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The [ext] TOM go server (棋圣道场) is (was?) a popular Chinese-language go server with many strong players, including professionals. The [ext] website has a daily tsumego problem as well as game records from many professional games...most game records are freely viewable.

Installation instructions for English users

mdm: The instructions below are outdated. While registering an account is still tricky, TOM now provides an English client. Just download the normal client. It will show the installer in Chinese, but if you click through it and have a non-Chinese Windows it will display the client in English.

For those of you who can't read Chinese, here are instructions for registering with TOM. In using the server, you may find it helpful to use [ext] Google's Translation Tools or [ext] Mandarin Tools. Feel free to fill in missing details or provide clarification.


Download the TOM client installer from [ext] While it downloads, continue with the following steps.

Register as a new TOM user

  1. Open this URL: [ext]
  2. Enter a username in the first field (用户名).
  3. Enter a password in the second field (密码), and again in the third field (确认密码).
  4. In the fourth field (保护邮箱), enter your email address.
  5. Fifth field (提示问题) is a "prompt question" which I presume is for when you forget your password. I did not bother to translate any of the dropdown options but if you feel inclined, go ahead. I just left it on the first option.
  6. "Prompt answer" is the sixth field (提示答案). Must be 8-18 characters in length. I just made something up.
  7. The seventh field is an identification number (证件号码). Making up a number should work here.
  8. In the eighth field (验证码), input the letters and numbers shown in the image to the right. Formerly this was a Chinese character displayed to the right. If you see this, it might be helpful to use [ext] Mandarin Tools, which will let you look up Chinese characters (which are called "hanzi" NOT "kanji") by drawing them.
  9. The radio button at the end asks you to agree to the TOM terms of service. Just leave it on the default.
  10. Submit the form by pressing the left button on the bottom of the form.
  11. If all goes well, you should see a page with a bunch of buttons, some blinking text, and another form -- this means you were successful. If you get a page with only a line of text, something went wrong. Copy and paste the text into Google's translation tool to find out what the problem is.

Register a TOM Go Server account

  1. (You need both a TOM account and a TOM Go Server account.)
  2. Open the URL [ext] but replace XXXXX with the username you registered above.
  3. In the first field in the form on the right, enter the username you'd like to use. Make sure it is lowercase and 5 characters in length. Other combinations don't seem to work.
  4. The second field is your rank. It goes from 10级 to 1段 (i.e. 10k to 1d). Unless you are sure, it might be best to leave it at 10级
  5. The third field allows you to upload a picture or to use an animal picture according your birth year (chicken, goat, monkey, etc.).
  6. The rest of the fields are optional so I didn't bother to fill them in. Feel free to translate them for yourself.
  7. Submit the form by pressing the left button on the bottom of the form.
  8. If all goes well, the URL displayed in the browser should change to read [ext] and a warning message will not be displayed

Verify or Install Chinese (PRC) Support

  1. If you are using Windows XP, you will need to make sure the following is done before you install the Tom client, or the fonts won't appear properly and the program itself may not work.
  2. Click on start, then on Control Panel.
  3. Make sure you are displayed in Classic View.
  4. Open Regional and Language Options.
  5. On the Languages tab, make sure that the "Install files for complex scripts..." and "Install files for East Asian languages" boxes are checked. If they aren't, you may be asked to insert your Windows CD to install them.
  6. Click "OK".

Install Microsoft AppLocale (Windows XP)

  1. Read the SL page on Microsoft's AppLocale.
  2. Download the AppLocale software and install it.
  3. Optionally, apply the patch to disable the warning dialogue.

