Westerners Beating 9d Professionals

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A list of times that players born in Europe or the Americas beat a 9d professional in a tournament game.

It's an incomplete collection, of course.

Note that the Ryusei is a quick play tournament.

Date Westerner 9p Opponent Score Event Link
1988-02-25 Michael Redmond Kiyonari Tetsuya 2.5 Judan, prelim. [ext] game
1988-06-30 Michael Redmond Hashimoto Shoji 0.5 Judan, losers' section [ext] game
1988-12-26 Michael Redmond Takemiya Masaki 1.5 Gosei, rd. 1 [ext] game
1993-11-18 Michael Redmond Seo Bongsoo 8.5 Tongyang Cup, rd. 2 [ext] game
1997-06-27 Hans Pietsch Yoda Norimoto 0.5 LG Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
1999-07-22 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Satoru Res. Judan, losers' section [ext] game
2000-02-07 Michael Redmond O Rissei Res. Fujitsu Cup, prelim. [ext] game
2002-03-19 Fernando Aguilar Hasegawa Sunao 3.5 Toyota Denso Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2002-04-28 Michael Redmond Hasegawa Sunao 3.5 NHK Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2002-06-27 Catalin Taranu Tsuchida Masamitsu 4.5 Gosei, prelim. [ext] game
2002-09-02 Fernando Aguilar Yo Kagen 2.5 Toyota Denso Cup, rd. 2 [ext] game
2002-12-12 Michael Redmond Kataoka Satoshi 3.5 Gosei, rd. 1 [ext] game
2003-01-23 Michael Redmond Ishii Kunio Res. Gosei, rd. 2 [ext] game
2003-04-10 Michael Redmond Cho Chikun 3.5 Gosei, rd. 3 [ext] game
2003-06-17 Alexander Dinerchtein O Rissei 1.5 LG Cup, rd. 2 [ext] game
2003-06-17 Michael Redmond O Meien Res. LG Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2003-12-18 Michael Redmond Takemiya Masaki Res. Tengen [ext] game
2005-12-06 Michael Redmond Mimura Tomoyasu Res. Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2005-12-22 Michael Redmond Yuki Satoshi Res. Oza, prelim. [ext] game
2006-01-17 Michael Redmond Ito Yoji 0.5 Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2006-02-16 Michael Redmond Yata Naoki Res. Oza, prelim. [ext] game
2007-03-01 Michael Redmond Ishii Kunio Res. Tengen, rd. 1 [ext] game
2010-04-01 Michael Redmond Ishida Atsushi Res. Tengen, rd. 2 [ext] game
2010-06-17 Michael Redmond Cho U 0.5 Agon Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2014-02-03 Michael Redmond Imamura Toshiya 0.5 Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2014-02-27 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Koichi 9.5 Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2016-07-07 Michael Redmond Otake Hideo 1.5 Meijin, prelim. [ext] game
2017-07-20 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Koichi Res. Meijin, prelim. [ext] game
2018-01-11 Michael Redmond Rin Kaiho Res. Gosei, prelim. [ext] game
2019-07-25 Michael Redmond Ishida Yoshio 1.5 Meijin, prelim. [ext] game
2019-08-11 Michael Redmond Otake Hideo Res. Oza, prelim. [ext] game
2019-08-08 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Satoru Res. Gosei, prelim. [ext] game

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