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Memories: reflections on an emerald goban

Life is a game
Water is a smile
Black is the Moon
White is the sky

in a midsummer night dream
two people walk
never reaching destination
the way is beautiful
rain jumps around

a beautiful move
like this wave
looking back away

trees float high above
a river flows forth and back
sun sets
a joyful day

words spoken
won't come back
life folds away
is all then lost?

dark water
bright surface
depressing deep
moving, retreating
longing for this beach,
far away

sounds of a smile
a glittering voice
fills the air
sparkles of joy
muttered words
tearing silence
diamonds crack
the night is falling
the sky is dying
a smile cheers
and kills

dying gladiator
reaching for the Moon
a black Moon

life - life is music
where are you?
the music carries me away
floating on a wave
horizon all around
dark deep below

when I emerge from the night
daylight blows away the ashes
then I see
two suns in the sky
a bleak reality
and a weak hope
both casting shadows
it's a strange sensation
one I've had before
several times already
I'm still dreaming.

as the daylight hours pass
mind retakes control
and slowly reveals
the losing cards;
whenever a heart jumps
a cold hand halts it again.

hope is this feeble bridge over oblivion
the irrational mind
crosses again and again
this token that changes hand
across space and time.

crippled convoy to nowhere
dragging along scorched land
warriors left behind

a ghost sits next to me
we listen
notes from the outer world
but my mind
can't find the path.

the moon walked with me

cracks appear
white is black
is freefall
an orbit?
bends around
time is a message

a beacon
colourful flashes
a deep sea monster
dragging me down
I reach for the surface
but my heart is too heavy
I see life
through broken, blurred glasses
a friend tells me
to throw them away.

if words carry life
do they matter?
rolled in a bubble
together with an illusion
we float a while
down the time stream

the dark side
of the Moon
yet I keep floating.

The Moon
in my heart
in my soul.
Snow falls
seeds retract
emptiness invades
started crossing the ocean
reach for the other side
yet a voice tells me
the answer is rather deep below

and yet...

what's an eye's colour
wish I could ask myself
till time ends.
a game in a game in a game...
dare not looking
at the end of the tunnel
at the bottom of the well
a diamond.
late night
deserted streets
err in a music machine
hear the electrons.
My heart is like a duck...
the rubber variant one
with no eyes
it beats
unaware of time.

paper dragon
wave across my soul
fire dragon
vein across my heart.
Middle  of the night
Red leds - diodes - dodeca
Red laser beam
cuts the ethyl mist of time
red mist.
midnight became sunset
sunrise became midnight.
On one of those trips
you said you admired me
it's been driving me

Miss you.
Chinese fireworks
it's all in hand's reach
just a reflection.

Where are you? Why do you hide?
Where is that moonlight trail that leads to your side?
Just like the Moonraker goes in search of his dream of gold,
I search for love, for someone to have and hold.
I've seen your smile in a thousand dreams,
Felt your touch and it always seems
You love me,
You love me.
Where are you? When will we meet?
Take my unfinished life and make it complete.
Just like the Moonraker knows his dream will come true someday,
I know that you are only a kiss away.
I've seen your smile in a thousand dreams,
Felt your touch and it always seems
You love me,
You love me.
-- Shirley Bassey - Moonraker Lyrics
Miss you
Tonight I was in a medieval place
You're galaxies away
My forest mind

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