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Here are some sources of game records, of varying sizes and quality.

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Commercial Databases

  • BiGo - Roughly 2,500,000 games (as of September 2014). About 95,000 of them have a professional, the remaining are amateurs and bots. Subscriptions available for updates. Proprietary format with possibility of export to SGF.
  • GoGoD - over 82,300 pro games (as of Winter 2014) all in sgf format. Prior to the Winter 2013 release, it also included a massive (hundreds of browser-ready pages) encyclopedia with player profiles, tournament info, Go history, and many other articles. GoGoD comes from John Fairbairn and, prior to his death, T Mark Hall. Previously shipped with Kombilo and other programs. SGF format.
  • SmartGo - 60,144 professional games as of June 2013. Free updates to both program and database. Proprietary format, but individual games can be exported to SGF.
  • Web2Go

Online Databases

  • GoBase.org (asleep since 2009, with large updates end 2015 and end 2018) - A searchable collection of 98,918 pro games, along with articles, biographies, and too many other features to list here. One of the definitive online Go resources. Limited downloading, paid registration required. SGF format.
  • Go4Go - 72,525 pro games as of March 12, 2018. Updated daily. All games freely viewable online. Limited downloading. For a small fee new games can be delivered through e-mail and the entire database may be downloaded. Also hosting an archive of commented games by Alexandre Dinerchtein. SGF format. Free registration required.
  • [ext] GoDB - Japanese site with English support. Wide coverage from Castle games to modern international tournaments, from AlphaGo to KGS.
  • GoKifuCom - Rapidly growing sgf database,pro games are updated daily. Allow to store favorites, easy way to share in blogs,forums, print game records.
  • [ext] Fuseki Info - Online version of BiGo Assistant Profi (about 100,000 pro games). Free account with database of >2 500 games. Premium account is commercial, yearly subscription.
  • [ext] Fuseki Info for KGS Go Server - Online database of KGS Go Server games (77,000 strong ama games). Free.
  • [ext] Go Game World - Over 1,000 commented pro games. Commercial, yearly subscription. Associated with [ext] weiqi.tom.com.
  • [ext] KifuDepot (Japanese language only) Asian pro games from 2016 and some old Japanese games.
  • Waltheri's go pattern search - position search in extensive database of pro games.
  • Hactar Go - Android application, full version offers position and text search from over 90000 pro games and 110000 amateur games. Free has small database.

Commented Games

List of databases with commented games (most other databases contain games without comments)

  • Go teaching ladder: free amateur games with commentaries
  • Go game world: paid registration required. Professional games with comments from (other) professionals
  • GoGameGuru : free commentary on professional games

[ext] http://gogameguru.com/get-better-at-go/commented-go-games/

See also: Commented Professional Games

Other Game Collections

Database software

  • [ext] ArenaGo is a free Go (Weiqi, Baduk) match record database containing over 50,000 amazing matches and over 1,400 legendary Go players from 23 countries. You can search matches based on player name, nationality and play date. You can also search matches between two players. It also shows a player's life time performance. The entire history of legends is on your hand now.
  • BaduK :free software to create database and study Go
  • Dariush :[ext] http://ricoh51.free.fr/indexeng.htm
  • Deepthinkgohelper [ext] http://www.deepthinkgohelper.com Chinese program with 22,000 professional games.
  • Drago : Windows freeware. Client to libkombilo library which provides all database features from Kombilo.
  • [ext] GOSU Games : for Android, Database with 65.000 professional games for you to explore and test your knowledge with.
  • FusekiLibrary : A free opening library that uses pattern matching for instant search results.
  • GoWrite : Like other sgf editors GoWrite allows creation of a database
  • Kombilo : Database software for studying saved games. Integrated in GoGoD and Drago.
  • q5go : An open source SGF editor that also supports databases and pattern search.
  • Qibago [ext] http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/qibago/cecf390b-311e-40f9-b870-f0cdcc53d94a : Windows Phone 8 free app containing more than 40,000 professional matches.
  • SGF Shell Extension? [ext] http://www.gomasch.de/sgfshellex : Extension for MS-Explorer to display and sort SGF game infos
  • sgftocsv.py : Small script that reads out infos from sgf files in a directory recursively and generates a csv table (Comma Separated Values) which can be read by as good as all spreadsheet programs and can be imported into databases.
  • SmartGo : Instant game filter, fuseki and joseki matching, free pattern matching.

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