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bugcat: I'd be interested in reviving the Article of the Week off my own back.

Since the beginning of May, I've been gathering interesting articles I've come across, usually by the Random Page, and posting them in this [ext] OGS forum thread.

I think I have enough to provide a year of content. The worst case scenario is that I get bored at some point and give up, which only results in the AotW returning to its present state of inactivity.

Are there any impediments to me taking over this role?

tapir: Imo, no impediments. It just needs an empty edit once a week by a librarian to update the frontpage when you made the changes in the template. (Or we could unban the frontpage, but it has been a spam magnet 10 years ago already and would probably be worse now.) Re-features should be no problem. We last had AotW ages ago.

bugcat: What template are you referring to? I don't know anything about that.

Herman: The front page includes the ArticleOfTheWeekTemplate, to avoid cluttering the front page edit history. So that's the page you edit, and then a librarian must update the front page with an empty edit to correctly update inclusion of the template.

bugcat: Thanks both of you. :D

This is what we put together. Obviously some of these are going to have already been featured. We can weed those out later. Some are also a bit stubby or of niche interest.

20th Century Games
36 Strategems
Advanced find page Amateurs vs professionals
Belgian Go Federation, history (seems to be a rip of the BGF's own page)
Big Question Mark (probably featured)
BQM 69 (unusual opening)
BQM 492 (supposed trick move in the Kobayashi)
Bill Spight's Elf Positional Judgement Exercises
Clumsy double contact (I had reason to link this only yesterday!)
Common clock rules
Commented professional games
Complete Game Collection series
Fractional eye
Fuseki experiments
The Game of Go -- The National Game of Japan
Get Strong at Go parodies (I think this was featured)
Get Strong at Go series (probably featured)
Go news (probably featured)
Go places in the USA (likely featured)
Go prodigy
Go Seigen on the star point small knight's shimari fuseki
Go variants (probably featured)
Handicaps beyond nine stones
History of Go in France, 1965--2007
How to read Recent Changes
Humour Q and As
Ian Davis -- Decline (of Go in the UK)
Igo ranks: explanation, math and estimation
Intertwined ladders
Iwamoto Kauru (probably featured)
Japanese Big Question Mark
Jared Beck -- Development of Go
JBQM 2 (etymology of "mochikomi")
Journal of an American Go player
KCCIgo (North Korean bot)
Keima side connection
Kitani's pupils
Klein bottle
Largest capture that still can't live
Lee Sedol -- Gu Li rivalry (this was one of the last pages to be featured)
Lei fuseki
Lists of professionals by region
List of Youtube channels
Longest time spent thinking about a move (I think this was featured)
Maximum number of liberties in a dead chain
Most popular
Neural networks and Go
Number one professionals in history
Obsolete titles
One-sided dame
Orthodox fuseki, improper wedge
Parity seki
Pente discussion
Playing a game backwards
Provable strategy for winning free placement 25 handicap Go (it wasn't)
Qijing Shisanpian
Quick Questions (probably featured)
Round table (teaching technique)
Ryukyuan players
Samsung 2004 dispute
Segoe, Fujisawa and Cho
Shin fuseki periphery
Shodan Go bet
Shusaku number (pretty sure this featured)
SL history
SL shortcut keys
SL snapshot
TBGG (Turn-based Go Guild)
Tengen statistics
Turnaround ladder
Ugly descent
Undefined pages
Unusual enclosures
Western squeeze
Wave front analysis
What actions the stones are doing

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