Xinan Wang

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Xinan Wang (西南王, Southwest King) is a Chinese professional tournament, first held in 2002. 16 player single elimination. 12 or 13 players are from southwest provinces and the rest are invited from other areas.

Go to Everyone! has [ext] results from the 6th edition on.

Edition Year Winner Runner up
1st 2002 Yang Yi Ding Wei
2nd 2003 Gu Li Ding Wei
3rd 2004 Zhou Heyang Gu Li
4th 2005 Wang Lei Sr. Zhu Yuanhao
5th 2006 Wang Lei Sr. Wang Xi
6th 2007 Gu Lingyi Yang Yi
7th 2008 Gu Lingyi Li Jie
8th 2009 Gu Lingyi Gu Li
9th 2010 Wang Xi Piao Wenyao
10th 2011 Gu Lingyi Dang Yifei
11th 2012 Piao Wenyao Peng Liyao
12th 2013 Xie He Gu Li
13th 2014 Tang Weixing Chang Hao
14th 2015 Tang Weixing Shi Yue
15th 2016 Yang Dingxin Tao Xinran
16th 2017 Yang Dingxin Tan Xiao
17th 2018 Mi Yuting Tang Weixing
18th 2019 Ke Jie Dang Yifei
19th 2020 Mi Yuting Tuo Jiaxi
20th 2021 Yang Dingxin Mi Yuting
21st 2022 Ke Jie Tang Weixing

An updated tournament results can be found on [ext] Chinese wikipedia. Unfortunately the official websites are currently inaccessible.

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