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Go Resources on the Net

The internet is a rich place for Go information. here a list, for playing on the internet see the page go servers and Turn based go servers

Please add your own site's URL. If you need another category, then just create it. Go Clubs and Associations are at Go Places. Blogs are at Go blogs. See also HomePages and Names In Go.

1. Portals, link collections and other general pages

AllAboutGo ([ext]
General Go resource site with a blog and articles by professionals, lessons, resources/tools, image and literature gallery, Go history overview and more.
Gobase ([ext]
Tons of tournament news, game records, articles, player biographies, go dictionaries, links and so on. Also offers a replay feature where you can guess the next move in a professional game and get some feedback on how close to the right spot you are.
GoClubsOnline ([ext]
A rich suite of integrated web-based tools ([ext] SaaS) for managing club activities. The main features cover on-line registration of club tournaments and events, tournament pairings (AGA Certified), club membership management, club library catalog, club game results and a dashboard for tables and charts of membership trends, tournament and event stats.
Go Magic ([ext]
A modern online platform for learning Go. Interactive courses, tree of skills, tools and materials.
Life in 19x19 ([ext]
Forum site exclusively for Go players.
Go4Go ([ext]
A site that hosts a large SGF game database and covers all major professional Go tournaments. Community functions (e.g. forums) are also available. Registration is free.
GokifuCom ([ext]
Another games database, anyone can upload games, dynamically updated, provides additional features for Kifu posting blogs/forums
Go to Everyone (formerly "Mr. Kin's") ([ext]
Worldwide game results.
Go Games World? ([ext]
Asian Go news and commented professional games. English portal with strong ties to Chinese Go (Wei Q'i).
China Weiqi Net? ([ext]
A portal in Chinese language.
Newsgroup ([ext] news://
The usenet group about go. Also accessible and searchable via [ext] google groups.
Go Sensations ([ext]
news from and about go servers
Russian Go Portal ([ext]
Russian news, photos, game records, tournaments etc.
321Go ([ext] (Dutch)
A Dutch website containing a very good study program with hundreds of problems of many sorts. Dutch Go players should really check this out!
SuomiGo ([ext]
Finnish Go wiki.
a Chinese portal ([ext]
A portal based in Shenzhen, China.

; [ext] Webring has a [ext] game of go ring

PocketGo? ([ext]
General English-Language Go resource site with forum and community software, free downloads of commented english games, and a NNGS server.

2. Introductory Go material

Interactive Way to Go ([ext]
Interactive Java tutorial, begins at the "50 kyu" level; available in many languages (for many languages it is the only Go introduction available)
Go - The most challenging board game in the World ([ext]
A very readable BGA introduction of 1999 as PDF. Covers everything from history to Rules.
Tel's Go Notes ([ext]
First steps for people who know the rules of Go (or think they do), but don't see how that helps them become Go players.
unkx80's How To Play Go ([ext]
Another tutorial for beginners.
Kyu2Dan Introduction to Go ([ext]
The Kyu2Dan's introduction to the Go-rules with do-it-yourself parts in order to ensure the rules are understood.
The Wonderful World of Go ([ext]
Flash introduction made by SL's own Scartol.
[ext] Go: Life Itself
Very nice introductory article (history, philosophy, rules, ...)
Tips for Learning Go ([ext]
Some thoughts on how to get started (as opposed to what the rules are).

3. Study

Study Assistance Software
another page on SL with study links and resources.
Drago ([ext]
problem and game replayer, GNU Go client, SGF editor, kifu and diagram printer, Windows freeware.

; 101 WeiQi. ([ext]
More than 7000 well organized life-and-death, joseki, fuseki, endgame, etc. problems for you to solve, and you can contribute your own stumpers. Uses java.
Josekipedia ([ext]
An open and community contributed joseki database.
JosekiCat ([ext]
A study tool to build and practice your joseki repertoire.
BruGo ([ext]
A website entirely dedicated to the study of joseki. Contains joseki dictionary and references to professional moves, joseki problems and recommended joseki lists.
Guo Juan's Internet Go School ([ext]
Online Go teaching school, recorded audio Go lectures.
Black To Play ([ext]
Tsumego page with 1000+ problems and one new daily problem each day.
Go Test ([ext]
20 problems and rank estimation at the end
Hitachi Tsumego ([ext]
Each week (biweekly from April 2018) Minoru Harada provides one easy and one hard Go-problem in this page.
Daily Yomiuri
A large (280) collection of weekly columns about Go. The level varies from absolute beginner to intermediate, mostly with problems. The first 46 columns were written by Richard Bozulich, after which it was taken over by Rob Van Zeijst. Archives are linked from The Magic of Go Yomiuri Shimbun article.
BiGo Assistant ([ext]
BiGo Assistant is Go (Baduk, Weiqi) games (professional and amateur) database software with more than 2 500 000 game records in the Full version. It allows searching by fuseki, joseki, positions and game information.
uliGo ([ext]
A program to practice solving life&death and tesuji problems. Some problems are available; you can also use your own problems (in SGF format).
kombilo ([ext]
Kombilo can search for (both wholeboard or smaller) patterns in the .sgf-game collections you have on your hard disk. Very useful for studying, or just to browse throught your game collection looking for an interesting fuseki. It has also been discussed here on SL.
Sanrensei ([ext]
Sanrensei fuseki - Is it a good choice for you? Go test, created by Alexander Dinerstein , 3-dan professional
My Friday Night Files ([ext] of Jan van Rongen
1400 games of Cho Chikun; 150 games of Yamashita Keigo; 100 Hikaru no Go related games and other study material.
Fuseki Info ([ext]
Online version of the BiGo Assistant Profi - professional Go games database (more than 95,000 game records). Contains game records, game lists, fuseki and joseki trees.
Fuseki Info for KGS Go Server ([ext]
Online database of games played on KGS Go Server (more than 75,000 game records). Contains game records, game lists, fuseki and joseki trees.
Go (Weiqi, Baduk) Rules ([ext]
Thorough study of Rules, Commentaries, Examples, etc.
Goama ([ext]
International Go Newsletter. Go news, theory, trick moves, commented games, go books and equipment reports, pro players interviews
Go game softwares ([ext]
Windows and mobile (Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Symbian, Java) go game software.
The tsume-go social gathering ([ext] (Japanese)
Collection of tsumego problems. Click on the 'English' button; they want translation volunteers.
Sorin Gherman's Go lessons ([ext]
series of articles/lessons by Sorin Gherman, amateur 6 dan
BadukMovies ([ext]
A weekly screencast about various baduk topics
GoKibitz ([ext]
A place to read and post game records where you can post comments on individual moves. Great for getting advice on your games and giving tips to others.

