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This is a list of computer programs or internet sites that can help you study. Some offer interactive study problems, some solve problems you setup. They are not fully functional go playing programs. For other programs see Go Programs.

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Internet Sites

  • [ext] Waltheri - free go pattern search engine.
  • [ext] BruGo -- online joseki dictionary
  • EidoGo -- Web-based joseki tutor and SGF replayer
  • [ext] fuseki info : Online version of the BiGo Assistant Profi - professional Go games database (more than 48,000 games). Contains game records, game lists, fuseki and joseki trees.
  • Go Game Assistant : Online version of the Go Game Assistant - A comprehensive tool for Go games. It can help you play, study , comment a game with reference inserts, play online, record, print, manage Go files, convert different formats, and it even includes coaching courses. CD include (more than 35,000 games).
  • [ext] Go Guess a guess the next move program from the same author as Go Tools
  • [ext] -- A modern tsumego web app, in early stages of development.
  • [ext] Guo Juan's Internet Go School -- Online Go teaching school, recorded audio Go lectures.
  • [ext] Kiseido Digital Books -- online commentaries of master games, using animated go boards
  • Zbaduk - Offers review tools with AI capabilities. Uses LeeLa Zero.

Programs (that run on your local computer)


  • - sorts the problems from in order of the rank - for linux users.
  • sortProblemsByRank.bat - accomplishes the same as but for windows xp users.

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