu

  • Make names in game records live links so that clicking on one brings up the user info, or put this option in the right-click menu. ++++

Open games list: option to display user info in the context menu

  • Add option to display user info to the context menu of open games.

New game window: Display the number of unfinished games a player has

  • Display the number of unfinished games a player has in the last (say) 40 as a number next to their name. This need not be available in the right-hand players list, but should be given when a player opens a game offer up, or matches someones offer.

Picture: Remove own picture

  • Ability to remove a picture and go back to having no picture. Perhaps simply a checkbox in the Edit User Info window. ++++
    • Fwiffo: You can do this in an ugly hackish way by uploading a GIF file.
      • RueLue: For description and sample graphic see the [ext] tip in the KGS-FAQ
      • Tapir: The 1x1 grey gif given there, has a slightly different colour than the CGoban3 grey.

Picture: Select between last (e.g.) three approved pictures

  • This is probably total fluff, but if wms runs out of things to do, I would like to see maybe the last three approved pictures saved, with the user being able to select one (or none) on the fly. + +?

Picture: Allow to save the picture on the pc

  • Klaus: You could also allow to save the picture on the pc, for the lazy people who lose their pictures and can't find it back.
    • RueLue: What about the screen capture feature of your OS?

Picture: Relax the file size restriction on user images

  • Fwiffo: Relax the file size restriction on user images. The image dimension restrictions are fine, but 7k is a little on the cramped side for an image of that size. Space shouldn't be too much of an issue - a single saved SGF file is bigger than 7k on average, and many people have hundreds (or thousands) of those. Many web forums have a size limit of 7k for images that are 100x100 (or smaller) so 15-20k for a 141x200 image seems reasonable.+++

Language: List of languages, which you speak or understand (show flags?)

  • Have a list of languages from which you can choose the ones you yourself speak or understand sufficiently; then when you play against someone, review their userdata, or start a private chat, you could be warned (or verify manually) that you have no language in common. Symbols as flags next to handles to convey this? +++++?++
    • Nemir I disagree strongly with the flag symbols to display language. Should just have the language name. It will save on client real estate.
      • blubb As I understand the above idea, the flag wouldn't show the language explicitely but only the fact if there is at least one (that is, any) language common between you and the particular person.

View the whole rank graph, not just the past year

  • Anonymous: Being able to view the whole rank graph, not just the past year. wms currently only saves 400 days of graph data, however. +++++?

Rank graph - compare any two (or more ?)

  • Rank graph - compare any two (or more ?)

Zoom in the rank graph

  • Being able to zoom in the rank graph (for users which have become a lot better during the last year).+

Standard size of the games tab too narrow for all info

  • Left-Right Scrollbar in the user info / Games page. For the standard size, there is more information than can be displayed in the window.

Rank: Display rank to nearest tenth or hundredth (... export graph data)

  • Display rank to nearest tenth or hundredth. As in, 4k (4.35).
    • Tamsin: I don't like the sound of this idea. You'd get, for example, some 4.5ks only playing 4.7ks and above and refusing to play with 4.3ks.
      • tapir: Giving more detailed information (i.e. the actual rating points) causes no trouble on several other servers.
    • Fwiffo: I'd tend to agree - is the system even going to be accurate to within a 10th of a rank? Perhaps as an alternative for those who want this feature there could be a little indicator next to the rank if they're near a promotion or demotion (like the ? indicator, for example). A 6k that is about to get promoted might be 6k^ or 6k+, or a 5k bordering on getting demoted might be 5kv or 5k-.
    • Malweth: I like the tenths/hundredths but not in real time - allow people to export a CSV or other spreadsheet with the graph data. This would be ok for Tamsin's comment if you didn't allow the last 30 days to be exported. This'd be great for 3rd party graph tools.++

Rank: Show the rank confidence

  • blubb Show the rank confidence at the user info page. That would be not only interesting but also an instructive feedback. As a side effect, the [.?]-criteria (that is something like a rank confidence < threshold value) would become pursuable by everyone.+

