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Chinese: 棋谱 (qpǔ); 谱 (pǔ)
Japanese: 棋譜 (kifu) or 碁譜 (gofu, obsolete)
Korean: 기보 (RR: gi-bo M-R: ki-po)

A game record is a complete record of a game created by a game recorder notating move numbers at locations on one or more game record forms (pre-printed grids).

The graphic below shows the game record at the end of the first day in the second game of the 31st Meijin Title match between Cho U and Takao Shinji. The sealed move is marked on the game record with an empty red circle.

Note that a game record is distinct from a diagram or figure as used in go books and magazines (or on SL).


Kifu is the Japanese go term for game record, but its use is discouraged by some people, since the English game record works well. The recent increase of its popularity outside Japan can probably be linked to its use in Hikaru no Go. Kifu also means go manual in the classical sense.

John: What is a blank recording sheet called in Japanese?

John F. 棋譜用紙

togo: 棋譜用紙 in romanized form is "Kifu Youshi". 用紙 (Youshi) means "blank form". So the whole term means "blank game record form".

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