4. Saved (and commented) games on the Internet

See Go databases.

Book of Commented Games by Go Seigen ([ext]
Book about games of Go Seigen with comments. Made with LaTeX. Available as PostScript and PDF. Also SGF-files available.
byheart ([ext]
All games of Go Seigen and some games of Honinbo Shusai and Takemiya Masaki and more.
!FTP-site of IGS ([ext]
See the [ext] README for more information.
Fuseki Info? ([ext]
Online version (beta) of the [ext] BiGo Assistant Profi.
Games of Go on Disk? ([ext]
A very large database of professional go games.
GokifuCom ([ext]
Pro games collection, recent games from European Tournaments.
Go4Go ([ext]
72,525 pro games (as of March 12, 2018), with new games added on a continuous basis. Most can be downloaded for free (with a monthly limit). The entire database may be purchased for €9.99 Euros. The purchase price includes weekly updates for one year. The updates are sent by email, usually on Sunday. You are entitled to download the entire database again when and if you renew your database subscription for another year.
GoBase ([ext]
Free registration required for access. New registrations must be manually approved by Jan van der Steen.
Go Games (Brouwer, Andries) ([ext]
60000 professional games in SGF format. Free.
Go Game World ([ext]
Commented games available with a yearly subscription fee. Just over one thousand commented pro games currently. Affiliated with
The Honinbo Game Collection ([ext]
Games played in the Honinbo match from 1941 to 1995.
The Killer Of Go Companion ([ext]
Games of Sakata Eio vs. Kato Masao.
My Friday Night Files ([ext]
Many games of Cho Chikun, in particular.
Professional Games in Smart Go Format ([ext]
(Müller, Martin) - Note that this page features game collections in single SGF files, which many SGF Readers do not support well. SmartGo does.
Partien aus der Deutschen Go-Zeitung ([ext]
German, collected by the author of Jago.
Sorin Gherman's Commented Go Games ([ext]
Commented games as an insei.

5. Computer Go

See Go Playing Programs for links to individual programs

This list is only about general computer go resources

the currently (may 2010) most uptodate computer go reference list.
computer go mailinglist
CGOS - A Go Server Just for Computers
Online Go against the pc. There is also a 9x9 board available.
past computer Go tournament results, etc.

{old links}

Michael Reiss' page (archived, see ([ext]
probably the best informed and most recently updated list of computer go resources. (18 May 2002).
The Computer Go Ladder ([ext]
OpenGo ([ext]
A workbench for programmers interested in the challenges of writing smart go opponents. Includes some built-in Go opponents for users to play, and has support for pipe and modem players.
David Mechner's page ([ext]
The Burmeister-Wiles article ([ext]
An Introduction to the Computer Go Field and Associated Internet Resources.
Russian blog about useful Go programs ([ext]

6. Sites to play Go

See Go Servers.

7. Miscellaneous

Go IRC channel
List of IRC channels about Go
The Art of Go ([ext]
A small collection of digital art (made by Scartol) relating to Go.
Goban Screensaver ([ext]
Plays back historic games (Linux only).
Go books in English ([ext]
A searchable bibliography of all books written in English
Go game search engine ([ext]
Go Search Engine with 99% of all Go sites included.
Go books in french ([ext]
The Go books written in french, published in France, Québec, and Belgium. No books yet from Switzerland, ...
Photos from Korea ([ext]
Funny pictures from Korea.
New Go forum with diagrams ([ext]
International Go forum, sgf and jpg file supports.
AGF Tiger's Mouth ([ext]
Go site for kids and teens. Features a comic strip of the same name.

TV Tropes has a page on Go ([ext]

Slack team for Go fans ([ext]

8. Go Blogs

See Go Blogs.

9. Other Wikis

Sensei's Tournament Library ([ext]
A European Go Congress Organisers Handbook
Tour Bus Stop
Visit other wikis (not necessarily related to Go)
Wiki Node

See also GoWikiWiki.

10. Facebook Pages On Igo, Weiqi, Baduk, Go

See Facebook Pages On Igo, Weiqi, Baduk, Go

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