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The International Osaka Go School is an online Go academy, founded in 2021, run by the organisers of the Osaka Go Camp?.

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It employs professionals based in Japan, in contrast to the Nordic Go Dojo which employs professionals based in Europe, and to both the Yunguseng Dojang and AwesomeBaduk which employ professionals based in Korea.

The school is organised by Maeda Ryo.

It promises to "convey the charm of Go as simply and politely as possible.". Players of 15k to 6d strength are invited to enter.


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The services offered on the website are (quote):

  • League games with members
  • Teaching game by Pro players
  • All games personal reviewed
  • Lecture twice a month

The student is also entitled to one teaching game per month, with a teacher of their choice.


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At least the following professionals are teachers at the school:

Lessons can be taken in English or Japanese, perhaps depending on teacher. Li Ting could possibly offer a lesson in German as well, considering her time in Austria, and of course Chinese.


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There are two price bands.

  • Standard ($120 / m. or $200 / two m.) -- services / month: 4 league games (w/ review), 1 teaching game (w/ review), 2 lectures
  • Observation ($40 / m. or $70 / two m.) -- services / month: 2 lectures

One-off purchases can also be made.

  • simultaneous teaching game (w/ review) ($50)
  • game review ($15)

Price comparison

A comparison should be made to the prices of the Nordic Go Dojo.

No point should be put forth here on the comparative quality of service; that is a matter of customer review which is deserving of its own page.

  • NGD Half Option (50 / m.) -- services / month: 2 league games (w/ review)
  • NGD Full Option (80 / m.) -- services / month: 4 league games (w/ review)

The Osaka Go School can be seen as offering on the Standard band what the Nordic Go Dojo provides with the Full Option, plus a reviewed teaching game and access to two private lectures. These extras come at the difference between 80 and $120, which is $25-30 in late 2021.

The NGD Half Option is at a more accessible price point than the Osaka Standard band, but offers league games unlike the Observation band. However, the Observation band comes with private lecture access, which the NGD Half Option does not.


The first version of this article was written by an author (bugcat) who has never been a customer of the Osaka Go School (or the Nordic Go Dojo). If there is inaccurate information then change it -- this is a wiki, after all.

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