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I am around 11kyu now (KGS rating wise). My rank graph is somewhat crazy due to several long absences, but I hope to fix that.

I also have IGS and DGS acounts, but I generally only play on KGS. (I occasionaly play a few games on DGS) I'm a RecentChangesJunkie and was a HikaruNoGoJunkie ("was", since well... it's finished)

I'll might write a whole bunch of stuff here sometime... this is not sometime.

"You do not know the meaning of fear until you play someone ten stones stronger than you"

- Me after...

Alex Weldon: Once you get strong enough, just playing someone three or four stones stronger than you is terrifying. I'm sure if you were pro level, someone one or two stones stronger than you would be the stuff of nightmares. :-)

Migeru: When you make it to 12k you realize that you give 9 stones to someone who gives 9 stones to a complete beginner, and that there are strong amateurs who give 9 stones to people who give you 9 stones, and then pros who give 9 stones to those atrong amateurs... and then you realize how terrifyingly deep the game of go is...

Anonymous: Are you stoned? 9 stones to 9 stones to 9 stones to 9 stones to 9 stones is 45 stones... I never saw a 15dan before... ;)

  • DrStraw: But the scale is neither linear nor uniform. There are people who can give nine stones to someone only 7 ranks weaker than themselves, because of style of play. Then you only have a 35 rank range.

C.S. Graves: Hmm, I don't know my exact rank, but I customarily give 25 stones to a complete beginner, that is, someone who has basically just learned to play. I don't know that I've broken 20 kyu yet... But in regards to fighting stronger opponents, I'm not so much scared of losing as I am of not learning from the experience.

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