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A sequel to Widest Path for Waltheri and another addition to the widest path genre.

Waltheri has a feature allowing one to search only for "modern games", which in this context means those from the 21st century. Widest Path for Waltheri was a search of all Waltheri's games.

Unfortunately, Waltheri has become a little out of date at the time of writing (October 2021), having no games played later than March 2020. This means that the "new games" search, to query games from the past year, can't be used.

Moves 1 - 5  

B1 The nature of this search doesn't allow one to see the percentage of the first move directly, but it's about 28,820 games. The komoku has a little less than 18,000.

W2 18,033. Over double the equivalent hoshi in the lower left (7,354 games).

B3 8,762. The a komoku is also very popular (7,366). The nirensei is surprisingly rare, with only 1,407 games.

W4 5,274. The hoshi is also common (3,335).

B5 1,916. Approaches to White's komoku also have a lot of play.

Moves 6 - 10  

Thus far we have followed the widest path for Waltheri, which was centred on a line most popular in the 2000s. However, we now deviate.

In the all games path, W6 was played as the split a, and had 798 games to the approach's 645. In the modern games path, W6 is the approach (650) and the split is the runner up (551).

B7 (514). Other moves have been played, of course, but none have more than 53 games.

W8 (276), the slide, excludes post-bot games. However, there isn't a single hit for W8 at b.

B9 (141). I was surprised that B9 at c only has one game.

W10 (89). A straightforward opening proved most attractive.

Moves 11 - 20  

B11 (88). So this is why Black didn't defend at the 3-3 point earlier.

W12 (70)

B13 (67)

W14 B15 W16 B17 W18 (59). In post-bot Go, W16 will often be at B17.

B19 (54). In 2013 and 2014, a was experimented with to deny White the ladderbreaker.

W20 (42). White doesn't usually take the ladderbreaker yet. At this point it becomes clear that our focus has been drawn to an opening played from 2013 to 2016.

Moves 21 - 30  

B21 (34). Fixing in what would seem to us to be post-bot style. The direct capture has been played, but is recorded only once.

W22 (26). An interesting reversal of move order, the "ladderbreaker" being played after the fix.

B23 (14)

W24 B25 (9). a has five games. It's interesting to note that from this point on Waltheri's modern games path exceeds in length its all games path, which had 23 moves in the 2017 testing.

W26 (8) B27 W28 (7) B29 (6)

W30 (5). A simple move. This line was only seen in 2014.

Moves 31 - 32  

B31 (3). a branches, as well as B31 at W32.

W32 (2). b branches. This is technically the end of the path, as Kim Jiseok continued with a in one game and c in another. However, the game Ke Jie -- Meng Tailing 2013 transposes into this position due to using the W32 B31 W30 order. Including this result gives us a second hit for B33 at c.

Moves 33 - 34  

The end of the path is definitely reached at W34. Here Kim Jiseok played b directly, but Ke Jie exchanged a for c first.

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