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Books about Go... Here's some not-quite-logically-ordered list in my posession. I admit that I like to collect them more than I read them (aka Book Buying Disease). But if you ask nicely, I might consider lending them out :-)

In the beginning

GO, Het oudste denkspel, Leon Vie, (1970?), Uitg. J.F. Duwaer & Zn., A'dam
If I remember well, this was a book from the public library book that introduced me to the game. I'd like to find it back.
Go For Beginners (Dutch)
first book I bought - my sole reference for years (because I didn't have anything else)...
There is an error[1] in the game pictured on the cover of the Uitg. Spectrum, 1976 (Prisma 1765) edition. I still recommend it for beginners, even I still read it!
Go And GoMoku (Dover, 2nd ed.)
I like this book because it dates back to the years '30, there's a smell of pioneering here (see also Go History and an [ext] article on Kiseido).

Food for the mind ;-)

Reading Go books is often part of a Saturday night routine, which usually starts by enjoying a meal at some (typically Oriental) restaurant; following ones saw quite some restaurants - mostly because they are small enough to fit discreetly in some pocket :-) I tend to keep reading these books, because I start reading a page, then get fogged by port and wine that introduce a meal, so next time I will probably re-read that page again because I totally forgot what was written on it. Must be the reason why I make no progress...

Kage's Secret Chronicles Of Handicap Go
The Direction Of Play
Dramatic Moments on the Go Board
Life and Death - Intermediate Level Problems
Tricks in joseki
Rescue and capture
Yilun Yang's Go Puzzles (Vol. 1)


Kawabata's Master Of Go (Dutch version, De meester van het go-spel, BZZToH 1987)
not to teach Go, but more of a novel
Opening Theory Made Easy
easy to read: I recommend it!
ABC's of Attack and Defense

General lecture

Reflections on the Game of Go
Go, more than a game
Go as Communication
The Go Companion
Go Proverbs by David Mitchell
A Journey in Search of The Origins of Go

Game collections

Appreciating Famous Games
The Go Consultants
Final Summit
The 1971 Honinbo Tournament
The Meijin's Retirement Game
Master Play Series
Power Honinbo Shusai Defends The Nihon KiIn / Brilliance Jowa's Ghost Moves Destroy Intetsu


Basic Techniques Of Go
Tesuji The Book
Making good shape
One Thousand And One Life And Death Problems
Fighting Ko The Book
Attacking and Defending Moyos
All About Ko


The 3-3 Point Modern Opening Strategy
38 Basic Joseki
In The Beginning
The Endgame the book
Reducing Territorial Frameworks
Modern Joseki and Fuseki
21st Century New Openings
Perceiving the Direction of Play
Cho Hun-hyun's Lectures on the Opening


Strategic Fundamentals In Go
not so accessible
Attack And Defense The Book
Lessons In The Fundamentals Of Go
The Theory and Practice of Go
A Way of Play for the 21st Century
Pure and Simple - Takao's Astute Use of Brute Force
Cosmic Go
Go A Complete Introduction To The Game
Winning A Won Game
Otake's Secrets of Strategy
Killer of Go
Strategic Concepts of Go
9-dan Showdown
The Master of Haengma
Get strong at the endgame
Fundamental Principles of Go
Positional Judgment High-Speed Game Analysis
Ingenious life and death puzzles


Improve your Intuition?
Perfectionnement au Go (Pierre Aroutcheff)
Le jeu de Go (Pierre Aroutcheff)

See also

[1]: look at k17

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