Westerners Beating 9d Professionals

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A list of times that players born in Europe or the Americas beat a 9d professional in an even tournament game.

It's an incomplete collection, of course.

Note that the Ryusei is a quick play tournament. Note also that Michael Redmond is himself 9p. However, when he lost to James Kerwin in the 1990s he had not yet achieved the top rank.

The Westerners known to have beaten nine dan professionals are Michael Redmond (USA, Nihon Ki-in), Hans Pietsch (Germany, Nihon Ki-in), Fernando Aguilar (Argentina, amateur), Catalin Taranu (Romania, EGF) and Alexander Dinerchtein (Russia, KBA).

Date Westerner 9p Opponent Score Event Link
1988-02-25 Michael Redmond Kiyonari Tetsuya 2.5 Judan, prelim. [ext] game
1988-06-30 Michael Redmond Hashimoto Shoji 0.5 Judan, losers' section [ext] game
1988-12-26 Michael Redmond Takemiya Masaki 1.5 Gosei, rd. 1 [ext] game
1993-11-18 Michael Redmond Seo Bongsoo 8.5 Tongyang Cup, rd. 2 [ext] game
1997-06-27 Hans Pietsch Yoda Norimoto 0.5 LG Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
1999-07-22 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Satoru Res. Judan, losers' section [ext] game
2000-02-07 Michael Redmond O Rissei Res. Fujitsu Cup, prelim. [ext] game
2002-03-19 Fernando Aguilar Hasegawa Sunao 3.5 Toyota Denso Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2002-04-28 Michael Redmond Hasegawa Sunao 3.5 NHK Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2002-06-27 Catalin Taranu Tsuchida Masamitsu 4.5 Gosei, prelim. [ext] game
2002-09-02 Fernando Aguilar Yo Kagen 2.5 Toyota Denso Cup, rd. 2 [ext] game
2002-12-12 Michael Redmond Kataoka Satoshi 3.5 Gosei, rd. 1 [ext] game
2003-01-23 Michael Redmond Ishii Kunio Res. Gosei, rd. 2 [ext] game
2003-04-10 Michael Redmond Cho Chikun 3.5 Gosei, rd. 3 [ext] game
2003-06-17 Alexander Dinerchtein O Rissei 1.5 LG Cup, rd. 2 [ext] game
2003-06-17 Michael Redmond O Meien Res. LG Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2003-12-18 Michael Redmond Takemiya Masaki Res. Tengen [ext] game
2005-12-06 Michael Redmond Mimura Tomoyasu Res. Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2005-12-22 Michael Redmond Yuki Satoshi Res. Oza, prelim. [ext] game
2006-01-17 Michael Redmond Ito Yoji 0.5 Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2006-02-16 Michael Redmond Yata Naoki Res. Oza, prelim. [ext] game
2007-03-01 Michael Redmond Ishii Kunio Res. Tengen, rd. 1 [ext] game
2010-04-01 Michael Redmond Ishida Atsushi Res. Tengen, rd. 2 [ext] game
2010-06-17 Michael Redmond Cho U 0.5 Agon Cup, rd. 1 [ext] game
2014-02-03 Michael Redmond Imamura Toshiya 0.5 Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2014-02-27 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Koichi 9.5 Ryusei, group stage [ext] game
2016-07-07 Michael Redmond Otake Hideo 1.5 Meijin, prelim. [ext] game
2017-07-20 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Koichi Res. Meijin, prelim. [ext] game
2018-01-11 Michael Redmond Rin Kaiho Res. Gosei, prelim. [ext] game
2019-07-25 Michael Redmond Ishida Yoshio 1.5 Meijin, prelim. [ext] game
2019-08-11 Michael Redmond Otake Hideo Res. Oza, prelim. [ext] game
2019-08-08 Michael Redmond Kobayashi Satoru Res. Gosei, prelim. [ext] game

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