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Livejournal: [ext] Down the River: Daniel's e-Journal

Hi there! I am an admittedly weak player (26K Dragon, 22K IGS) player from Troy, New York. I'm the only person I personally know who plays go. ^^; Thank goodness for DGS and KGS.

My player IDs are [ext] Quicksilvre for DGS and Homsar87 for IGS and KGS. I play much more on DGS than IGS and more on IGS than KGS. In fact, I have a great deal of difficulty keeping a rating on KGS, so I only play there very rarely. My lone contribution to the go world so far was the DGS-Shogun tournament, which was an attempt in the Spring of 2003 to bring tournament go to DGS. Unfortunately, boredom set in, both between me and the players, and then my health failed and that was that. Here's the link, if you're interested: [ext] I Shogun Tournament. It's long over--drat the luck. Big ups to Gary Williams for assuming the role of tournament director when I couldn't.

As for goals...I would love to become a shodan someday, but I'm coming on to college soon and it seems as though the amount of time I'll have to play will decline. Still, any suggestions for improvement will be happily accepted.

Recently (as of March 2006) I've been playing almost exclusively on DGS. Please, feel free to [ext] invite me to a game. I'll probably accept it.

Pages you can blame on me:

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