Cosmic Go, A Guide to Four-Stone Handicap Games


Cosmic Go: A Guide to Four-Stone Handicap Games
By: Sanjit Chatterjee, Yang Huiren
Publisher: Kiseido, 1999
ISBN10 4-906574-69-6
176 pp.

Cosmic Go: A Guide to Four-Stone Handicap Games is a book written by Sangit Chatterjee and Yang Huiren and published by Kiseido in 1999, with catalog number K69.


David Charlton's [ext] review

Table of Contents


Chapter One - The Breakdown of the Gates of Heaven

Chapter Two - The Small Knight's Double Approach

Chapter Three - The One-Space High Double Approach

Chapter Four - The Two-Space Low Double Approach

Chapter Five - The Two-Space High Double Approach

Chapter Six - Problems

Sample Material

The josekis presented here are applicable to four-stone handicap games. Some of them are presented in English for the first time. We will illustrate their applications in professional games to show how professional thinking translates into advantageous positions in four-stone handicap games.

Dia. 1.  

Dia. 1. The approach of W1 has been answered with a three-space high pincer at B2 . We will consider the white counter-pincers at each of the four points from a to d. If Black fights with an unyielding attitude, the worst White can do is to lead the game in a violent direction. But don't let this scare you! The truth is that if you play severily at the beginning of a handicap game and can come out with a 50-50 result, you will have an easy game. Of course the risks may be a bit higher this way but the returns are sweeter. So don't take the easy way out - learn to wage the severest fight in the first corner. This book will help you to implement this strategy.

Related Resources

Most of the josekis presented in the book can now be found in Josekipedia at [ext] .

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