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Guo Juan's Internet Go School is a commercial collection of lectures maintained by Guo Juan 5p. The collection contains more than 500 lessons and game commentaries by professionals.

Each lecture is around half an hour, though some of the game commentaries may be longer. They consist of a [ext] Java applet that provides audio and a synchronized with a computer displayed goban.


Sample courses

Several courses of study are being offered, some samples:

  • Pro game reviews. Over hundred games have been reviewed thus far (as of Spring 2010), including games by Go Seigen and recent title matches (as the black+circle Card Cup, Chunlan Cup, Mingren, Honinbo) or international team tournaments (as the Nongshim Cup).
  • Step by step course, consisting of 15 lectures for students from 30 kyu to 1 dan by Guo Juan 5p
  • How to win a won game course, consisting of 10 lectures for students from 10 kyu to 5 dan by Yan An 7p and Guo Juan 5p
  • All about the star-point course, for students from 10 kyu to 5 dan by Guo Juan 5p
  • All about the 3-4 point course, for students from 10 kyu to 5 dan by Guo Juan 5p
  • Opening Training course, Level A for students from 30 kyu to 1 kyu by Hu XiaoLing 2p and Guo Juan 5p
  • Wu ZhaoYi 9p class, covering how to play josekis, how to keep balance of the game, winning tesujis, efficiency of the stones, etc.
  • Shen Jing 2p class, teaching important fundamentals (direction of play, leaning attacks, using thickness, etc.)

The cost, as of August 2014, is 1 euro per lecture which may then be accessed for one month. Alternatively a year membership - giving access to all lessons - is available for the price of 99 euro. 3 sample lectures are available for free.


Gringo: These lessons helped me a lot! I already improved a few stones (I'm around 20k) from only 5 lessons (so 5 euro). Note that there are 7 free lectures at this moment.

GrandYan: The requirements mentioned on the website are a bit too high. I tried viewing one of the sample lessons on a 333 MHz PC with 156 MB RAM, using Java 1.4. It worked fine. I could even open a few other programs (used Firefox as the browser). Anyone know if it can go any lower? Thanks.

SirBowen?: I can't recommend this site highly enough; it's become my main daily site, to check if anything new has posted. The pro game reviews are better than anything else I've seen in English, for-fee or otherwise. The lessons are clear and comprehensive, covering a wide range of material that it's hard to find elsewhere.

Crazyfish?: I am going to try to maintain a summary wiki page for the audio go lectures, Audio Go Lecture Site Course Summaries. Please add to the summary wiki as you continue to listen to the online lectures.

tapir: Discovered it only recently (after getting over the obstacle to send some money) and like it very much.

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