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bugcat: informal nomination & discussion thread (2021-10-19 00:02) [#11897]

The week of Guanzi Jiazhi is over (and that was a great article).

What shall we cover next?

We can't show Nakamura Sumire until the article is updated, since it's two years out of date.

The DuEm lists of professionals are workmen's documents that are just a tool for library expansion. This is less true of the alphabetic professionals list, but still a little nonetheless. The list of streamers and list of Youtube channels would both be nice modern features, though.

Japanese era conversion is also a deshi tool, really, for interpreting the Nihon Ki-in website. Not something that the average reader is likely to be very interested in.

We could feature some famous professional like Shin Jinseo. Can't go wrong with that.

The articles on the Osaka Go School and AwesomeBaduk are modern and not stubs, but the information is all lifted from the websites so we wouldn't really be displaying SL.

The yuzukitea modern joseki articles are all great, but I don't know enough about them to pick one. yuzu is too modest and never suggests one.

The Corona Cup is a fairly current topic but the article isn't great. The same goes for the Wu Qingyuan (Go Seigen) Cup.

IGF members is a good article but it's mainly a copying of the !IGF site so, again, not really showing SL.

Antti's book Invisible has been getting a relatively large amount of views, but the article is almost empty. It's just a famous name.

Ah! How about 101Weiqi? The topic is current and relevant to a lot of players, and the article is good. I think it'd be a good choice.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2021-10-19 11:14) [#11898]

You can always harvest from Most popular but the point is probably to highlight articles which should be more popular than they are.

A few suggestions

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-10-19 14:02) [#11899]

Good ideas.

Bill Spight's Elf Positional Judgment Exercises are also quite interesting, but they're taken from L19.

Dieter: Re: ((no subject)) (2021-10-19 14:08) [#11900]

In honor of our beloved and dearly missed grandfather of online go, that would be good.

bugcat: Re: ((no subject)) (2021-10-19 14:55) [#11901]

Oh, I didn't know that Bill had passed. Sorry to hear that.

In that case perhaps some kind of memorial should be written in the article summary.

Dieter: Re: ((no subject)) (2021-10-19 15:14) [#11902]

No we don't know what happened. But it's the only explanation for his disappearance from the scene after 20 years.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-10-23 19:54) [#11904]

Let's not forget about the list at Article of the Week / Revival.

As current (well, "current") topics go, I just stumbled on the Leela Zero vs Haylee match, which would make a decent -- if short -- AotW.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-10-23 21:28) [#11905]

"Some philosophical questions about computers and Go" would be interesting, with a bit of WME.

I'd be interested in, for instance, attaching a year date and author to every comment. And, of course, some sort of preamble framing the discussion in the context of where computer Go really did advance to, whether Moore's Law is or is not indeed still holding, etc.

I suggest that instead of applying WME to the original article, we'd instead want to create a new page.

But the topic just be too niche and sprawling for an AotW.

bugcat: new week (2021-10-25 14:43) [#11906]

Well, a new week has started, so what shall we pick?

I'd still like to nominate 101Weiqi.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-10-26 04:19) [#11907]

This is the second day of the new week, so if no-one suggests anything then I'll do 101Weiqi.

Kido Prize Winners can also join the waiting list. Shin Ryusei could fill a spot later, especially if we can add an image or two and bulk it out a bit. The Aidu Chuo Hospital Cup is another fairly current tournament article, but again seems like it needs a little expansion if it's going to be on the front page.

I'm quite fond of Pro game reviews on Youtube, but it needs updating before it can be featured. And one could argue that Youtube lectures is the better article to show, although really they have slightly different purposes.

There are also all the bot articles like KataGo, Lizzie etc., but to feature them would be boring, since the typical reader will be stuffed full of information about them already.

