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[ext] GoClubsOnline is rich suite of web-based tools for managing club activities. The main features cover on-line registration of club tournaments and events, tournament pairings, club membership management, club library catalog, club game results and a dashboard for tables and charts of membership trends, tournament and event stats.

GoClubsOnline includes a Pairings Module for running tournaments that is AGA Certified Compliant - the first to be given that distinction.

Anyone can create a free Personal Account and register for any tournament or event offered by any participating club.

Club Administrators can register a Club Account for a nominal annual fee.

AGF approved Teaching Programs can register a Club Account for a discount on the nominal annual fee.

The purpose of GoClubsOnline is to help club organizers and volunteers, and relieve them of much of the burden of organizing a club and its tournaments and events thus giving them more time to play go.

Club Organizers can track club membership with reports and timely email reminders of expiration. Adobe Reader (.pdf) membership cards can be printed singly or in bulk to distribute to club members. The cards can include membership level, expiration date and reminders of club meeting times and places.

Tournament Organizers (Club Administrators) can use the web site for the entire operation of a tournament from on-line tournament registration including capturing lunch orders through club membership sales to complete round management and pairings. Tournament Directors can choose from a wide variety of option when managing pairings. A tiebreakers report provides instant access to winners in specified bands. For AGA rated tournaments results can be emailed directly to the AGA for inclusion in the AGA ratings system. For EGF rated tournaments, results (the wallist) can be exported for later import into the European Go Database.

Alternatively, players lists can be exported for import into the popular pairings programs.

After a tournament, Adobe Reader (.pdf) prize certificates can be generated on the fly and printed for awards. For AGA rated tournaments AGA fees due are calculated and application forms can be printed for every new member that registered online or new membership data can be emailed directly to the AGA.

Club Librarians can keep an eye on the club's library books, maintain the club's catalog, and track borrowing to see which publications are most popular.

Club Members can record game results for future reference and handicap determination, or approve results for submission to the AGA ratings system. Club Members can check-out and check-in Library Publications.

Club Bean Counters can verify whether a tournament made money or not or see if the club as a whole made money or not. Reports and pie charts provide a comprehensive view of a club's or a tournament's finances. The variety of book-keeping tools is fully integrated with the club's tournaments and club memberships.

Club Webmasters can show the GoClubsOnline tournament listings in their own club web pages with some simple HTML or if needed, a plugin for [ext] WordPress based sites. The listings provide details of each tournament and links for registering.

See [ext] www.goclubs.org for more information.

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