Web: Better archive searches for accounts with lots of games

  • Better archive searches for accounts with lots of games. Gnugobot has been playing on average about 150 games per day. This means that there are now 300 pages of games, in a year there will be 3000 pages of games. This is not manageable. Anybody have ideas on what to do? For players with huge numbers of games, should we divide them up by year or month? Or can you think of a better way to present thousands of games convieniently? Letting people do a double-search - search based on both player's names - will make it easier to, for example, find all games somebody played against a robot, but it doesn't solve the problem of browsing the games.
    • Optional date range fields with a default being the last 30 days. Only the first 300 (or whatever number is appropriate) in the specific range are shown. Additionally the number of games in the range plus the total number of games can be shown. DrStraw +
    • (User info:) Cap the user info listing at something manageable, like 300 games, etc.. Add a link on user info listing tab to the web (?jsp) games listing. Make any necessary improvements to the web listing to handle a massive game history. -Joshual000
    • Along with that/alongside that, I'd like a feature allowing me to search for a game between 2 players based on both usernames (i.e. search for all games joshual000 vs gnugobot regardless of color) - Joshual000+

Expand the user record with some game statistics

  • bocephus Expand the user record with some buckets to keep track of number games played, number won, number unfinished, et cetera, both rated and free. Then when retrieving, a few simple calculations can give you your winning percentages. Could eventually be expanded to include different board sizes (at least 9x9, 13x13). I dabble in statistics and data exploration if you'd like more thoughts. Another possible bucket idea is to keep track of wins/losses based on time, resign and "on points". Large point differential bucket could also be tracked (e.g., when a player wins by 50 or more, increment the "sandbag" bucket. This could help in identfying "xxk?" players withs lots of wins, and with lots of high double/triple digit wins. If the SQL and computational code is done up right, I wouldn't envision much overhead. Generating ASCII graphics would be fairly easy: imagine bringing up some nice histograms or box and whisker diagrams.

In a user's games list, his own name is superfluous

  • axd: when consulting a user's game record, his/her name in the list is superfluous and space-taking.-
    • Nemir: Doesn't it indicate who played as black or white?
    • yes, but no need to see player name. it would me easyer to read if there is only opponent (his name), color (black or white), win (loss by resign 1,5 etc.. or win...) and why not with under-text color like other ideas or little icons.

Interesting to see the rank graph with number of games

  • excession: Rank Graph - it would be interesting to see this with # of games along the x axis rather than (I mean, as well as) the date ++

Color-code the games by win/loss, more statistics in general

  • Color-code the games by win/loss for the user who's list it is. Or better yet, more stats in general. Win/loss percentage by date, opponent, etc.? +++++++
    • Fwiffo: Yeah, just more basic stats would be great. Total games played, games as black/white, wins/loses, free/rated games, average opponent strength, etc. It could get really elaborate (how many games did I play as black when I was 15k?), but just some basics would be an improvement. Right now, it's hard to even find out how many games someone's played.+
    • pedro:If anyone is interested I started writing a program to extract and analyse the game records for this kind of data.

When playing: ability to show a history of previous games against that opponent

  • kolban: When playing a game against an opponent, have the ability to show a history of previous games that I have had against that player. The master list of all games that I play and he plays is too long to find our previous encounters.
    • Hu: While there may be some merit in the idea that would balance the extra complication, in the meantime, one can sort the games list alphabetically (right click menu) to find the encounters with you.
    • wrex: I'd like to second (third?) the request, though. Sorting by name is a nice tip (thanks, Hu) but it still takes a while to find your name in a long list (especially since you have to look in two different columns). It would be particularly lovely if the pulldown for "Show rated games only"/"Show all games" also included an option for "Show only your games".

Error message for "User info too long" (1500 characters = oct.2010) could tell the count of characters

  • axd: (nice to have) current user info input is limited to 1000 chars. If more entered, the error message should not only mention the 1000-char limit, but also tell how much was entered in excess (that's why we have computers, to do the calculations for us): it's nice to know how much chars are needed to be removed to make it fit.+

Users list: context menu for a user could have the option to open an ongoing game

  • galopin?: A feature in the context menu from the user list to open the current game of the player if applicable. Because, for the moment, we need to open te user info and go to the game list to check this.
    • I put my cent: +

Users list: mark the currently playing users

Albi: Please mark the currently playing users on the user list.

Games tab doesn't show all info (just resize the window!)

  • In the Games tab of user info, it would be great if the full result of each game was displayed instead of just a mark indicating who won. A small fifth column that is similar to the last column in the game list of any chat room (e.g. the one that displays "B+Res." or "W+23.5") would be ideal.
    • glue: try resizing the user info window, maybe you'll see that 5th column. Note, there is also a 6th one...
    • What do you know; there it is. I checked the help file though and although I could be blind, I didn't see documentation for this feature. Thanks for letting me know it's there!

