Go-Playing Programs

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This is a list of computer programs that play go. These are distinct from Go Clients, which allow a human to play go using a computer. For other types of programs and software that don't play, see Go Programs. A computer program playing online is called a "bot" or "gobot".

Table of contents

Current programs

Programs of Historic Interest

Other programs

Go Playing Programs, playing on go servers:

Many different programs play on KGS on a constant basis. See KGSBots for a list of bots playing there. Of course, bots can also be found on other servers such as DGS or OGS.

GUIs for Go-playing programs

These programs can be used as graphical front-end to any Go-AI, that support GTP and/or GMP. Some of them have other features, like IGS/NNGS-client or SGF-viewer and -editor, too:

see Go client for a complete and more up to date list.

  • Drago : Windows editor/replayer interfaced with GTP engines
  • GoGui : In Java?. Has many features useful to Go program developers.
  • Quarry : An open-source GTP 2 client and SGF editor.
  • Sente Goban : An OS X editor and client that includes GnuGo.
  • SmartGo : Supports GTP.
  • Sabaki : Front end GUI for playing go with support for GTP engines.

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