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People sometimes ask for more information about Go, so I created a little standard e-mail (English, easier to maintain than Dutch/French) with interesting Go links.

If after reading this page you find some sites that other newcomers should also visit, tell me!


Learn Go the interactive way
Dutch site
just try it!
little booklet (26p) with rules of Go explained
even smaller booklet (4p)
French site

Interactive sites

hone your tsumego skills
eidogo web go editor, runs GnuGo too.


[ext] (free)
Igowin is a small application to play 9x9 games against the computer. (Beginners, don't stay too long with this program as Igowin is bad for your game; consider GnuGo instead)
[ext] (MultiGo) (free)
SGF editor, to read and review your games. Apparently there is now also a PocketPC version. Includes a version of Gnu Go. Windows only. Has tutor mode.
[ext] (free)
GnuGo is a DOS-like computer Go program; uses GMP to communicate with other clients - use MultiGo or Jago for the graphical interface.
[ext] (free)
Jago is a simple Java client+server application that allows you to play with anyone over a network (or over the Internet) without the need for a server. Is also SGF editor, and GnuGo client.

Go Servers

[ext] (DGS)
  • Free web-based Go server: play a few moves a day, whenever you have a few minutes, from your browser, in as much simultaneous games as you want. Games usually last for weeks/months on this server. No firewall issues.
  • My user ID='[ext] axd'; please invite me, I'm there most of the time! (or use [ext] this link once you are registered).
  • I suggest to start unrated games, wait with filling in your rating, look for players that are at your level, Lose Your First 50 Games As Quickly As Possible (well, sort of), and then decide how strong you are. Or ask someone.
  • Consider KGS or some "live" Go playing session before starting on DGS if you are of the impatient type.
[ext] (KGS)
Online Go server: play against opponents from all over the world; has a great teaching mode. Make sure to browse [ext] Go and Art and [ext] Essays. See elsewhere on this page for contacting me on KGS. Requires Java; or you can download cgoban
playing Go at Yahoo
Avoid this server. Period. For a why, see the discussion page.


Sensei's Library: tons of Go knowledge, a bit of a jungle at first, links to other Go sites.
French sister site of SL
another big Go site
Go on Wikipedia


Belgian Go Federation (look for Gent for my Go club)
site about French books on Go
animated GIF of a pro game, part of [ext] - more interesting pages around Go.
some interesting electronic books available here.
How To Hold And Play A Go Stone

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