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About Me!

Currently ranked around 2-3k on KGS, having finally gotten back to playing baduk and am slowly climbing up the rank charts again. 2.2 dan AGA, but I believe this overestimates me slightly.

Favorite Players

My Style

My style is ever-evolving as I get more in-depth with the game. Obviously from my favorite players list, however, I like fighting and complicated games.

In terms of fuseki my favorite when I play black (by far) is the Mini-Chinese. When I play white my strategy is a little more variable. Lately I have been playing twin 3-3s in a parallel opening, unless my opponent sets up in such a way that I feel the need to do an early approach (I don't particularly like playing against the chinese opening, and so I tend to interrupt it or play a 3-4 point in such a way as to disrupt its influence).

I've never actually played against a mini-chinese opening--only with one.

Things I am currently working on

  • Life and Death. Since I stopped playing this is one of the first things that left me, so I've been studying the second set of problems from the Korean Problem Academy. I'll keep this up until I can do all of the ones in this book quickly, then I'll probably study Tesuji again for a while.
  • Endgame.
  • Not trying to kill. Lately I have had a propensity to try and kill things I should be chasing.

Contributions to SL

On Sensei's Library I've been contributing by updating pages about professional Korean players, particularly (though not exclusively) female professionals, to include up-to-date information on rank progression, titles, and names written in Hangul. For Korean women's titles I've been including a list of past winners. Nothing major in either case, but this way I can feel like I am actually contributing.

I'm going to list the players here as a quick reference to those I am going to try and update when I hear about promotions, etc.



How I Study

  • The bulk of my Baduk study time is devoted to the study of amateur games--mainly my own and people around my rank (usually past opponents, but not always).
  • I play games, of course.
  • Reading books and working out positions.
  • Studying professional games.
  • Studying Life and Death, etc problems.

Preferred Games

Time settings

I like games that give at least 10-15 minutes of thinking time, plus at least two 30-second byo-yomi periods. I rarely play Canadian time games, as I lack experience with how to gauge what is too fast.

Lately I have been playing blitz games to help practice good shape, simpler shape, and basic principles of cutting and connecting on a more subconscious level. These games generally have around 1 minute to start out and 3 10-second byo-yomi periods.

I rarely play games without time limits after some bad experiences with my opponent taking over an hour of thinking time, and never play with an absolute time limit.


Japanese, AGA, Chinese, etc I'm fairly impartial between. I prefer Japanese, but it is a very mild preference.

Baduk Bloggy Thing

I moved this to a separate page.

/Baduk Blog

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