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Every week, an article is featured on the front page of Sensei's Library. These articles are chosen through a nomination process, in which anyone can participate. You can nominate existing articles, or request new articles.

The new article of the week is normally put on the main page on Monday.

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Archived Articles

Articles that have been featured on the front page previously can be found in the Archive or /AlphabeticallyOrderedArchive.

Current Article

The Current Article of the Week is:

Article of the Month: Archive - Upcoming - Nominations - About
Article of the Week May 16 - 22, 2022

Sofia Fuseki

Sofia's signature opening: "a 6-7 point, an 8-5 and a 9-4 ... (in) a relatively small area of 5 x 11."

Sofia is an Italian streamer and OGS moderator who plays an insane amount of correspondence.

We're trialing a new method called the Automatic Article of the Week System. New articles will (hopefully) be featured every week, but the content and quality might be wildly variable.


Upcoming Articles

You can see what articles we are planning to feature on the front page at Upcoming articles. Feel free to improve these articles!

Nominated Articles

You can see which articles have been nominated for being featured, and nominate articles yourself, at the Nomination page.

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