I just made an article on the longest professional game that would display quite well.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-10-27 23:05) [#11909]

Women's Mingren is a decent article, since it conglomerates the separate pages on the topic.

bugcat: deep into the new week, AotW needed (2021-11-02 10:46) [#11910]

It's Tuesday now. Feel free to pick a new AotW, anyone, or I'll do it myself in a few hours. I'm leaning towards Longest Professional Game.

I'll also drop Westerners Beating 9d Professionals into the list.

bugcat: new week (2021-11-14 18:42) [#11933]

New week coming up, and we need a new article.


For reasons I can't entirely figure out, people have been really interested in the Female Zuiqiang (Taiwan Female Strongest). Sure, it was linked on the longest professional game article that's on the front page this week, but it's been getting double the hits of that page itself.

It doesn't strike me as front page material, though.

How about Kerwin's Road Map for Beginners? Although it's only a set of links to external content.

Argentine Go Association is ok, but not really at the top of the barrel. It's slightly better than Mexican Go Association.

I think South-West Qiwang is one of the better of the new tournament articles. It details the winners and runner ups of fourteen editions, from 2007 to now. Wouldn't be a terrible AotW.

Professional-wise, O Jeonga is one of the more notable ones to be added this year. That said, Xie Ke, who is currently international #12 on Go Ratings, only received an article in August. The article is pretty sparse and formulaic, but he has been referenced on a few other pages, like about how he was runner up in the 4th Mlily Cup. If we could add a bit more info, it could be worthy of the front page.

2800:2160:4400:0c18: Re: new week (2021-11-17 00:23) [#11940]

I am very happy that you consider AAGo's page. I have just fixed some broken links and added a lot of information. I am asking my colleagues from the association to check for more fixes / relevant information to add.

2800:2160:4400:0c18: Re: new week (2021-11-17 00:25) [#11941]

Forgot to link: AAGo

bugcat: Re: new week (2021-11-17 02:14) [#11942]

Haha, I'm not in charge of AotW or anything, I'm just trying to provide suggestions and keep it running.

Let's run with the Argentine Go Association tomorrow then :D

Feel free to put it up whenever you're ready -- just edit the Article Of The Week template with the title, information, link and new dates.

2800:2160:4400:0c18: Re: new week (2021-11-17 03:17) [#11943]

Great, I think the page is ready and is much better now :)

Could you make the necessary template edit or point/give some short instructions? I am afraid to edit something wrong and break the whole page. Also not sure what "dates" to use.

bugcat: Re: new week (2021-11-17 06:26) [#11945]


Near the top of the article, you'll see the text "November 6 - 14, 2021", which was the week allocated to the previous article. You want to give yourself a new week from today, so the range you want is "November 17 - 23, 2021" which would finish next Tuesday. If you'd rather have a shorter five day week, you can just go to the 21st (Sunday).

Then you'll see the title, "==== Longest Professional Game ====". Change that to your preferred title, eg. "==== Argentine Go Association ====.

Beneath that goes the summary. I'll leave that to you.

Finally near the bottom, there is "read more...| Longest Professional Game" and you'll want to alter that to "read more...| Argentine Go Association".

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-11-15 17:31) [#11936]

I just put almost all the results into the Zhonghuan Qisheng article, so it can slide into stock as another "meh, ok" candidate. Also done up Xie Ke a bit with his results and ratings.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-11-16 22:54) [#11939]

How about Stanislaw Frejlak? Having just become a professional, he'd make a very current topic.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-11-18 22:05) [#11953]

I've put some results into Xu Haohong's article. He's the Taiwanese #1 right now.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-11-21 04:23) [#11955]

Waltheri 21st Century Games Widest Path seems quite interesting (though ofc I'm biased since I made it).

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-11-21 23:24) [#11958]

There's also Etiquette Title. We have until Wednesday to pick a new article.

bugcat: we need an article for the new week (2021-11-24 19:49) [#11965]

What's it going to be? Suggestions?

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-12-02 03:45) [#11968]

Flying knife joseki?

Or how about Redmond's Reviews?

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