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[Go Seigen] (W) - [Kitani Minoru], Moves 10 to 15
Moves 16 to 21
(root dia)
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Branching off second alt
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Move numbering

axd: In Flow of the stones, it is confusing to see moves numbered relative, with captions listed in absolute - I had this in mind, where the last digit of the move is shown:

(I didn't want to spoil the main page for such remarks, so I just put it here; should it really be relevant, please feel free to move it appropriately...)

Go Seigen (W) - Kitani Minoru, Moves 10 to 15  
Moves 16 to 21  

But the multiples of tens give more problems; SL should allow e.g. 00 (double zero) or O (capital o) rendered as a '0' (zero, and not as currently: 10) to show a multiple of ten.

Bill: You may see this kind of relative numbering in go magazines, especially where the move numbers are in the triple digits. A diagram may show, say, moves 134 - 155, numbered as 1 - 22.

Linking diagrams and their variations

How about using a more specific convention for variations on SL. The basic idea is that every diagram is a continuation of a previous one (except if a root diagram). The root diagram is numbered 1; variations are 1x, giving further variations like 1xy etc. This assumes that no more than 10 variations exist (otherwise, use 2 digits for each level).

  • Each diagram is immediately followed by its footnote (see TextFormattingRules) number, allowing correctly positioned jumps to the diagram (because the text is vertically aligned with the top of the diagram). don't use the diagram title for that. (Note: clicking on that diagram note does not work well.)
  • Variations in a diagram (that lead to a new diagram) are numbered by simply appending the variation number (1,2, ...) to the diagram.

Note:The text "continuation from ..." and the link to the parent diagram seems straightforward to write.

This scheme assumes that no major editing (i.e. inserting variations) will be needed.

(These experiments stem from the diagrams that evolve in BQM289 - comments are dummy; possibly, this text might become part of How Diagrams Work)

See also

#12 #11
(root dia)  

Dia [1]:root diagram, two variations

First alt  

Dia [11]: Continuation 'a' from Dia [1]: W4 tenuki text

#122 #121
Second alt  

Dia [12]: Continuation 'b' from Dia [1]: more text

Branching off second alt  

Dia [121]: Continuation 'a' from Dia [12]

even more text

More branching off second alt  

Dia [122]: Continuation 'b' from Dia [12]

and still more text...

Other games...

Turn-based game servers

Want to invite me for Go, shogi, xiangqi, chess, backgammon? I'm evaluating following turn-based servers:

  1. DGS ([ext] axd) - Go, all day long...
    • my first choice for turn-based Go playing
  2. brainking ([ext] alex_d) - chess (several variants, of which [ext] alamos chess), [ext] shogi, [ext] xiangqi, backgammon, checkers, and more classic games
    • best mix of games
    • auto-update (various between 10sec - 60min; some browsers meanwhile also have the feature)
  3. gameknot ([ext] alex_d) - chess only
    • attractive GUI
    • conditional moves - excellent for the psychic
    • once checkmate, the game disappears; no occasion to "sign it off".
  4. IYT ([ext] alex_d) - chess, backgammon, xiangqi
    • they never saw a Go board over there, as the standard colour is some kind of green, available variants are blue?? purple?? (yellow - #FFD700 can't be that difficult???)
    • limited number of moves (15/day)
    • almost off my list again; second time I try it there, never want to stay

Note: a tabbed browser (e.g. Firefox, [ext] Avant -> especially interesting for IE users) makes it easier to play simultaneously on several sites.


Servers above explain the rules, otherwise you can also look here:

BTW, have a look here... [ext]
download: [ext]
go pages for beginners at SL
also at Wikipedia: [ext]

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