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BruGo is an online joseki dictionary and collection of go tools.
The dictionary can be used as an index to Sensei's Library. Most sequences have a direct link to the matching SL Joseki page. These links are available with tiny "SL" images underneath the sequence diagrams.

[ext] http://www.BruGo.BE

Next to the classic navigation tools BruGo's joseki dictionary displays sequence diagrams. The content is mostly based on occurence in professional games. Missing variations can be added by visitors. It's also possible to enable professional moves (There's a collection of about 3 million professional go positions.).

Since 27 May 2011 There's also an iPad application available which offers an offline version of brugo. It has a slightly different look and feel but has very powerful features. [ext]

Current features
  • Browsing of corner sequences. Some sequences are commented
  • Possibility to add moves/sequences (confirmation by administrators required).
  • Links to Sensei's Library pages
  • Listings of recently added joseki, hamete (overplays).
  • Randomly generated Joseki problems.
  • Forum with diagram support (currently offline)
  • References to "similar positions".
  • A listing of joseki ordered by rank/difficulty.
  • > 3,000,000 professional go positions.
Examples of content

Besides offering classic joseki. These are some of the sequences you will probably not find in any other book or dictionary.

Controversial situations  

Usually black answers W1 by jumping out to B3. But what if black jumps out from the other side?

Browse continuation and variations [ext] at BruGo (direct link to this sequence)

Modern korean sequences  

This sequence is often seen in modern Korean games. The sequence comes to an end after a and b.

Browse continuation and variations [ext] at BruGo (direct link to this sequence)

Expected in future
  • Got an interesting idea? : e-mail to

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