Install the TOM client

  1. Once the client installer has finished downloading, run it using Microsoft AppLocale. Run AppLocale and select "Launch an application" (not "Add and Remove Programs"), then browse to the location of the installer file that you just downloaded and run it. In the drop-down box to select the language of the application, select the Simplified Chinese option: 中文(简体).
    (If the installation crashes (probably because of an unexpected security prompt), you may need to extract the installer "TomWeiqi.exe" into a separate folder and run "Setup.exe" from there instead.)
  2. Click "Next". Do not create a shortcut to always run the application with AppLocale. Click "Finish".
  3. Go through the install procedure, accepting the default options. When finished, delete the new "Tom对弈" shortcuts from your desktop and Start Menu; you won't be using them.
  4. You now need to run the newly-installed program through AppLocale. Run AppLocale, then browse to the newly-installed program file. The location for this defaults to C:\Program Files\Tom对弈\LiveBaduk.exe. Again, select 中文(简体) as the language. This time, do create a shortcut to always run the application with AppLocale. This will now be added to the Desktop, and to the "AppLocale" menu in your Start Menu. From now on, the program will run correctly in its native language.
  5. On running the software, you should see a dialog box pop up prompting you for a username and password. Enter the username and password you created above, and you should be in.

Using the client

  1. 挑战 means challenge.
  2. 接受 means accept.
  3. 拒绝 means reject.

While playing a game (tentative translation)

悔棋 Undo; 放弃一手 Pass; 开始数目 Start counting; 消清除死... Remove dead stones; 申请和棋 Request for a drawn game; 认输 Resign;

Any extra information here would be helpful and appreciated!


unkx80: Too bad the Windows client is non-Unicode, and when I tried using the web client, it didn't install. Since I work mostly in English and setting the default langage of Windows to Chinese changes the behaviour of many applications, I find that I don't play on TOM.COM often.

mdm: If you are using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, Microsoft provides a tool called [ext] AppLocale that allows you to choose the "Language for non-Unicode programs"-setting on a per-program basis.

tealeaf: I have altered the instructions above to show how to use AppLocale instead of changing the system setting. I've also just added an AppLocale page to explain it, and to link to a patch that disables the warning dialogue that pops up whenever you run AppLocale. I think this is a better option for most users, as changing the system locale causes a lot of other problems (such as a lot of driver software installing in Chinese rather than English, and conflicts with other non-English software that you may have installed. It also saves a reboot.)

Anon: Has anyone tried this recently, i get as far as creating the Tom user and a Tom weiqi ID. I can then login via the webpage but cannot get logged into the client. I have the same problem with Tygem and there is no response to numerous emails I have sent them for help. Anyone point me in the right direction or offer assistance please.

DangoMouse: Are you using Internet Explorer? It doesn't work well with other browsers. Tygem ignored my emails too :(. I've made a number of accounts on TOM for myself/friends in the past so if anyone needs some advice about registering ask me on KGS when i'm not busy if you like.

Spirit: It seems it's necessary to use lowercase letters when registering. Also this might come in handy: [ext]

Tamsin: Having attempted to register without success, because I couldn't make a workable "credential number", I used the google translation tool. It seems that this number is supposed to be a Social Security Number. If you make one up, then presumably it's actually a real person's SSN somewhere in China. I'm not sure I like doing this. What if it creates inconvenience for the person whose number you've accidentally used? I mention this because I remember reading years ago about a boy who bought an expensive item on the internet using a fake credit card number that he had made up. The fraud was only uncovered when some poor Argentinian chap looked at his statement to discover that he'd purchased a Ferrari (or somesuch)...

Tamsin, if you used the above instructions as a guideline, then you were using an outdated version. This may had caused you to enter the credential number in the wrong field. It's updated now so hopefully that will help. Anyway, don't be afraid of using someone else's credential number. It doesn't seem to check whether or not it's valid, so you can make simply enter a random string of numbers. Good luck.

light the credential number i made up was 16 digits and that worked

In order to PLAY on the server, just doubleclick on any of the players in the top right-hand window and click on the big green "yes" button at the bottom of the new window.

knakts: How can I change my password there? It seems I've entered a password consisting of 11 characters, but TomWeiqi accepts no more than 10. (OK, I found it: [ext]

zozodeb: Isn't the section "Register as a new TOM user" outdated? It mentions 8 fields when there are only 6. I filled fields on lines 1, 2, 3, 4, clicked on the box at the bottom and got something that looks like an error message. Can anybody help?

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