Unfinished games: indicate the move number

  • For unfinished games you could indicate the current move number.

Time (and date) of games as both local time and UMT (? GMT ?)

  • ThaddeusOlczyk: I believe that in the User Info game times are listed as local time. It would be nice if times were listed as both local time and UMT. It would also be nice if there was a small UMT clock someplace on CGoban2. It would help a lot when interacting with people in different countries.

Option in the context menu of a game: load directly for offline review

  • Ansgar?: In the Games tab, make it possible to review a game offline. Reviewing online is sometimes slow due to network lag, and first downloading and then opening the file is too uncomfortable. ++
    • LithiumTwo: I agree, I am constantly doing this - it's a bit annoying
    • Bisqwit: Me too. I am often creating myself a private room so I can review others' games there without having to advertise them to others who happen to be on a same channel. Regardless, it creates excess network traffic and lag, and it would be nice if it worked the same way as it does when the option is presented when viewing an open game.

Buddy list: more columns

  • Albi: The buddy list window is wide enough to show the list multi column. I've got a lot of buddies and I have to scroll the list. (A bit lazy! ;-) )

Let me see, if I have played a person before

  • How about the ability to see if I have played this person before. I often recogmize a name and wonder if we have had a game in the past.

(any) Users list: show nationality

  • Maaaarius?: I would like KGS (the Go client) to have a column showing everyones nationality. Either in front, or behind the nick. This could be a two letter country code like US, NO, DK, UK, SE, or a small flag showing which country each player is from. If it's a two letter country code there should be a list over the codes in the client, or at the website. If you use flags instead, maybe a "mouse over" could be used to show the "name" of the country since not everyone knows every flag. It's actually very interesting to see what kind of people you play against, and maybe you find a new Go-player from your country.
    • RueLue: The clients (and server) only know of a language, which the client uses, so there is no difference between e.g. UK and US.

Possibility to delete your account

  • Isumisan1?: I think, that a possibility to delete your account, in your info, would be useful. Someone who has more nicks and doesn't use them, could easily delete them. But I am not sure, whether it is possible. +
    • RueLue: Now (2010) and since years: don't login for 6 month and the server deletes your account (your games are kept in the archive). ...but if you want it very fast: be really rude to any admin :-)

Buddies and other lists: allow to add privat notices

  • backpacker? : When I add someone to my buddy list or to my censor list, allow me to enter a short note on why they are on the list. +

12.2 Games List - Sorting

Sort user's game list by any of the columns

  • knakts: (2006-04-12) Ability to sort user's game list by any of the columns would be very handy. ++

Sort out the unfinished games

  • rainier: It'd be nice to have the ability to sort out the unfinished games in the games list so that you wouldn't have to search for the italisized text.
    • DrStraw: This is already available - use the resume button.
      • Ruediger: Maybe someone wants to avoid to play against an escaper?

User info: sort by not only ranked and all games

  • iLoveSai: Under Games Tab (when lookin at someone's list of games) to be able to sort by not only ranked and all games, but also by T, P, D and W (won games) L (lost games). ++

Games list: more filters

  • mgoetze: Next to the combo box for filtering the game list (currently "all games" or "rated only", a nice addition might be "9x9 only" and/or "19x19 only"), there should be another combo box with options such as "no colors", "color by time setting" (e.g. ultrablitz=red, blitz=orange, normal=black), "color by handicap" (red=overhandicapped, blue=underhandicapped) or "color by result" (blue=win, cyan=win on time, red=loss, orange=loss on time, black=jigo). This would make it much easier to get an idea about what kind of games a certain player plays "at a glance".
    • blubb: Supposedly more difficult to implement, yet more informative than just coloring and/or multiple game selection combo boxes (and probably easier to handle, as well): Make the list sortable by clicking at column headers, where each single information (i. e. date, own color, winner, loser, result, rated/free/demo, size, handicap etc.) gets a separate column, even if it is rather narrow.

Sort games, secondary sorts

  • Option to sort game records according to result. Secondary sorts. Put column headings over the columns and then clicking on those can control the sort, with the previous sort being the secondary sort. +++++

More filtering options

  • Have more filtering options in the games record (free games, unfinished, demo, simul, won, lost games).+

Games List - Filter

12.3 Tagged Games List

12.4 Rating Graph

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